Monday, August 4, 2008

At Least I'm Here

Yes, at least I'm here. My problem is that my muse seems to have gone on summer vacation.

I have approximately 15 stories that are outlined or I have notes on that I can't seem to finish.
I haven't been chatting/cybering in at least two or three weeks. I'm not expressing myself in the bedroom as much as I'd like to. I just don't seem to have the time to have the creativity and I hate it! What I think is even worse is that I have a readership I enjoy writing for and hearing comments from and I'm letting them down. I also don't like that too much of the 'normal', regular, everyday things are getting in the way of the one thing that makes me a little different.

If anyone sees my muse before I find him will you send him back here...thanks.


Upton said...

Is your muse a slightly built, sorta Greek lookin' young lady with a taste for gin martini's and a, seemingly, hollow leg?

If so, I think I tried to pick her up down in the Haight last night (I think it was last night...I don't recall..I just know when and what time they let me call a lawyer when I woke up).

Last I saw, before the riot started, was the young lady, a heavily tattooed U.S. marine, a drag queen and too rough-trade gay guys trying to drink each other under the table (where I was reposing, it seems).

I hope that helps a bit..she was awful cute and looked "interested".

Mr. Upton, "Reprobate does not mean getting back tax money", Ogood

Anonymous said...

When the muse is back, its back. I'm sure that it will be back and there's plenty of stuff in the archives until then.

CJ said...

Upton: ROFLOL! Nicely put :)
MCB: DD really is working on some drafts..

I'll see if I can help get the ball rolling, but my muse seems to have gone AWOL as well.
Maybe our viewing
Bicentennial Man
last night will help.

If you see it, bring Kleenex.

Upton said...

Thanks, CJ...glad you liked ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow Upton...excellent! If anything I'm smiling and that's always a good thing. I'll be back when the time is right and you better hold onto your hard-on when I do!

Upton said...

Ah..jeez...I'm married. I hold on to an erection much to often for my own satisfaction. Of course, I'm always looking for volunteers with a strong grip and a lovely smile (it's even better if the woman also owns a bookstore and brewery..but that's just too picky, don't you thin?)

By the way...after seeing what I think was your muse, I woke up with a hickey. So...was that her?


Anonymous said...

hi debbie. love the blog. check out mine because i know you aprreciate nice cock pics - lots on there just for you

Anonymous said...

Upton: you know I think you are coming very close to nabbing my muse, you're doing a good job of reving me up.

Horny Boy: nice site and nice pics, I especially like the main one with that nice full sack coming out of those pinstripe pants....yummy!

Upton said...

Thank you Deb...I'm glad to hear the revving...for a moment I thought Felashe had left a vibrator on. ;-)

I've got pinstriped pants too...and a couple of grocery bags...but I don't suppose that's what you meant by 'full sack'.

Mr. Upton, "New meaning to bag your groceries", Ogood

Scorpio says ... said...

Hope your muse comes back soon -- I love reading your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Scorpio: no worries I think my muse is on their way back. I got an idea this morning. Now just a little more "input" from CJ and I'm there.

Alfie said...

I'm pretty sure the muses have all gone on vacation together.

Anonymous said...

How come I keep showing up late to all the sex blogs? I just get started reading the genre, and suddenly everyone's in custody battles or lost their muse or something. Bad trend, most troubling.