Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Cross Post #5

My work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices continues.

I now have regular postings there every Sunday.

Again, I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.  This one is from my archives.

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“Fuck I’m going to love using you up this time bitch”, he said as he started to take off his pants. Michael was quickly out of his clothes and obviously ready for me. I stayed where I was for the moment not knowing what he wanted next. His cock looked so damn good, but this time I was afraid to approach him.

Now read and enjoy all of You Are Mine-Part Two

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sex News Sunday #6

Today's title for Sex News could be called "Is This Really News?"

As you may have noticed by now, my news posts many times are about recent research on the subject.  Apparently this week Durham University released research that shows they have proof that men like casual sex more than women do.  This 'fact' seems to be common knowledge to me.

The reasearch speaks more of evolution and emotional maturity and biology.  It always amazes me that just the difference of the experience of sex is different for woman, because of one major thing: a woman's body is invaded and penetrated during the act.

Read about the research and reasons about the attidtude toward Casual Sex and Scientific Fact

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CBW #87 Join The Crowd

Jon was another hopeful for CBW. His email merely said:
"I hope I make it on CBW too"

Very nice.
I hope Dirty Debbie helps keep you looking so handsome

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 7 "The Locker", Part 2

The waiting was unbearable and the locker was cramped. My heart was racing a mile a minute and I thought that its pounding sounded like a base drum echoing off the metal walls. I didn't have to wait that long although, as I began to hear some whistling in the distance. I couldn't make out the tune, but something about it was familiar.
Steadying myself for what was about to happen next and not knowing what, I took deep breaths and began to focus on my job. The whistling got louder, then I heard the door of a nearby locker open and I began to brace myself.

Padding footsteps came closer and then the door opened.
Light flooded in on me and I blinked rapidly, trying to regain my composure. "Heh heh. Hi there" I timidly said to what revealed at last was one gorgeous hunk of manhood standing in front of me, almost buck ass nekid.
Oh my oh my... every woman's fantasy was right there for all to see - well-toned muscles and a face reminiscent of Antonio Bandaras (have I ever mentioned that he's my fantasy hunk fuck? No? Well he is!)

"Well hi there yourself. What are you doing in the towel locker?"
he said
"Waiting for someone to let me out I guess, and you're it! How can I ever repay you?"
The hunk looked me up and down for a second and I noticed a sizable bulge begin to form under his black jockey sports underwear and I knew just what course this was going to take.
Turning to sit down on the bench in my T-back thong and sports bra facing his, I wasted no time pulling his underwear down to his knees to reveal the lovely manhood that now bounced up and down rhythmically in front of me. Taking off my top to show him my P&J's took his boner to the next level, and Mr. Happy just stood up all the way to the stars, the veins throbbing as he looked at me with lustful eyes.

Mmmm. Cock always tastes good, but sweaty-after-workout balls and cock taste even better, and I began to slurp and stroke the hunk with fervor. In and out I worked his cock, not even worrying or wondering if anyone was around. Hey, I'm good, and I don't mind being watched, so what the fuck?

Slowly my tongue tickled its way around the mushroom head of his dick while my hands caressed and gently kneaded his ball sack, running my fingers up and down the back of his butt while playing ever so gently with his anus.
Up and down my mouth moved. Slower, faster, slower faster; working my hands at the same time until Hunk screamed out "Ohhhhh suck me BITCH, suck it hard! Ohhhh! I'm gonna cum".
And Debbie did what she did best in these situations and loosened her throat to pull all of Hunks cock as far down her as I could so he could empty his balls in me with abandon, and cum he did just like I like it - hard fast and plentiful. The taste of salty semen on the back of my throat was like nectar, and being the pro that I am, continued to suck him until every last drop of cum was not only out of him, but off his cock as well. I am fastidious you know.

Laying back on the bench to catch my own breath, Hunk staggered over to the other side of me and looking down at me with my heaving breasts said "That was the finest blow job I've ever had. I mean it - it was the BEST!"
Seeing him there half hard after draining his balls and after a complement like that, I couldn't help myself from looking at that lovely cock all nice and pink and wondering how he would feel inside me.

