Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CBW #84 Cock Considered

Today's submission is from HH.
He said the following in his email:
Here is one for your consideration.
Well sir you have obviously been considered. I especially like the double mirror image of the head.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Second Honeymoon

This story is long over due, but no less meaningful. This all happened during the last week of April. The story is a bit longer than my usual ones, but I wanted to tell it all at once.

Our recent trip to New Orleans was even better than a second honeymoon, it was the honeymoon we never had. We stayed at an old quaint hotel in the French quarter, the Vieux Carre to be exact.

Our activities included eating at some of the finer restaurants, sipping café au lait and eating beignets at Café du Monde, a carriage ride, siteseeing, gambling, and a trip down the Mississippi River. CJ had done most of the planning and it was perfect.

Nothing beat the experience on Rue Bourbon. If you’ve never been to Bourbon Street at night, there is no way I can totally describe it to you. If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The place doesn’t shut down until about 4:00 am. We were on the street from 10:00 pm until almost 2:30 am. It’s the music, the sex, the drinking, and the crowd. It’s like another planet and for me it was very exciting, very ‘stimulating’. I especially found it sexy when CJ told the girl outside Scores strip club that I gave the best blowjobs.
Once back at the room that evening/morning neither of us were in any condition to make love and we quickly fell asleep next to each other and I think feeler younger than we have in a long time.

The next day, while we were walking around and enjoying the city, I fell into the dirty girl I can be. I now truly believe it is something in the vibe/hum of the city. I stopped CJ as we were walking and told him if he wanted me that night he would have to buy me dinner plus $200 for 2 hours, “whatever you want, it’s a special”, I said. CJ, forever the businessman, started trying to bargain with me. I didn’t budge much. The subject wasn’t discussed again and I assumed we had a deal. After our site seeing for the day, we returned to the room and about three and a half hours until dinner. I was a bit warm and I stripped down to panties and bra and laid down on the fluffy soft duvet that covered our king sized bed. I sighed and told CJ, for what I’m sure seemed the 100th time, how wonderful everything was. Soon he was stripped to his briefs and joining me on the bed.
We held each other, smiled at each other, gave each other small exploring kisses, nuzzled, and enjoyed the feel of the other’s warm smooth skin. I began to rock and squirm, ever so slightly, under the spell of CJ’s embrace. His hand moved over top of my cotton bra. His thumb and forefinger search out and found my hardening nipples. I can always count on getting some nice tittie play from CJ and I will never tire of it.
At first I gathered myself together enough to pull back and say, “You have to buy me dinner first”.
“A man can have a little snack before dinner can’t he?”
I’m just a girl that can’t say ‘no’. I sank back into him. I kissed his neck as I returned to him. I looked downward for a moment and saw CJ slowly stroking his hardening cock. As a handsome sight for my eyes, it was even more so because of his shaved balls. CJ may be a breast man, but if there is such a thing, I’m a nuts gal, and no I don’t mean I’ve lost my mind.

“Lick my fuck stick”, he said, but I was to take my time.
I wanted to feel him first, under my hand, my fingertips bringing me the sense of his warm hardness. I soon as I grasped his cock I felt that heat. I let my fingers move up and down his prick, it was throbbing, and I could actually feel it. When I got to his plump and spongy cockhead, I squeezed it gently. I couldn’t hold back. I enjoy teasing CJ, but it is a way to tease myself at the same time. I lay on my stomach and moved my head downwards. I told CJ I needed to lick his balls first. He spread his thighs farther apart. Those nuts drew my tongue to them like a magnet. Soon my face was buried between his thighs and I was dragging my tongue across his sac. I took my time to smell his musk as his nuts rolled into my mouth. I was turned on even more and pulled the straps of my bra down as CJ helped me off with it. I sucked his cockhead in between my hungry lips and began moaning and I don’t think I stopped. As my tongue swirled around his shaft and I took more of his thick meat into my face, I began to grind my clit into the bed. I couldn’t help myself, it had been a while since I tasted CJ and I took him hungrily into my mouth. The more I sucked and slurped the harder I pushed my aching pussy into the firm mattress. As CJ grew inside my mouth I began to bob up and down on him, letting my mouth become his own fuck hole.

As his passion grew he firmly pushed me off and rolled me onto my back. One of my favorite feelings as CJ’s lover is to be on my back, exposed to him. To me it’s a way to show my love, my openness, and my self to him. His was so hard and handsome as he moved on top of me and with his impish grin, it’s as though I fall in love with him all over again when I make love with him.

