Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sabbatical Research-Delayed

When I came back here after a one month sabbitical I mentioned that I would be doing a new feature on Sundays-my research from my time off.
That will be delayed.
I'm an not 100% mentally today. This is due to some celebration last night.
This past weekend is the 28th anniversary of my first date with CJ.
We celebrate it because even after all these years it's still amazing to us.
I'm not sure I've told this story in the past, but CJ and I had our first date in college. I was a sophomore and he was a freshman.
A relationship was in had disintegrated. I didn't want to be alone for the weekend. I had met CJ through some friends of mine. So knowing how to get what I want at the ripe age of 19 I propositioned him. He accepted and we had a fantastic weekend. He was a gentleman and he was on fire. We had sex six times that first night, ah to be young, and we spent the remaining time in the school year together. I figured when I left for home that was it. I had planned on it being a one-night-stand. Within a few weeks I got a nice letter from CJ, yes that was back in day when you had to write a letter. I knew it was going to last longer and I was glad because I already knew he was perfect. We had plenty of ups and downs, lived together, got married, had a wonderful child, got divorced, remained apart for 17 years, and have now been back together for 3 years and counting.
So we celebrate. We smile at each other and talk about how good it all is. We caress and kiss and silently tell each other how good it all is.
It is all perfect, again.
So we celebrate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Make New Friends,but Keep the Old

One is the silver and the other gold.
CJ is golden and shines for me, always.

Last night I was chatting online with the male half of the new couple we are getting to know. It started out harmlessly, going over some emails we had exchanged. It quickly got hot.
Then I decided to run with an idea that CJ and I talked about, really half in jest. I offered our new friend a blowjob via the phone. He had never had phone sex, but was willing to give it a try. Now here’s the kicker: I wanted CJ to listen and watch while I did it.
I’ve been doing it for years, but I’ve never had an audience!
Before I started I told CJ that I feel like I become a different person and not to laugh. He doesn’t laugh *at* me, it’s just that he has a chuckle sometimes when I’m really wrapped up in sex and enjoying myself. It’s like he’s celebrating with me.

I lay on the bed, face down; CJ turned on the ceiling fan, it was a warm night last night, and the phone rang. We exchanged pleasantries. I gave him a quick tutorial on phone sex, ensuring him to just go with it and be free.
I’m not going to try and write the script verbatim here. I know, I know, you want it, but for me that wasn’t the really hot, sexy part. I started out playing, licking and nibbling his cock then moved onto devouring, eating, and sucking it, along with his balls. He progressed from his semi-hard state to a good stiff cock at attention because I was telling him to picture what I was doing to it.

As I spoke I hugged my pillow, kept my eyes only half open and ground my pussy into the bed. The thought of CJ next tome me completely faded from my mind. To me I was in the black lace bra and panties I had described to my partner, on my knees, in front of a stranger’s crotch.
Without any notice while I was moaning and sucking over the phone, CJ was off the bed and pulling my pajama bottoms off me. I instinctively presented my pussy to him and he fingered me as I continued on the guided fantasy. I didn’t tell my phone partner what was going on. I didn’t want him to think I was sharing my affections, that was for a later time, when we choose to all be together.

When I told him how much I wanted to taste his cum, he breathlessly commanded me to ride his hard cock. I described to him that I was lowering my wet cunt onto his him and almost as soon as the words escaped my mouth, I felt, in reality, hard, hot cock split my pussy lips and enter me. I had to keep from totally screaming out, but fuck it was great. I was listening to one man on the other end of the line getting off on my words while CJ was getting it for real.
Finally my new friend wanted to finish off in my ass. He told me to wet my asshole, and I felt CJ do it as I described it to him. CJ was taking his cues from my narrative. So, for example, when I said:
“That’s it, fuck my rosebud asshole”, he did just that and I could feel heat slamming into my ass. I was getting so hot and bothered I had to eventually tell CJ to stop. Believe me, that is a rare occasion.
My phone pal was close to the edge and pulled out of my ass and came on my cheeks, then ate his cum off them.

It was all very hot. We spoke for a while afterwards. I wanted to get back to the warm, real man next to me.
I was so close to cumming that CJ just pulled out my rabbit and finished me with it while sucking and biting my nipples.