Rising from the bench to get a drink at the water fountain next to us, I looked back to see Hunk taking the position that I had vacated. I knew by looking at him lying there with his hands holding his head what was going on up there, what I called the "after cum spins" that can often result from a great cock sucking and cum explosion from a man.
Moving back over to him, I began to stroke his semi-flaccid cock again, and cooed in his ear "Let Debbie make it all better, ok? You just lie there and let me do all the work".
Removing my red thong, I straddled him around his neck to let him get a good close look at my now wet and dripping pussy.
Thanks to the morning off, I had taken the time to give myself a Brazilian, and I now showed Hunk the result.
Grabbing me by my ass, he pulled me in and began to eat ME out with powerful strokes of his tongue, an organ that playfully teased my own Lil' Betty (that's what I call my clit) until I found myself stretching backwards towards an orgasm. Grabbing my labia with each hand, I ground my pussy into his face with force and came hard, hard enough to make me spasm with shudders of joy.
While Hunk had been doing this, I had reached back to stroke his cock until it had regained it's statuesque nature, and was now fully erect once again.
Pulling myself off his face, I slid backwards quickly and wanting his throbbing member inside me NOW, slammed my pussy onto his hard cock as I reached up to steady myself on a nearby locker.

Oh yes! That cock felt good inside me, oh yes, and I rode Hunk cowgirl for all it was worth, rocking back and forth as he reached up to grasp my breasts between his hands. Ah, I love it when a man knows how to handle (or manhandle as the case may be) my breasts and nipples.
I love having my nipples twisted and twisted hard, and Mr. Hunk must have sensed that from the moans escaping from my mouth with every turn and pinch of his fingers.

"Ride 'em cowgirl, yeeee HAAA!" I thought to myself as I fucked the stud and fucked him hard.
Visions of Slim Pickens slapping his 10 gallon hat from side to side while riding a "30 megaton new-clee-are warhead" dropped from a B-52 in Dr. Strangelove filled my head as Hunk thrust upwards off the bench, slamming as hard into me as I was into him. Ah, that cock felt so good fucking my pussy hard and fast and in no time at all I felt his cock welling up inside me to shoot more man goo, this time inside my raw steaming fuck hole. Yummy.
Why I didn't think of using a condom, I'll never know. No matter; I was on birth control a well.

Collapsing on Hunk for a minute or two to catch my breath, I allowed his cock to stay inside me instead of climbing off. I love that feeling of a dick inside me as it becomes disengaged, and I've never understood why a guy wants to get off you as fast as he can after orgasm.

Getting up off Hunk, I discreetly wiped his sperm as it now dribbled down my leg, and dressing quickly got ready to make a discrete exit.

"I hope you enjoyed your workout today" I said as I picked up my purse to leave.

Hunk had placed his forearm over his head, and removed it to look at me. "Yes, I most certainly did, but I don't understand why you were here".

"Just call it a helping hand from a friend, ok? Now I have to get back to my office because there's an Aurora property in White Sands I have to look at." I said using a certain code phrase as I adjusted myself in the mirror.

"Xenon gas can be harmful if burned improperly" came the response.
I turned back to look at Hunk who now had his head in his hands and was sobbing lightly.
"What's the matter hon?" I asked.
"Oh GOD, what have I gotten myself into." he said between sobs. "They work me mercilessly and don't even let me leave the building without an escort. Oh shit, its just that this HARP thing has got me so tied up inside because of what it can DO that.." his voice trailed off.

Just then I heard a door open on the other side of the locker room and someone called out "Maintenance man." in a deep voice, followed by the squeak of wheels from what I presumed was a mop bucket.

Not wanting to be seen in the men's locker room, I bent down and kissed the Hunk on the top of the head, told him that it would be all right, and beat a hasty retreat before the janitor could see me. I guess we paralleled each other as I left, as I never saw him.
The last thing I heard before I left the locker room was a soft 'pop' followed by a thump, and never thought about it until many years later.
Getting back on the elevator, I made sure to hit the correct button this time and making it to the lobby while trying to remain anonymous and uninteresting, turned in my card to the security guard and walked out and away from that creepy building as fast as I could, the Hunk's cum still gooshing around in my pussy.
Thank god I wasn't too far away from my condo and a hot shower after such good hot sex.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of the story.

In time, I'll tell you the rest.
In time. In time.

After note: Thanks to "Kyle" for sneaking out the surveillance photos without Ben or anyone finding out after you found them. You're a real pro, and I owe you one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where’s a Camera When You Need One?

That is a direct quote from CJ last night. CJ had a tough day at work yesterday. It was a clash of personality and the heat here in the Mid-Atlantic that did him in.