I reached out to grasp his cock and get him inside of me as soon as I could, after all this was supposed to be just a snack before dinner.
He pulled my hand away, kissed me, and said, “No, don’t worry baby he knows where to go”. He teased me by running his engorged cockhead up and down my hot wet slit. I tilted my hips up towards him, moaning, wanting him. After what seemed an eternity he pushed his cock between my puffy pussy lips and slowly began to sink inside me, kissing my neck, then licking and nibbling at my nipples as he did. My vocalization, as always, was immediate and I filled that hotel room with the moans of my pleasure. His groans increased with the depth and pace of his thrusts. I rocked with him, keeping up with him as I was made to do. I pulled my legs up and grabbed my ankles. Fucking CJ with the soles of my feet facing the ceiling makes me feel so damn naughty. I could rock and fuck him so easily now, feeling as though I was getting wetter with each movement of his cock inside me.

I held on tight and came fast and hard. CJ wasn’t too far behind me. He drained his balls deep inside me. We then began our collapse into each other. My legs came back down to the bed and he slowly dropped on top of me. He pulled out of me and got on his knees next to me. Pushing his glistening cock in my face he said, “You missed a spot”.
He squeezed his cockhead so I could lap up the last drop of cum. CJ is my Maxwell House, good to the last drop.

We rested a bit more, then headed out to dinner at one of the great restaurants in the French Quarter, The Court of the Two Sisters. Needless to say, CJ and I had some much needed and much deserved quality time together, joining not only physically, but also on other levels. I’m going to remember this trip for a long time and I'm not sure that CJ will ever know how special it was to me, but I think he has an idea.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Cross Post #2

My work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices continues.
My posting will be there every Sunday.
Again, I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.

Below is the tickler to help encourage you to read the entire story.

In the middle of the completely dirty deed, I saw a couple coming up the sidewalk toward the car from behind. The turn-on for me was immense. I fucked Charlie faster as they closed in on us. It was as the sleeping exhibitionist in me had not only awakened, but had totally been let loose.

"People can see us-I fucking love it", I groaned out.

Charlie just smiled, ready to cum with me. They passed the car looking straight ahead, but I knew that had seen us from the rear window.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sex News Sunday #3

This week's news can be filed under the 'ignorance is bliss' category.
I'll always think that sex is fun and love-making fulfilling, but like most things that take a certain maturity to enjoy, you need clear and subjective information.
Thanks to the current administration's policies this hasn't been the case for American teenagers.

According to new findings in The Journal for Adolescent Health teenagers are not having oral sex to remain 'technical virgins'. In fact oral sex started after having vaginal sex in 82% of the cases.
My point here has nothing to do with morals or ethics, it has to do with the health of our teenagers. According to the Center for Disease Control more than 1 in 4 teenage females have a sexually transmitted disease. Our administration is not keeping our children safe from disease because of it's puritanical belief system.

If you are close to or a family member of a teenager, please help them not only know when the time is right to make love to a partner, but how to stay healthy in the process.

Read more about the new research on the health and sexual practices of our teenagers here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CBW #83 NOT! #2

I again have run out submissions for CBW.
Therefore there will not be an additional chapter to Secret Sins.
Below is a cock for amusement on a Wednesday, that's all.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Cross Post #1

I've finally started my work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices.
My posting will be there every Sunday. I will cross post a section of it here on the following Monday. I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.

Next I moved onto the last comfort of Friday, my car. She's new and she's hot. I recently bought a Sangria Red 2008 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe. I jumped into my sporty bucket seat, pulled out of parking garage, and began the 25 mile course home. I was so ready for this, I got near to soaking my panties as I turned up the music after I heard it was Nine Inch Nails little love song, Closer playing.
I couldn't help think of CJ on the way home. Just the thought of his smiling face, with that cute dimple of his waiting for me, made me more anxious to get home. My mind wandered even more as I kept up with the beat of the music and shifted gears. I thought of the smell of CJ, his smooth skin, and his little cute ass. I think I sighed aloud as I let my mind indulge in the mere thought of my lover waiting for me at home.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 6 "The Master"

Being a professional cocksucker for the my company was hard at times (no pun intended), but the rewards were fulfilling as well.
I remember one occasion when I was summoned in code to a certain location to perform what I presumed was yet another lip smacking act on someone who had run afoul of the law and who was now under their protective custody, and desperately in need of blowing his nut down my throat. Sometimes I relished these dalliances, and sometimes the relish was on me. No matter, a little soap and water and a good shampoo would often take care of any sticky mess that lingered.

It was early evening when I arrived at the non-descript house, I dressed in my little black slinky number, my hair piled professionally on my head. Wonder of wonders, there was a "for sale" sign on the front lawn, I knew my cover as a real estate agent would not be blown should any neighbors be looking out their windows to see who was arriving. I could see that the lights in the house were already on through the sheer curtains, but no movement came from inside.
Knocking on the door, I had to wait for a minute for someone to answer, but was then greeted by one of my usual federal contacts and ushered into the house.
As usual, few but code words were exchanged between the agent that opened the door an myself, and I soon found myself ushered to a room in the basement that any dungeon master would be proud to call home.

