Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex News Sunday #5

Politics and Sex

I read an interesting article this week in regards to Sen. Clinton's failed presidential campaign.
Psychologists and sociologists at Live Science

These scholars say that the reason the she failed was social bias.
They theorize that when a woman is aggressive and acts like a leader that it causes conflicts with our gender stereotypes. This set her up for failure. It is difficult to like a woman that fits these leadership qualities.

Before I go on I want to make something clear. I am a female baby-boomer and I never supported Hillary. I don't think that being a female candidate was a factor. Our bodies are mere containers, no matter the gender, the handicap, the beauty, or any other physical factor, it's the contents that matter.
I didn't like the contents.

The sociological/psychological factors are fascinating though.
The idea that sexism is more acceptable than racism is an idea that is presented. Think of it, black men could vote before any woman could.
A Johns Hopkins study even showed that Obama got more media coverage than Clinton.

Read more about Senator Clinton, leadership, and social bias here: The Strange Role of Sex in Hilliary's Failed Run.


Alfie said...

"Scholars say that the reason the she failed was social bias." In that case, I wish there'd been a bit more of it about in the UK to prevent Margaret Thatcher ever becoming Prime Minister!

Anonymous said...

Alfie, it's funny but I thought of good old Maggie while I was reading this article. I just assumed that it was a product of our young, childish society here in America sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Blaming it on gender is too simplistic. Just as there were states, that Hillary could not win because was a woman, there were states that Obama could not win because he was black. but the bottom line is that she surrounded herself with bad handlers that though it was OK to ignore the caucus states, for example.