Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sex News #10 - Continued

A couple of weeks ago I posted some news about how men and women deal with "come-hither".

For a reminder check out the news here.

I asked my readers to send me the words they made out of the following:

B E _ A _ E

L O _ A L

Below are my findings by gender and word.
Unfortunately I only got 7 responses and they were all male, but it's still interesting.

2 guys said: BEHAVE and LOCAL
2 guys said: BECAME and LOCAL
2 guys said: BEWARE and LOCAL
1 guy said: BEHAVE and LOYAL

Now to finish the news story:

Women came up with BEWARE and men BECAME
Women came up with LOYAL and men LOCAL

The situation of an attractive alternative implicity brings to mind threat and commitment to women. Women seem to have a stronger internal voice.
Women seem to think "If tempted, then defend". The researchers tried to teach this thinking to men.
Half were coached, the other half weren't.

Then they were presented with computer temptations:virtual reality hussies urging them to come hither.
75 percent of the uncoached men went through the virtual door of temptation.
Only 38 percent of the trained men succumbed.


Upton said...

Um...Stepford guys? Why would you try to "train" instinct out of the species if it is successful?

As one of the unreconstructed, knuckle draggers, I'd be curious (which is another variant inherent in the behavior you describe, IMNSHO)


ps..I was one of the two with "became" and "local" :-)

Anonymous said...

You make a point Upton. When I originally read the final findings it sort of creeped me out. I was actually surprised that the researchers thought of a way to "train" these guys. I'd like to see if that training is something long-term.
I do wish I had gotten some answers from females though. I thank you for both your contribution and your ever interesting comments.