Faux stone covered the walls surrounding the large area, with candles flickered on wall sconces providing a strange illumination befit of the middle ages instead of the early 1990's. An iron maiden with a hole in it's front, a rack (complete with leather bindings) stood on one wall, while a wagon wheel (with the same requisite leather bindings) graced the center of what could only be described as appearing like a medieval hall, complete with blazing fireplace.
Oh lordy - what have I gotten myself into now!

KerWHACK! came the sound, startling me from my semi-shocked state, and I whipped around to see a muscular man dressed all in leather, including the hood on his head appearing out of the darkness.
KerWHACK! went the whip as it snapped at my feet.
"Put this on please,” the Master said as he tossed me what turned out to be a leather teddy with a snap crotch. They must have known my size because it fit perfectly, hugging my body like OJ's well-worn glove and supporting my beautiful breasts in a shelf like manner.
Shrugging off any feeling of modesty, I slid out of my dress and into the teddy like a good little slave.
"OK. I've done this before" I thought, "Just put get on with it".
Standing before the fireplace in my new togs, the "Master" approached to inspect his slave, running the base of the whip he held up and down me, paying special attention to my legs, mons pubis and breast areas. "That will do nicely I think" said the Master. "Turn around please".
After complying, I heard a snap of fingers and something moving in the background. A hinge creaked, and then a lock snapped. Frankly, my pussy was tingling with excitement for what was about to happen next.

"This way please" said the Master, and turning to comply, was lead back to the Iron Maiden standing on the far wall. This time however, there was an addition - a flaccid cock protruding from the hole in the front of the antique torture device. What or who lie inside was anybodies guess.
My job clear, I knelt down in front of the Iron Maiden and began to massage the protrusion with delft fingers honed by years of practice. In no time at all, my efforts paid off and I was presented with a nice example of veiny manhood to place within my mouth. True, it was a bit strange not seeing my favorite love sack dangling beneath my phallic lust, but I sallied on, intent on my job.
Several slurps later, I was treated to a blast of hot jizz down my throat, whereupon the "Master" chuckled then roared with laughter as he said, "Oh jeez Chuck, that was fast. I think you should stay in there a while and watch the rest".
"Watch the rest"? What did that mean?
"Get up bitch!" came the command from the shrouded dungeon master, "Come over here" he said, motioning me to the rack. My momentary hesitation was met with a kerWHACK of the whip on the ground next to me, and yelping ever so slightly as I felt the air break around my feet, complied.
Jesus! This guy was really into the power trip.
Placing the whip on a nearby table, the "Master" buckled me into the table; cinching the straps down a little more hard than I thought was necessary. Reaching down at the base of the table, he began to wind a mechanism hidden to me, but whose nature was soon revealed. What began to happen was that the table's legs began to stretch apart at the base, an along with it, my legs. Soon, I was spread eagle upon that wooden device, completely at the mercy of what or who was to come.

A snap of fingers once again brought a response that I most certainly did not expect. Into the room filed six men, all in long robes with hoods covering their heads. Marching up single file to the rack, they soon surrounded me.
Another snap of the fingers, and they tossed off their robes, however, expecting to see faces was denied as they were all wearing a gauzy type of mask over their heads. Damn.
Naked under their robes, I could tell that the group of men were of differing ages due in part to the paunch on some, the six pack abs on others. What set them apart were their cocks. Most were of normal size, with one being larger than the rest, but there was something there that I could not get a focus on; something indistinct but very similar. What was it, I thought.
Surrounding me now, the men were directed to different parts of me: one to the head, one to each side, one around back of the table and one directly in front of me. Wild eyed, I wondered what was going on, when a snap of the Master's fingers made everyone step a foot or two closer to me, and it dawn on me what I should do.
Grabbing a cock in each hand and lifting my head, I slurped the third into my mouth, doing my best to concentrate on giving each one the attention they deserved. Slow on the left hand, harder on the right. One's going soft so let's switch it up, all the while gobbling the knob in front of me with reckless abandonment.

Hands groped my body and breasts at this point, rubbing them for all they were worth, and I must say that the feeling of so many different touches turned me on even more that all the cock's presented before me. Without warning, I felt a hand at my now super wet crotch unsnap the leather teddy and flipping it up, began to massage my clit and snatch with abandon.
Imagine this scene would you?
Me in a dark cellar reminiscent of a mediaeval torture chamber, semi-naked on a rack with 5 men in masks surrounding me. Surreal!
Naked man number five was in front of me now, his fingers slipping in and out of my sopping cunt, my now swollen clit in overdrive as its nub grew larger and larger. Slick trails of pussy juice rolled out of me and down to my butt as I lay there, Mr. Number 5 stroking his now engorged member as he stroked me. "Nice mushroom head on that cock" I thought. As that thought struck me, Mr. Number 5 came closer and stepping between the spread table, brought his swollen member closer to my cunt. It was then that I noticed that his cock was actually tattooed. THAT'S what I had seen on the other men's cocks, a tattoo!