Everything was all such a totally new, exciting, sexy experience.
Next, I’d like to have phone sex with the female half, if she’s up for it.
Those dirty little wheels in my mind are constantly turning, particularly since they’ve been well lubed again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Evil Lurks In The Mind of a Woman?

I walked out into the sunshine of a cool Saturday wearing the following: a clean white tux shirt, black pants, make-up, a choker (one of CJ’s favorite types of jewelry), and no panties.
All this to a bar, in the middle of the day, with my husband!

Fantasies immediately ran through my over-sexed(?) mind.
I was in the car, making notes, waiting to see what happens. What sorts of things run through my mind?

1. After sitting down I have a few Cosmos I lean over and ask CJ if he minds if I try to go and get laid. Even though the bar only had a smattering of men and women my age, I didn’t care.

2. My mind snaps back to the table that I haven’t left to watch CJ devouring a good oyster. It’s one of the sexiest things I love to watch. He pours them down his throat as I imagine his lips on my shaved warm pussy lips, me being his oyster. My pussy is automatically sent those well-known electronic shocks and dampens with just those thoughts. I keep watching CJ working through his plate of oysters. I smile and think of my swollen clit being the pearl he lovingly laps at, hidden in the fold of my pussy, his oyster.

3. Next, I turn away from CJ’s oyster eating and begin to eye what’s available to me at the bar again. Possibilities run through my mind. In all the following scenarios, CJ watches me during the entire process.
a. A younger man to take over CJ’s ‘oyster lapping’. I spend the time teaching him how to really satisfy a woman, making her cum on his face.
b. Moving onto an older man, someone with plenty of practice and wisdom on the fine art of oyster eating.
c. A good curvy woman, preferably with big tits and hard nipples gently lowering herself between my thighs to search out that pearl and eat the folds of my oyster in a way only a woman can. Feeling a smooth face, rather than one with a beard, on my shaved pussy is an exciting new sensation.

My attentions move back to the partner at my table. I stare into his eyes as I take several more sips of my Cosmo.
Does he know what I’m thinking?
Probably, this is CJ after all.
Is he thinking the same things?
Maybe, I would think he would have his own fantasies he’s working on.
I just smile, take another sip, and push my thighs inward to feel my juicy pussy. As I do that, I wonder if the subliminal messages of my pheromones are reaching him.

We finish up, no real actions are taken, but there is a certain satisfaction in my fantasy world. It’s not a carnal or physical type of satisfaction, but rather knowing that my mind is open and curious about certain possibilities and that will keep me more liberated in our bed.

So, what evil lurks in the mind of a good woman?
Dirty Debbie knows.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Worn Out and Rested Up

CJ and I had a great weekend this past weekend. As I’ve mentioned before I have a very high stress job that I love. When Friday night comes around all my attentions turn to CJ. Whether it’s elaborate weekend plans or just pizza and tequila, it doesn’t matter, we enjoy each other.

This weekend was different for one major reason: CJ and I have decided to explore some more options in our bedroom. We would like to invite a couple to enjoy good sex with us, preferable with the female or male and female being bi-curious. We have joined to do this.

We haven’t found the right couple yet, but we chatted some. We chatted on Friday night with a nice couple, our age, and like-minded, in our area.
It was mostly an online meet and greet.

Later in the evening I was snuggling with CJ on the couch when things began to warm up. It was the long slow drawn out kind of foreplay I like when we make love rather than have just a ‘let’s get each other off’ session.
Our kisses were warm, slow, probing, and implored me to go on. I took my time nibble, licking, and kissing at his ears (something he really seems to get pleasure from).
He played with my swollen clit with a marvelous precision. I told him to go slowly and he not only did, but totally teased me. His finger and thumb ever so slowly and lightly encircling my aching clit, increasing my moans. I just got wetter and wetter.
He massage, kissed, nibbled, and loved all over my warming body, my nipples hardened under his pulls and pinches, my cunt ached more, and I got that need for his cock.

He unzipped his jeans as he played me like his private instrument. I soon grasped at his hard cock and began my slow play, slow stroking, damn I love the feel of his hot meat in my hand. I was lying down as he sat at my head, I leaned my head backwards to just get a taste of him. I sweetly sucked his knob until he needed more. I couldn’t deep throat him sideways, so I rolled off the couch and was on my knees, taking him down fast. He held onto my head and fucked my skull like there was no tomorrow.

