Monday, September 1, 2008

Debbie Does You #1 - For Jack

This is my first attempt at my newest feature: Debbie Does You. The first story is for the person that inspired me to do this feature. Because of the subject matter it may also end up as a post on the site I'm a part-time writer for, The Fellatrices

If you like the idea and would like to participate you are welcome to go ahead and send me your fantasy via email (see the link on the sidebar). If you have a website, be sure to include it so I can link my readers to you.
Male or female, I'll try my best to fulfill them in writing. This won't be a regular feature like CBW, rather it will depend upon the emails I get. I'm non-judgmental, so don't be shy. I think it's a wonderful way to make my blog more interactive. Of course, I'll still be writing my regular stories.
Now without further ado, the premier of Debbie Does You.

Jack has sent me his fantasy and it's sadly a common one, but luckily one I enjoy writing about.
To quote, his two emails:
I am married (24 years) and my wife has only gone down on me a couple of times with no completion. My fantasy would be to find a nice warm mouth simply finishing and swallowing. I really enjoy seeing a woman who enjoys.
I am a real fan of a lady who enjoys the art of oral sex.
I didn't mind being a well-known Fellatrix in my neighborhood. Any man who met me always treated me with respect. I had been curious about a man, seemingly about my age that had moved in down the street from me. He would smile when I walked by his house, but didn't seem to want to make much conversation. I had assumed that my reputation had reached him quickly and he was married. His attempt at fidelity was something to be admired.

A few months went by and the days began to get shorter. One cool evening my doorbell rang and there was Jack. He introduced himself and I invited him if for any other reason than I was curious as to why he was visiting me. I extended my hospitality and got him a drink; it was obvious he needed to say something to me. He told me that he knew about me and my consuming passion with acts of love. I smiled, told him that what he had heard was true, and asked him what he was doing in my living room.

At first he blushed, but then seemed like a man with a real purpose.
"My wife had to leave town on business", he began to explain.
I urged him to go on.

"I need a sample of your talents", he asked almost shamefully.
He went on to explain that his wife was not a woman that was enthusiastic in bed. He wanted to know that his cock could be something that a woman really wanted.

By now, I had moved next to Jack on my couch. I whispered in his ear not to worry and moved my hand to slightly spread his legs. I gently kneaded his thighs, he spread his legs wider and got more comfortable as my hands explored his muscular legs and I kissed his neck.
The bulge in his pants was becoming more visible and I ran my fingertips across the swelling. He quickly took a deep breath and began to rub my neck and shoulders. As I cupped my hand over his bulge, he got more insistent and pushed my head to his lap. He unbuckled his belt as I pulled down his zipper.
"Oh god...please", he said to me.
He reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts. I wanted all of him so I pulled his pants and shorts down to ankles and got on my knees to do this man's cock right.

I always like a taste first, an appetizer if you will, so I swirled my tongue over and around his shaft. Yes, there is a common taste to all men, but at the same time I have found a certain subtle taste that is individual to each and I do savor it. My tongue flattened and licked more at Jack's cock, working my way to his head. I moved up the underside as I reached his cockhead and flicked my tongue around his frenulum (that's the fold of skin on the underside of the head; it’s very sensitive). I have learned over the years that this is a man's clit and Jack's reaction was no different than most. He moaned out at first, and then groaned for me to suck him off and to show him my tits as I did. I took off my blouse and pulled my tits up and over my underwire lace bra.

I began my feast hungrily and sucked his head into my warm wet mouth. His precum was salty and in it's own way urged me on. Soon my head was bobbing up and down slowly on Jack's cock. He held onto to my head, but didn't control me. After taking him almost down, I came back up to his spongy knob, licking and suck, licking and sucking before going back down his shaft again. Jack let me know he liked what I was doing with his moans and rocking of his hips. I joined his pleasure with the sounds of slurping, sucking, and muffled moans.

I looked up at Jack as I finally took him all the way down my throat. As I did my fingernails gently scrapped across his inner thighs from his knees to his balls. I moved my tongue deftly out of my mouth while holding his cock inside and touched the tip of my tongue to his swollen sac. He groaned and began to fuck my face in earnest. I kept taking him in as I squeezed and showed off my tits for him. He was hot and hard in my soft, warm, wet mouth and needed to cum.

"Ooh fuck you I'm gonna cum", he groaned out.
He thrust his cock so deep down my throat that his balls slapped my chin. Like a rifle going off, his balls exploded his gooey milk down my throat. I swallowed his cum and the head of his cock as he did.

He took a few deep breaths as I pulled up and let his cock fall from my mouth like a weary solider.
After that things became more formal again. Jack pulled up his pants, stood, kissed me on the cheek, and left. Although we saw each other often we never spoke of that night, nor did it repeat itself.
My pleasure comes in knowing that I left Jack happy and with a smile on his face.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Very sexy tale left me short of breath.

Fortysomething_851 said...

That was a fantastic description of what must have been a balls bursting blowjob... marvellous

rocketman said...

Good stuff. Best parts: when you lift your tits over your bra. I love that. And of course, the hot cum flowing down your throat.

Funny thing too: My name is the same, and my wife has had no interest in sex with me for the past 5 years. This could just as easily be my fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. That was nicely done. You language is quite evocative

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