Usually, I don't go into penetration at my "meetings", but what could I do.
Without noticing it, Mr. Number Five had slipped on a condom and again approached me, his cock bobbing up and down like a doll on a dashboard.

Trying hard to concentrate on my other business, I couldn't help but wish Mr. Number 5 would fuck me, and fuck me hard with that lovely mushroom head, and if as if to know my thoughts, he did just. Sliding his cock into my pussy ever so slowly as to get my cunt ready for his size, he was thoughtful enough to know that a woman can't just take a huge cock in her slam bam. Slowly he entered me, and bliss followed. My nipples stiffened, and for a second, I thought of nothing else except that glorious meat in my cunt.
Pumping harder now, I could tell that Mr. Number Fiver was enjoying my tight, shaved puss just as much as the guy in my mouth was enjoying my tongue rolling around is knob.
And then I realized where Mr. Number Six was.
Oh shit! I was going to get it in all the holes at the same time.
I don't think I can adequately describe how it feels to have a cock in each hand, one in your mouth and one in both your pussy and butt at the same time, but I'll try: FABULOUS!
Pumping pushing sweating jerking pulling pussy juice flowing everywhere, I was coming like I had never come before.
Then I head another snap of the fingers and just about 3 seconds later, each and every one of these mystery men all came at the same time.
Talk about discipline, I mean really!
Me, I was filled and covered with sticky man goo so fast and so hard that I frankly didn't know what hit me. The sperm was flowing off my hands, on my tits, out my pussy and butt even before I knew what hit me.
Another snap of the fingers and each man withdrew several steps, leaving me there covered and vulnerable.
The next snap was that of the flash of a high powered strobe light.
Ah yes, a "trophy".

My head was swimming at this point, and then I began to hear them singing in unison a song that was familiar, but in a language I didn't recognize. Was it Latin? I wasn't sure.
Then at the end of the song the horribly déjà vue of a memory soon overcame me when they shouted in unison at the top of their lungs 'My honor is my loyalty' before filing out of the room.
Cum dripping from every hole, the Master left me for whoever was still inside the iron maiden.
Unsnapping the lock, the Master let "Chuck" out of the device, and with a shove, threw him to his knees. "You see that? That's discipline!" the Master said as he pointed to me. "They all did their jobs WHEN they were told to, holding back until ORDERED to climax!" he roared at the skinny young man at his feet.
"You're not worthy to be with us, but you CAN redeem yourself if you so desire. Do you so desire?"
"Yes sir" came the weak reply.
"Then get over there and clean the Goddess up". (Hmmm. Goddess eh?)
"With what?"
"Your tongue stupid!" said the Master.
Obeying each and every command, "Chuck" proceeded to lick me clean: from the drying cum between my lips, to the dribbles of cunt juice between my other lips.
Never had THAT done to me before.

Chuck was dismissed when he finished, then the Master came back over to loosen my bonds.
"Thank you Debbie, that was very brave of you" said the Master. "There's a shower and bathroom right over there if you'd like to clean up. Please take your time".
Stripped free of my bonds, I wobbled to my feet, my butt and pussy throbbing and aching, but in a good way. "Thanks, I think I will."
"I do apologize for tonight. Our regular dominatrix was unavailable for our initiation proceeding, and we thought it best to keep you 'in the dark' as it were" he said, "I hope you didn't mind."
"Not at all, it was interesting", I said. "VERY interesting".
"You are of course bound by your oath not to say anything about what went on here tonight, so I know I can count on you to remain silent" said the Master as he took off his vest.
I hadn't noticed him until now, and I had wondered why the Master kept to the background while all the fucking and sucking was going on around him.
That's when he took off his mask so I could see him. The face was familiar, but only vaguely so. Where did I know him from?
"It's Paul. Paul Stephens. Well, really, it's Paul Stansfield. They made me change my name when we started this little bureau inside the bureau as it were.

After all this time...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It’s Time to Open Again (Toy Drawer #4)

Yes, it’s been a while since my feature the ‘The Toy Drawer’. In fact, the last post on that was on June 11 2006. If you are a newer reader below are links to my previous Toy Drawer. This doesn’t include the movie of me in the sidebar with my waterproof rabbit.
1. The Tickler
2. The Cupless Bra
3. Petals For My Clit

I now want to present one of my newer and most favorite toys, my Pocket Rockets, present and future. The present one first. It’s a real workhorse. It’s white, as with most pocket rockets it has only one speed and one tip. My newest one from Babeland is purple, waterproof, has one speed (although I believe it’s less intense than the other), but it has four interchangeable tips, not to mention a cute lavender pouch for it. I keep an extra battery in there.
As many of you know I very much enjoy the indulgence of cybersex. It’s safe, gives you a chance to ‘try’ things you might not usually do in a bedroom and CJ is cool with it, not considering it cheating. In addition, it gives me inspiration for my writing. It just wouldn’t be the same without my pocket rocket. I prefer it to any other vibe I have including my rabbit. Moreover, I think it’s the easiest vibrating toy to use in bed.