I was feeling very cozy and frisky so I surely, yet subtly hit on him. As we kissed, caressed, and massage on the couch I just reveled in it all, as usual. He moved his hands up under my t-shirt and started to squeeze my braless tits. When he began to pinch and twist my nipples in that special way of his, I could feel it in my gut. I could feel my pussy dampen. I whispered in his ear that he was going to turn me into a dirty talking slut.

I don’t mind “making out” on the couch, but last night it just wasn’t comfortable. I leaned into CJ and whispered, “Take me to our bed”.
Like the gentleman he is, he obliged me. Let me step away from the story for a moment and explain the importance of our bed, particularly recently.

CJ has a snoring problem. He was ordered by our doctor to have a sleep study done. He basically has obstructive sleep apnea. It’s not the type where he stops breathing, but the snoring usually keeps me awake. At times, it comes to the point where I have to kick him out of bed and have him sleep in the guest room. Sometimes we even decide before we go to bed what the arrangements will be. I know to, especially our seasoned readers, it must sound very strange that it isn’t rare for CJ and I to sleep apart. Neither of us likes the need for this. He is almost always very gracious about it all, even if I’m kicking him out at 2:00am. I am a firm believer in the fact that a couple’s bed is a sanctuary. It’s why I wrote Sex Bed Sunday. We don’t go to bed angry. Sometimes we just hold hands in bed. I know the feeling of that warm weight next to me. Sometimes I even tolerate the snoring. Best of all, we make love in that bed, and to lighten it sometimes we just fuck. I wanted him to make me feel as close as possible to him and be 100% his woman.

I went to the immediately and was on my back immediately. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of lounge shorts. CJ lagged behind me just a bit and entered the room naked, wearing only a smile and a hard-on. He joined me on the bed; it was so comfortable, so right. The light from the living room added a warm glow, which I preferred this time.

CJ suckled me, and then began to play with my swollen clit. I’m sure he could feel me get wetter moment by moment. His fingers entered my hot hole and began to stretch me as he knelt over my face. By now he was pulling my t-shirt off and I was wriggling my out of my shorts. His luscious balls grazed over my face and lips and begging for my attention. I know I needed them just as desperately. I lapped and licked at his nuts as I massaged his ass cheeks. He pulled his cock upward so I could totally enjoy his balls. Between his soft moans he said,
“I love how you teabag me”.
I let his balls fall from my mouth and answered with, “I love that you let me”.
Then it was back to my snack. Using my lips I grasped at his sac, kissed, licked, and sucked his balls, hungry as hell for them. His cock was lying along the length of my face now. He was rubbing it over my face as his rested on my lips. CJ looked down at me and said, “Where’s a camera when you need one”.
The picture taking is always a big turn-on for me so I offered to wait while he got it (It was in the living room). It seems as though he didn’t want to leave the position he was in at the moment. I think it would have been a great shot too. Me splayed out on the bed, nipples hard as CJ’s cock, slapping my clit, with my face covered in cock. I’m disappointed that we missed that shot. CJ shoved the head of his cock into my mouth to let me have him, let me suck him. I think he not only enjoys it, but likes to see me enjoy it and he knows it gets my pussy wetter.

Then he did something I really enjoy. He teased me and he’s good at it. It makes me ache and it drives me wild! Not to mention that it turns me even dirtier. When just right the lovemaking can easily turn into hot monkey fucking. The tip of his dick ran up and down my wet slit and I could feel its heat. My hips began to rock and I began to beg, not to have it all, I begged to be teased. I begged to have my pussy stirred and I squirmed for it. We played some more and then he sank that stiff dick right into me. It felt as though a hot poker was branding me. We really set a fantastic love rhythm. After all the attention I was allowed it wasn’t too long until I came all over that hot rod. CJ just kept pumping and I kept up with him coming again. We held onto each other after collapsing and it was beautiful. When I finally got up off the bed, my knees were weak. CJ is the only man that can do it that for me.

I’m still sorry we didn’t get our readers any good pictures, but we have learned and will be keeping the camera in the bedroom from now on. Instead, I thought a picture of the tea that CJ made and served me on our first date, almost 30 years ago. That was a yummy teabag too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CBW #86 Just The Way I Like It

S.T. sent me three pics, hoping they would be to my liking.
It was so hard (excuse the pun) to pic just one, I figured I'd do a cock montage.
Variety is the spice of life!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 7 "The Locker"

How does one describe adventures that are seemingly surreal when you know that they actually occurred? I mean, I've had so many adventures in my time as a cock sucking slut for my company that sometimes it seems like it's all been a dream, or perhaps a premise for a movie, but I assure you that they actually occurred.