Once he had grown to the scale of being a diamond cutter he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said:
“What do you want me to do”?
“Take me to the bedroom”, I answered. He didn’t seem very surprised by my answer. Then I said “And get naked”.
That was all he needed and we walked in tandem, backing up to the bedroom. I fell on the bed and looked at his freshly shaved cock and balls. He was so fucking hard! That’s such a turn on for me. It made his cock look like a divining rod for pussy, my pussy, as he turned and entered the bedroom.

He stood at the foot of the bed, both of us now totally naked and said something that sent those butterflies to my pussy,
“Do you want my tongue?”
I had to say “no” this time. It was only because it had been a couple of weeks since I shaved last (I know I’ve been bad) and I prefer feeling his mouth on me when I’m clean-shaven.

I wish I could describe the smiles that I get from CJ when he makes love to me.
I only see it in our bedroom (or wherever the deed is taking place). It’s impish, child-like, calming, loving, playful, and probably a dozen other adjectives.
I saw it as he kneeled over top of me and slowly entered me.
Once fully stuffed with his hard dick, I asked him to stop inside me, he couldn’t seem to totally stop his movement inside me, but I held onto him with pussy, hugging him, loving him, taking him all in for a precious moment before the perfect, natural, squirming, twisting, loving rhythm begins.

Once we started to move up and down and in and out with each other, something very spontaneous, and fun happened.
It started with CJ slowly fucking me and whispering to me how great it would be for him to watch me suck off a guy like I just did to him.
That started to get to me, and my dirty mouth started as I fucked him harder.
We even started using the names of newly found ‘friendly’ couple.
I volley with wanting him to watch me eat her nicely shaved puffy pussy lips.
We kept fucking and moved onto things like me telling CJ how much I would enjoy watching him make another woman scream.
It went back and forth like this, talking about us with the other couple for a while.
It was just so unexpected, and very hot. What a turn on, and we were just talking about it, imagine if we finally get together!
Then we pulled together in such a form of oneness that he looked at me, so lovingly, and said to me “It will never change what we have”
I assured him that I knew that, and that this wet tight pussy was his, no man could take that away from him.

We continued, loving, sucking, and fucking, I came twice, he really had me worn out by the time he rolled me onto my knees to take me my favorite way. Sorry, I’ll just never get tired of getting it doggie style.
CJ slammed me hot and hard, and kept it up. I was getting just plain drunk on his cock. I moaned out even louder than my previous orgasms as he told me to drench his cock. I think I ended up drenching his balls. Then it was his turn, moaning and pumping as I tickled his balls he drenched my cunt with his hot milk.

Although I was worn out, I couldn’t go to sleep yet, we returned to the living room, talked, got tired, and curled up together enjoying a great start for the weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Springing Forward

It's been nearly a month since I started my sabbatical. I figured I would stay on it until I didn't need it anymore.
That day has come.
I have studied several things during my leave. On the subject of sexuality, I came across several interesting articles and will be sharing them, and sometimes my thoughts on them during the coming weeks. Perhaps Sundays (sabbatical=sabbath) will be the day for those.

More importantly I studied myself and my relationship with my soulmate.
Through private journaling and some intense talks with CJ I had become more at ease with where I am in my life.
I'm not losing sleep much any more over things I will never be able to change. I have chosen to change the dynamic of my relationship. It's a good thing. I am more aware of what my personal dignity consists of and what I'm willing to allow into my life.
No waffling, no negotiations. I have learned even more about myself.

My writing has started up again. CJ and I had a great time on Friday (4/20) and I'll be writing all about that as soon as I get it all down and edited.

Let's all enjoy the promise that Spring shows us every year and begin anew.

Monday, April 9, 2007

For Now It's Just Words

After I went on sabbatical it was pointed out to me that my blog was becoming one of just pictures of cocks.
That really made me stop and think, that's something I never wanted Dirty Debbie to become.
For now I will not be posting for TTT, CBW, or HNT.
As my previous post states, I'm not back in my groove yet, but I may be getting there.
I have always meant for this blog to be about words, about possibilities, and about celebrations.
I plan on keeping it that way.
So until things are back on track, I will concentrate on expression through words not pictures.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Night Does Not A Groove Make

One night does not a move make, but admittedly, it’s a start.
The ‘block’ that has caused me to go on this extended sabbatical was not just a writer’s block. I had lost my muse. My stories are not of my creativity alone. For the true ones, I need actual situations, and for the fantasies, I need my muse. That muse is CJ. He cannot be replaced by a porn movie, a guy jerking off for me on his cam, or cybersex. I have tried, and it’s not the same, there is no soul to it.