As CJ knows, when my clit is played with just right she swells, hides coyly, and helps me explode in a grand orgasm. It may be hard to believe, but that little love nib is a bundle of 8000 nerve fibers, that’s more than twice as much as the head of the penis does. So, when I don’t have a tongue around (her preferred form of stimulation) my pocket rocket is a good replacement.

When I cyber I just tilt it to the side of my engorged clit, turn it on, and let it hum. Letting my swollen lips in on the fun too. This leaves my hands free to type or tug on my nipples. If I’m not careful I’ll cum too fast. Yes there is a ‘too fast’. I like the aching feeling of my turned on wet cunt to last for a while, it makes for a more intense and often multiple orgasms….yummy!
I am looking forward to playing with the new one. It has different tips from smooth to just a few bumps to very textured. It all depends on your mood, and isn’t that part of a woman’s prerogative?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CBW #82 This IS CBW

Before So Cal would send a picture he wanted to know what CBW stood for.
After I answered I got a wonderful example of a CBW.
His email said:
Gulp... here goes..
I could say the same thing right back at ya So Cal.

Reminder: CJ's Friday posts will stop if each chapter is not paid for with a CBW.
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 5 "Justice"

Be sure to read Secret Sins chapter(s) 1, 2, 3 (part 1),(part 2) and 4

So after Ben had informed me that he had a pretty good idea what kind of girl I was like in bed and out, I decided to take him up on his offer of working for the 'company's' program, and found myself garnering a pretty decent second income since I started out pretty low on the totem pole. Those of you reading who understand such things may ask why I didn't start at say, xxxx, must also understand that my talents are very specialized and since the position was classified, my handlers wanted as few questions asked as possible. Not bad work if you enjoy it, and I most certainly did!

After the tedious hiring and security processes one must go through in order to gain entry to the highest echelons of government were complete, I began to have access to numerous high level contacts that would get me into deep doo doo if I were to mention any names, so I won't. Let me just say that I became aware of the semi-secret hidden tunnels between many government buildings, most very deep underground and with security that would make Mulder and Scully wince.
Oh yes, I sucked a lot of cock: big cock, small cock, misshapen cock, long short and everything in between. Famous and infamous, the spooge ran down my throat like liquor down a wino and I began to get a reputation around high-level circles in DC as a girl that could keep her mouth shut except when giving head.
You'd be surprised how much stress there is to be relieved in our nation's capital on a weekly basis, and to say that I gulped gallons of goo during the 80's would be an understatement.
But I digress. The story is about my adventures in the 'company' now isn't it?

My first assignment came about a week after I had undergone some training in Virginia - how to properly identify myself, what to say and more importantly what not to say.
The early days of my indoctrination introduced me to some pretty sleazy characters, some of which were in clients because they had testified at mob or drug trials, and who were now located in the sticks of America under assumed names. They let you keep your first name for obvious reasons, unless of course it's odd, and then they located you somewhere that the name is common. So for example, if your name was Sammy Gravano then you became Sam Deletori and someone like Max Mermelstein becomes Max Blomstein or some such name.
Then of course I was able to travel to such lovely locations as Otisville, Ny, Sandstone, Mn., Phoenix Az, Allenwood, Pa., and Fairton, Nj just to name a few. See, this is where the company has built high security facilities for special risk people, people who are already in prison that they may not want out on the streets or those that need special protection that a quiet cottage up in the hills surrounded by armed men cannot afford. And these aren't just prisons per se, but more like secure condominiums where the inmates can make phone calls whenever they please, along with eating food that most people can't afford.

