Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex News Sunday #4

This week I am really voicing more of an opinion than news.
When it was running on HBO, I loved Sex and the City
Samantha will always be my favorite and to this day whenever I order a Cosmo I think of them, but there is a limit girls!

I have been getting "news" about the movie from my source for these posts (Google alerts) for at least a month. It's becoming tiresome and it's no longer news folks.
Get over it. Just think if some of the sex bloggers you know of and read wrote a book or screenplay, now that would be juicy.

If you aren't over it below are some links I've been sent from Google, just today along with the true sex news including, sex scandals, sex crimes, the same-sex marriage rulings, and studies.

Camaraderie, cheers and shoes at 'Sex' screening

Time Warner's `Sex and the City' Earns $26.9 Million in One Day

"Sex" too hot for Indiana Jones at box office

Sex And The Skittish

The 'Sex and the City' movie becomes a girls' night out

'Sex and the City' Movie - Favorite Quotes! **Spoilers Alert**


Richard said...

I wasn't a fan of "sex in the city". This new movie has been so over blown by the media.
One thing did stand out. the great majority of the people seeing the movie were women. One theater counted 10 men amid 1100 women. That is strange.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard.

It's nice to see another person tired of the hype. Of course, I'm tired of hype in general.

I'm not surprised about mostly women seeing the movie. I don't think it's strange at all. I don't think I've ever met a man who watched the show.
I think the guys are going to see Indiana Jones