So after nine weeks without being made love to the tides turned last night. I don’t know why, at the same time I don’t care why.
Everything started out slow and the sensations were very enjoyable. Long passionate kisses, breathing in each other’s deep breaths, massaging and caressing each other. I was over taken by the smells, tastes, and the warm feeling of the body of my soul mate.
Our feelings, both physical and, I believe, emotional became more urgent. CJ unzipped his pants as I lie on my back on the couch and knelt over be with his very hard cock popping out, seemingly straining to be with me again. I smelled his musk and seemed to become more animal than partner. I was in the perfect position to suck and lick his balls, and that’s what I did first.

His taste is so familiar, so necessary for me I give into my need to eat his meat.
He takes aim with his cock head and pushed it past my lips. I started to salivate and drool on that familiar knob. I sucked and hummed on that wonderful cock like it was the first time I had eaten it. Slurps, pops, and hums loved his cock as I deep throated it. CJ almost choked me last night; his cock was thick in my mouth. After a while the position a bit uncomfortable, so we stood up, stripped, and I he walked me towards the bedroom.

Once pushed down on the bed he entered me in no time. I screamed out in absolute ecstasy. His stiff thick cock stretched my pussy for the time in a long time and that wonderful fully fucked feeling over took me. I became a whore, his whore, instantly. I tilted my hips upwards to him, my cunt begging for more as he kept pounding me. I came easily over his cock, but he held me hold by the wrists as I came, making it much more intense, I couldn’t squirm, it was almost a feeling of bondage and it turned me on even more. Yes, I came hard. It had been a while, I had jerked off during the ‘dry spell’, but nothing beats the real thing.
My back arched and I escaped his bonds. He then rolled onto his back and soon was pulling me on top of his juicy hard cock. I continued where he left off and began to ride him. My mouth was as filthy as any whore out there as I whispered in his ear as my hips rode him. I told him, no almost promised him, that I would soak his balls with my cum. That I was going to fuck him hard and to take my cunt. My hard nipples grazed across the hair on his chest and I held on to his shoulders as I continued stuffing him inside me.
We spoke of being inside each other, my pussy becoming even more slippery with each thrust.
I then got the overwhelming to just embrace ‘us’. I sat straight up on him, and rubbed myself from my stomach to my tits and nipples, moaning out softly and squeezing my pussy to hug him, inside me.

I was then commanded to get on my hands and knees.
I do so in a heartbeat, because I knee what that meant, I was about to get that glorious cock like a bitch, my favorite way, doggie.
CJ mounted me from behind and pounded me hard, I met up with every deep pounding, taking it all and fucking him right back. Screaming and moaning like the whore he made me, the bitch begging for cock, getting it seemingly three times over. He grabbed my hips and soon I heard his moaning mixing with mine.
I told him to keep it up reminding him of my promised, that I was going to paint those balls with my juices. By now I had cum twice and my pussy was slippery, he easily glided in and out of me. My pussy hugged at him and pulled him deeper inside me. I cried out how I feel his balls slapping my swollen lips.
One more moan and he exploded inside me, but I kept fucking him, telling him I was going to drain those balls.
It had been too long.

We stayed up for a while, I continued to have those little weak ‘after shock’ orgasms I have when I’m well screwed.
Again, it had been too long.

Does all this get me back in my groove?
I can’t answer that yet. I don’t know what the future will bring. I need my muse to be in that groove with me. I know that I don't want to wait another nine weeks to find out.
It’s a start.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

CBW #54

Too bad Calvin Klein doesn't advertise like this submission for my CBW.
For me, there's nothing like a cock at attention right out of those shorts. Too bad that's not me on the computer screen, but maybe next time.

By the way guys, this is the second to the last submission I have in my inbox. I'd like to have some more from my readers. It's even better if you satisfy my cock fetish: your hard cock popping out of your pants or shorts. My email is on my profile page. So don't be shy guys.
I may be on sabbatical, but I'm not dead.