This is a time of my adventure that I'm not proud of since most of these men where little more than low intelligence thugs who would just as soon beat your head to a bloody pulp as look at you, but I had a job and damn it, I was taught to finish it right the first time.
Bordering on mouth rape at some occasions, I would smile sweetly then hurry out of the facility or hotel room just so I could find a bar to wash the taste of angry sex out of my mouth. These guys were terminally pissed for the most part, even when they were happy.
I remember one rainy day when I was given an address to show up at, and so made my way down a side street of a certain American town to knock upon another anonymous door to give “aid and comfort” to another anonymous prick.
Ringing the bell on the brownstone, a voice barked out “What?!” loudly from a speaker, and I gave my code phrase “Hello”, I said, “I’m Debbie from Lone Star Realty”. That was my cover in most cases if anybody asked; a realtor.
A long pause.
“It certainly is lovely weather we’re having” came the voice in return.
Remembering the daily code phrase my contact had given me earlier I replied, “It’s lovely on Kent Island this time of year”.
The door buzzer startled me at first, and then I had the presence of mind to push the door open and walk into the vestibule, where I was immediately set upon by a very large man who threw me up against the wall. Once there, he proceeded to run his hands roughly all over my body, into my bra then down my legs, stopping at the crotch to feel my pussy through the gauzy dress I had chosen to wear on this occasion. Damn! I had had some rough sex before, but this was certainly an interesting way to start things rolling.
“Hey lover, let’s take it a bit slower, eh?” I was able to gasp out.
“No offense ma’am” grunted the ogre, “just do’n my job. Yous can go true dat dah over dey.” Pointing at a door on my right, I gathered myself together the best way I knew how, and started off towards the portal located halfway down a bland hall.
Opening the door I was surprised to find myself in a room with no lights, save the one inset in a soffit, pointed at a couch that held a rather non-descript package.
“Sit down” came the gravel toned voice from the corner shadows, “and take off your clothes”.
Harrumph. Straight to the point ‘eh?
Stripping off my raincoat, I struggled awkwardly with the zipper on the back of my little black slut dress I wore as a uniform until it sleekness slid slowly down to the fuck me pumps I always showed up wearing as well.
I dunno, but sitting there in just a sleek black panty and sheer bra set sent a quick tingle down my spine until the voice spoke again. “Open the box and put it on”
Withdrawing the string from the package, I opened it up to find two objects: one strange, one familiar.
“Do you want me to play with myself using this first?” I asked as I held up the pliable and very lifelike dildo in my hand. It was one of those veiny ones, you know – the ones with the large mushroom head on it, about 7” long and 4” in diameter. It felt like it had a battery inside it, but I couldn’t see an on/off switch.
“No. I want you to put it inside you, then put on the pants.”
Ooooooh kayyyyy.
The pants in question still remained in the box, and at first glance I thought they were red leather, but upon removing them, found them to be latex instead.

“You might want to put some baby powder on first” said the voice.
Following his commands, I lubed up the dildo with my best Cherry Popper imitation, and slid it gently into my pussy. Hmmm. Feels pretty good.
After kicking off my slut pumps next came the baby powder, then the red rubber pants. They were full-length pants, and I guess the size doesn’t matter, because they’re designed to fit like a glove, which they did. Hmmmm. Kinky.
“Now get up on the sofa and feel yourself as you dance”. Soft jazz began to play from hidden speakers in the still darkened room.
Again following instructions like the good little cum slut that I am, I wobbled up on the sofa and began to dance my best shimmy in the middle of the erstwhile spotlight while feeling my breast to and fro, back and forth, paying special attention to my hardening nipples and areolas. Feeling a bead of sweat roll down the back of my neck, I moved to intercept it so I could rub it slowly around the tip of my nips to give them that special glow.
“Very nice, but I think you’ should explore further” said my director.
Having never been in rubber pants that clung to me so tightly before, his wish was my command and so I began to use the music to my advantage in order to stroke myself through the latex.
Did I mention that I was getting quite turned off by this time? No? Well I was.
Did I mention that all that dancing and gyration moved the dildo in my cunt back and forth like a train going across a rough patch of track? No? Well it did.
Faster and faster my hands traveled up and down my body, touching here, exploring there. Latex, skin, breast, swirl, turn, tuck, elbow, breast, butt, thrusting pelvis outwards then back and forth, soft smooth, oh my god I’m so turned on just thinking back to it all now. My eyes closed now as I found myself moving closer and closer to orgasm.
It was all of it – the heat, the dildo rubbing on my clit, the latex pants, the sofa in a darkened room, the mysterious stranger ordering me around like a chess pawn, the secrecy of it. It was all building towards the surface, much like the music that had morphed from a jazzy blues to a more trance-like drone. Swirling, twirling faster and faster, my hair whipping to and fro as I swung it down between my legs towards my butt.
Droning onwards and whipped into a frenzy, I didn’t realize that I had begun to moan and squeal with each passing thrust, my head and hair whipping wildly as the feeling of clitoral ecstasy swept over me.
“You can get off the couch it you’d like,” said Mr. Mystery. I complied, wanting to get a better grip on my orgasm as it were, and ended up bent over the arm of the sofa thrusting my pelvis and kegling so the dildo acted as a live snake inside me.
Unable to hold my orgasm back any more and with one mighty push and scream, I drove my groin into the armrest as hard as I could and was treated to a shuddering explosion of colors and feeling in my body and mind.
It was then that I felt it: a pulsing in the dildo. Perhaps it really did have a hidden switch to turn on the vibrator inside, but this was different.
Racing thoughts flew through my head as the dildo tingled, and suddenly I felt it swell inside me as if it were a real penis. Goo. Sticky man goo. That’s what it is! Mystery man had pressed a button on what looked like a remote control and the dildo obeyed his command as well. Damn! This guys gets everything done for him!
I wasn’t imagining it, but my orgasmic trembling began to slow as did the music. Panting from the excitement and draped over the sofa arm, it was then that I notice the feeling of what I thought was warm spunk running down the inside of my leg, obviously from MM’s toy still deep inside me.
Without noticing him, Mr. Mystery had moved over beside me to whisper in my ear. There was something vaguely familiar in this man’s voice, some accent.