Dressing conservatively on a daily basis and commuting to and from a somewhat boring job can get anyone down at times, and the heat of the city I reside in was no different this day than any other.Jockey the car through traffic, struggle to find a parking space that isn't a million miles from the office or walking from the bus can take it's toll on a girl (or guy for that matter), then drumming through the endless boring meetings while trying to not go insane before the lunchtime escape to sanity is just about what I do on a daily basis.But then there's the call or email from Ben that brightens my day, and deep inside I relish submitting a travel day request to my superior from a boss that he's never seen, but who his higher-up's tell him to comply. I suppose I garner a smug satisfaction knowing that my "business trip" is really a sexual release party for which my boss would never be a part of, and thus it's a power trip for a girl who in regular life would never be able to break the so-called glass ceiling.Such was the case today.
Ben's email to me was always a request for me to attend such a meeting so that my supervisor would be able to log it legally for travel and time reimbursements, but the real story unfolded as I got out my PDA to check the secure VPN site for more details.This was to be a fairly close encounter for me this time as the location was only about 30 minutes from me, which I always relished because it would get me back to my condo in decent time to watch Jeopardy on TV.Ah, Alex Trebeck! I actually met him one time, and know his "real" name. Heh heh.. No, he's not in the program, so don't go there, and don't ask what his real name is either - and it's not "Kebert Xela"! (props to Seth MacFarlane)No, this trip was scheduled for the next day unlike most of my assignments, and even though it was later in the afternoon I submitted a travel request for two days. Hey, I know how to play the system and if they're going to pay me for "travel days" then I'm going to take everything I can get. Imagine: being paid to go on a "business trip" by my regular work, AND scam government pay for doing something that I love. A pretty sweet deal, plus I got bennie's like dual 401's from both, which along with my savings set me up quite nicely thank you to where I am now.
Prepping the next day for my trip, I was told that I wouldn't have to don my usual disguise as a real estate agent / broker, and that casual attire would be the modus operandi of the day. The notation on the site said that it would be best if I looked like I was going to a gym, so finding my best red sports bra and thong covered with a casual business dress, started off to what actually ended up being an athletic facility in the basement of a rather large and important building in the city. Not one of those cheesy workout rooms that you might find at a corporate office, but a full sized gym that seemingly took up the entire floor. I mean, it was a testosterone junkies dream with state of the art Nautilus and Bowflex machines, a huge heated pool and Jacuzzis, and a sauna that could accommodate about 20 people comfortably. Niiiiiice.Ben's directions had me check in with the security guard at the front desk and I was slightly surprised that they had me put my hand on a scanner after presenting my ID, but soon I was given a hard card with my picture on it (!) and told where the elevators were with few questions asked.It still constantly amazes me how seemingly transparent and casual the security was in many of the locations I visited, however I found out later that it was actually quite tight and that biometrics had been in use for some time. They knew who I was before I even got within 10 feet of the building, all the rest was pretty much for show. Heck, even most of the security people didn't know the extent or depth of what they were working with at the time.

Arriving at the elevator wearing my hard card on a lanyard around my neck, I first had to go through a turnstile which beeped as I went through. I noticed that a man in a business suit just a few feet after me tried to go through, but no beep was heard and the turnstile locked. Seemingly out of nowhere, two burly men jumped in to confront the businessman, and he was hustled off towards the security desk without delay or incident. Creepy. The two security men looked just like everyone else, nothing special about their dress. They were just loitering around the entrance, but when they jumped into action, they moved like cats on coke.Anyway, I got on the elevator which had two doors in it - front and rear - and pressed the button for the floor that I thought the gym was on and nothing happened. The door had closed, but there was no movement. "Great" I thought. "Stuck in an elevator". Suddenly a voice came over a speaker in the panel that said "You have selected a floor not matching your security clearance"Ohhhh kayyyyyy. The other people in the elevator looked at me nervously, and I saw more than a few quick glances at the card around my neck before someone asked me where I was supposed to be going."Uh, the gym?" I stammered meekly, now feeling under dressed and quite alone.A collective sigh of relief filled the elevator, and the woman next to me said "You pressed the wrong button. The gym is on LL3."After pressing the correct button the elevator started down, not up as I expected, and the woman that previously corrected me spoke again. "You must be new here. The elevator is programmed to move in order to the floors with the least security clearance first."I gathered that the simple button which one takes for granted in the elevator was much more complex than I had presumed, and was indeed not only reading the card around my neck, but my fingerprint on it as well.
Arriving at my floor, the door slid open and I slid out as quickly as I could to find myself in a cool, narrow hall with a door at the end. Trying the knob, I found it locked, but remembered that such buildings require you to physically put your ID card against the doorframe so the hidden reader can allow you to enter. Such was the case here, and being admitted, I found myself in yet another hallway with doors marked "Women" and "Men". Weird.Remembering my instructions, I opened the Men's door quietly and took a peep inside. Nobody around. Good.I was on time despite my security faux pas' and whipping out my PDA to check the instructions again, found myself looking for a particular locker down a very long row and around a corner. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just your typical locker room with benches down the center and the smell of damp towels and men's sweat everywhere.Finding the correct number, my directions were to next take off my clothes, hang them in the locker, and then stuff myself inside the empty towel cabinet that resided nearby.

