Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Evil Lurks In The Mind of a Woman?

I walked out into the sunshine of a cool Saturday wearing the following: a clean white tux shirt, black pants, make-up, a choker (one of CJ’s favorite types of jewelry), and no panties.
All this to a bar, in the middle of the day, with my husband!

Fantasies immediately ran through my over-sexed(?) mind.
I was in the car, making notes, waiting to see what happens. What sorts of things run through my mind?

1. After sitting down I have a few Cosmos I lean over and ask CJ if he minds if I try to go and get laid. Even though the bar only had a smattering of men and women my age, I didn’t care.

2. My mind snaps back to the table that I haven’t left to watch CJ devouring a good oyster. It’s one of the sexiest things I love to watch. He pours them down his throat as I imagine his lips on my shaved warm pussy lips, me being his oyster. My pussy is automatically sent those well-known electronic shocks and dampens with just those thoughts. I keep watching CJ working through his plate of oysters. I smile and think of my swollen clit being the pearl he lovingly laps at, hidden in the fold of my pussy, his oyster.

3. Next, I turn away from CJ’s oyster eating and begin to eye what’s available to me at the bar again. Possibilities run through my mind. In all the following scenarios, CJ watches me during the entire process.
a. A younger man to take over CJ’s ‘oyster lapping’. I spend the time teaching him how to really satisfy a woman, making her cum on his face.
b. Moving onto an older man, someone with plenty of practice and wisdom on the fine art of oyster eating.
c. A good curvy woman, preferably with big tits and hard nipples gently lowering herself between my thighs to search out that pearl and eat the folds of my oyster in a way only a woman can. Feeling a smooth face, rather than one with a beard, on my shaved pussy is an exciting new sensation.

My attentions move back to the partner at my table. I stare into his eyes as I take several more sips of my Cosmo.
Does he know what I’m thinking?
Probably, this is CJ after all.
Is he thinking the same things?
Maybe, I would think he would have his own fantasies he’s working on.
I just smile, take another sip, and push my thighs inward to feel my juicy pussy. As I do that, I wonder if the subliminal messages of my pheromones are reaching him.

We finish up, no real actions are taken, but there is a certain satisfaction in my fantasy world. It’s not a carnal or physical type of satisfaction, but rather knowing that my mind is open and curious about certain possibilities and that will keep me more liberated in our bed.

So, what evil lurks in the mind of a good woman?
Dirty Debbie knows.


Anonymous said...

No you have me all horny.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the same thing occurred to me as well..

Anonymous said...

glad you are back Debbie!

Anonymous said...

Believe me DFP, it's great to be back. i suspect this will happen every so often, but I plan to keep it going for a long time.

The Teacher said...

Damn, I want those shoes!