“Very nice, verrrrry nice. Tell 'Scorecard' and 'Sheepskin' that 'Gladiola' gives his approval, eh? But we’ll just keep this little fun time between us. Just us.”
Just us.

Shit! I just figured out after all this time who 'Gladiola' was! It was..

(Tape ends abruptly)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CBW #81 A Cock of Thanks

Another first timer that has only just discovered Dirty Debbie.
To quote Dav:
"Stumbled onto your blog and it got a rise out of me...thank you :)"
A rise huh? That's what we're here for.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About the Current Story..

While it is true that all good stories come not only from a warped mind, but also contain a grain of truth, I must note to all readers that "Secret Sins" is entirely fiction.
The names used are either from inside my head or from actual published cases, but do not necessarily reflect actual carnal encounters as portrayed.
As to the pictures, all pix are grabbed from public sources and NO, that's not Debbie in the pictures nor is that actually "Ben", so please stop asking.

The next part of the story gets pretty intense and begins to name names as it were, but again, it's all fiction.
How information on how the 'company' works however, is real as related to me by a former employee - just the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

PS: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you - the surveillance devices in the stories are real and you'll never know that they're there until it's too late..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 4 "Snails"


Sitting in the bar with a man I barely knew who just told me that HE knew I often didn’t wear anything under my clothing when I went out was a bit disconcerting. Having also just been handed a notorious memory of my past on a very icy plate, I do believe that I had broken out in a cold sweat before turning to the guy named Ben. “I had all but forgotten that strange incident”.

“Really? Well Dagger didn’t forget about you. He kept that incident in his mind after hearing all the sordid details from “Doris”, and frankly it solidified his standing with the Popes of Hell to allow him better access to the club’s drug dealing enterprises. In the end, they convicted 9 people in the drug ring for importing over 22 tons of cocaine and the sale of massive quantities of ecstasy and methamphetamine all over the Eastern Seaboard.
You see Stansfield - Dagger that is - was an inside man. He came from working class parents, but his grandfather worked for the government many years in the intelligence field, and with his interesting linage was the perfect choice to infiltrate the Pope’s.
Right under our noses too, there between the Seal base and NAS Oceana. Real clever”.
Reeling, I just had to ask, “So, what became of Doris”?
Ben blushed just a bit before he answered, so I was assured that the whole story not only had gotten to the guys, but all around the 'company' as well. “Uh, yeah. ‘Doris’ was originally born ‘Morris’ and she/he ended up hitting on the wrong guy, who ironically, sliced her throat clean across after first castrating her. You can guess at where the famous member ended up being placed..”
I gulped hard.
Ben glanced down at his shoes momentarily before returning to look me in the eyes. “Yup, that was just one of 3 murder convictions they got on the Pope’s as well. Bad boys those guys, bad boys”.
“And Dagger, er, ‘Paul’?”, I asked.
His gaze bearing down on me, Ben looked at me with steely eyes before continuing. “He’s in a program, so I’m not allowed to tell you any more about him other than his name has changed and he lives in a medium sized town; somewhere that he can blend in”.
Boy, would that be hard I thought.
“He cut all his hair off and had plastic surgery too, seeing as he has a price on his head from just about every hardcore biker gang in America. Actually, it’s the program I’m here to ask you about.”
Still thinking about Dagger/Paul and musing with a sense of sexual delight and revulsion about Doris/Morris, I asked Ben about the anachronism that he had just used.

“Oh, that’s short for (redacted) said Ben.
I wondered at that point if I had seen or met someone in my other sexual exploits that I was now going to pay for, or perhaps, well I just let that thought slip from my mind.
“We want you to work for us, and we’re willing to pay you handsomely for your talent. See, we know from surveillance that you know how to keep your mouth shut, and from your work and school records that you’re the type of person who relishes perfection”. This was true; I guess it was my MidWASP upbringing.
But then there was that word he used again – “surveillance” that annoyed and frightened me.
“So what do I have to do, give some big shot and all his cronies head” I asked smugly, “and WHAT surveillance have you been doing on me?”
“First of all" Ben intoned dryly, "our most famous leader has been deceased for some time and you weren’t his type. Secondly, we know every move and phone call you’ve made for the last year, and every cock you’ve sucked for the last 5 years. You haven’t been out of our electronic sight for one minute” said Ben.
Reeling again, I just had to ask how they accomplished that task since I’m a pretty neat housekeeper and don't 'tell tales out of school'.
“Oh that was easy. Didja ever see the movie called "Enemy of the State” with Gene Hackman and Will Smith?”
I had.
“Remember all the cool tracking and surveillance equipment they showed”?
I did.
“Well, it’s really 10 times cooler than they portrayed. We planted a 44gHz hairline tracker in your day planner that you always keep nearby,”
(My hand involuntarily went to my purse. Yup, I felt the day planner inside), “and then there’s the video camera with a passive series tap in your clock radio coupled to a 22gHz burst bug”,
“and of course there was the snuggle bug we had in your car to transmit all of those mobile dalliances you’ve had”.
“Oh Jesus H. Christ” I said low and out loud.
Pardon my taking the Lord’s name in vain Father, but I think that it was relevant and necessary at the time.