End Part 1

Monday Cross Post #4

My work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices continues.
I now have regular postings there every Sunday.
Again, I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.

Below is the tickler to help encourage you to read the entire story.

CJ and I woke up in our daughter’s apartment on the air bed that we had brought with us. It’s queen size, so it’s a bit smaller than the king sized bed we are accustomed to. We spooned for a while, something that we haven’t done for a long time and something I had missed. I do enjoy that special way that CJ pushes his cock against my ass cheeks as I hold on to a hand grind against him.

Now read all of The Anniversary

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex News Sunday #5

Politics and Sex

I read an interesting article this week in regards to Sen. Clinton's failed presidential campaign.
Psychologists and sociologists at Live Science

These scholars say that the reason the she failed was social bias.
They theorize that when a woman is aggressive and acts like a leader that it causes conflicts with our gender stereotypes. This set her up for failure. It is difficult to like a woman that fits these leadership qualities.

Before I go on I want to make something clear. I am a female baby-boomer and I never supported Hillary. I don't think that being a female candidate was a factor. Our bodies are mere containers, no matter the gender, the handicap, the beauty, or any other physical factor, it's the contents that matter.
I didn't like the contents.

The sociological/psychological factors are fascinating though.
The idea that sexism is more acceptable than racism is an idea that is presented. Think of it, black men could vote before any woman could.
A Johns Hopkins study even showed that Obama got more media coverage than Clinton.

Read more about Senator Clinton, leadership, and social bias here: The Strange Role of Sex in Hilliary's Failed Run.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CBW #85 This Is Living

This submission is one of the more clever I've seen.
"Solutions at hand" and "this is living".
Liberum said in his email: May be this is worthy of your time. If not, no hard feelings.
Certainly worthy and we always hope for hard feelings here.

Reminder: CJ's Friday posts will stop if each chapter is not paid for with a CBW.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Cross Post #3

My work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices continues.
I now have regular postings there every Sunday.
Again, I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.

Below is the tickler to help encourage you to read the entire story.

This brief story was based on the first of several cybersex sessions I had a while.
First, Mr. W and I set up a fantasy scenario: the fact that we lived near each other in the same condominium.

One evening he gave me call; he needed a cup of sugar and was asking to borrow some from me. I assured him that my sugar canister was full and he could have all he needed.

Now read all of Sugar And Cum.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex News Sunday #4

This week I am really voicing more of an opinion than news.
When it was running on HBO, I loved Sex and the City
Samantha will always be my favorite and to this day whenever I order a Cosmo I think of them, but there is a limit girls!

I have been getting "news" about the movie from my source for these posts (Google alerts) for at least a month. It's becoming tiresome and it's no longer news folks.
Get over it. Just think if some of the sex bloggers you know of and read wrote a book or screenplay, now that would be juicy.

If you aren't over it below are some links I've been sent from Google, just today along with the true sex news including, sex scandals, sex crimes, the same-sex marriage rulings, and studies.

Camaraderie, cheers and shoes at 'Sex' screening

Time Warner's `Sex and the City' Earns $26.9 Million in One Day

"Sex" too hot for Indiana Jones at box office

Sex And The Skittish

The 'Sex and the City' movie becomes a girls' night out

'Sex and the City' Movie - Favorite Quotes! **Spoilers Alert**