Woozy from all the information I had just absorbed, my mind raced back to all the cock I had sucked in my car, along with the ones that had cum in my pussy at home. All recorded for the amusement of the some creepy-ass-company-with-no-name.
Who had I slept with or gone down on that they would be so interested in me that they would track my every movement? Assholes!
“No”, continued Ben, “what we want is for you to do what you do best, but do it for your country. As I said, you would be well compensated”.
“So you want me to become a whore for a company I abhor”?
“Not exactly. Think of yourself as being just another office worker in a nameless grey nondescript building, doing a very specialized job few who keep their mouths shut (funny) do well; a job that happens to be hush hush”.
Pondering it, I admit now that the prospect intrigued and thrilled me.
  Bond. Jane Bond.
  Double oh cocksucker: license to thrill.
Ben continued, “Of course, you’d have to keep your regular office job, and do ours afterwards. Would that be a problem? We also could arrange for a promotion within your company, one that would allow you to travel for meetings and conferences on an ongoing basis if you catch my drift”.

My office job WAS getting a bit boring these days; I mean, I graduated Summa Cum (!) Laude from my college and thought that I would be further along in my career than I was at this point.
“There’s just one catch ‘though” intoned Ben as he lowered his voice. “You’ll have to stop seeing Dawn; she’s a security risk”.
I had forgotten about my coworker and our dalliances, but then the thought of that clock radio by my bed containing the bug within came racing back, hitting me with a second brick to my head in less than an hour.
Damn! I forgot about “snail racing Wednesdays”, my midweek dalliance and break from the confines of work.
Dawn and I worked together in the same office as I mentioned before and was sitting but a few feet away getting plastered with the other ‘droids, keeping her now woozy eyes on me every so often to make sure Ben wasn’t taking advantage of me, or more precisely, horning in on her territory.
Not that I was hers mind you, just that she didn’t subscribe to my thoughts that everyone is bisexual at their core. No, Dawn was a confirmed carpet muncher, or in my case, a snail racer. As I said, I’m fastidious in cleaning, and frankly I love the feel of a smooth clam. Hair doesn’t catch or irritate me when I actually decide to wear my La Perla’s.

Once a week on Wednesday, Dawn and I would get together for a bottle of wine and a DVD movie, and after many months of enjoying the midweek download of current work related dramas, we found ourselves laughing and rolling on the floor as we watched Better Than Chocolate. I don’t know of it was the wine or the sexy comedy she brought over for us to watch as part of her Big Plan, but I found myself brushing across her firm breasts as we sat on the couch laughing.
During a particularly intense moment of video cinematography, Dawn flipped her long brown hair over my face as she turned towards me to give me an air kiss-kiss. I felt a rush of blood to my face when I asked her “Did you ever think about doing it with another woman”?
Brushing her locks away from her eyes, she then turned her fingers towards mine, and running them gently up the side of my head, pulled me closer “All the time, every day that I see you at work”, she whispered before placing a light kiss upon my slightly parted lips.

Not unpleasant I thought, so in turn I reciprocated. And then she to me.
Now more passionately. Now a touch on the shoulder, and me to her thigh. And a caress. A light touch on my breast, then a grasp on Dawn’s taut hard nipples. Our lips colliding like race cars. Stars exploding. Our bodies twitching, limbs akimbo as we tumbled onto the floor. Searching hands, once lightly touching, now urging my jeans from my body.
Dawn’s well-proportioned fingers grasping my P&J's, spines reaching upwards with each caress. Tongues lashed to one another, spinning wildly as our passions build.
Then in a twinkling, digits exploring the outer lips of my vagina in long strokes, nails lightly touching my inner walls. Harder now, Dawn’s fingertip pressing into my swollen rosebud, me crying out in the ecstasy of explosions that only another woman can give to her own kind.
Knowledge of intimate secrets whispered around school locker rooms, delights carnally enjoyed within home bathtubs, the feeling of shag carpet as it is rubbed hard, bellies drug across during early sexual exploration. You girls know what I mean.
More exploration, more touching, more kissing, more tongue. Exploring. Sucking. Anticipating. Caressing.
Suddenly a moan escaped my mouth as Dawn’s lips met mine for the first time, her tiny pointed member exploring my garden. Examining every nuance, every branch and cavity, she continued as I did while sounds of pleasure escaped my mouth in mounting fits and waves, explosions of emotion lifting me to the stars, climaxing in a fireworks display deep inside my head and loins. Unable to contain myself longer and grasping Dawn’s head, I pulled her face in farther and closer than any human before or since had been to the real me, and I came in mounting spasms of joy.

That's how snail racing Wednesday’s came to be.