Monday, June 9, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 7 "The Locker"

How does one describe adventures that are seemingly surreal when you know that they actually occurred? I mean, I've had so many adventures in my time as a cock sucking slut for my company that sometimes it seems like it's all been a dream, or perhaps a premise for a movie, but I assure you that they actually occurred.

Dressing conservatively on a daily basis and commuting to and from a somewhat boring job can get anyone down at times, and the heat of the city I reside in was no different this day than any other.Jockey the car through traffic, struggle to find a parking space that isn't a million miles from the office or walking from the bus can take it's toll on a girl (or guy for that matter), then drumming through the endless boring meetings while trying to not go insane before the lunchtime escape to sanity is just about what I do on a daily basis.But then there's the call or email from Ben that brightens my day, and deep inside I relish submitting a travel day request to my superior from a boss that he's never seen, but who his higher-up's tell him to comply. I suppose I garner a smug satisfaction knowing that my "business trip" is really a sexual release party for which my boss would never be a part of, and thus it's a power trip for a girl who in regular life would never be able to break the so-called glass ceiling.Such was the case today.
Ben's email to me was always a request for me to attend such a meeting so that my supervisor would be able to log it legally for travel and time reimbursements, but the real story unfolded as I got out my PDA to check the secure VPN site for more details.This was to be a fairly close encounter for me this time as the location was only about 30 minutes from me, which I always relished because it would get me back to my condo in decent time to watch Jeopardy on TV.Ah, Alex Trebeck! I actually met him one time, and know his "real" name. Heh heh.. No, he's not in the program, so don't go there, and don't ask what his real name is either - and it's not "Kebert Xela"! (props to Seth MacFarlane)No, this trip was scheduled for the next day unlike most of my assignments, and even though it was later in the afternoon I submitted a travel request for two days. Hey, I know how to play the system and if they're going to pay me for "travel days" then I'm going to take everything I can get. Imagine: being paid to go on a "business trip" by my regular work, AND scam government pay for doing something that I love. A pretty sweet deal, plus I got bennie's like dual 401's from both, which along with my savings set me up quite nicely thank you to where I am now.
Prepping the next day for my trip, I was told that I wouldn't have to don my usual disguise as a real estate agent / broker, and that casual attire would be the modus operandi of the day. The notation on the site said that it would be best if I looked like I was going to a gym, so finding my best red sports bra and thong covered with a casual business dress, started off to what actually ended up being an athletic facility in the basement of a rather large and important building in the city. Not one of those cheesy workout rooms that you might find at a corporate office, but a full sized gym that seemingly took up the entire floor. I mean, it was a testosterone junkies dream with state of the art Nautilus and Bowflex machines, a huge heated pool and Jacuzzis, and a sauna that could accommodate about 20 people comfortably. Niiiiiice.Ben's directions had me check in with the security guard at the front desk and I was slightly surprised that they had me put my hand on a scanner after presenting my ID, but soon I was given a hard card with my picture on it (!) and told where the elevators were with few questions asked.It still constantly amazes me how seemingly transparent and casual the security was in many of the locations I visited, however I found out later that it was actually quite tight and that biometrics had been in use for some time. They knew who I was before I even got within 10 feet of the building, all the rest was pretty much for show. Heck, even most of the security people didn't know the extent or depth of what they were working with at the time.

Arriving at the elevator wearing my hard card on a lanyard around my neck, I first had to go through a turnstile which beeped as I went through. I noticed that a man in a business suit just a few feet after me tried to go through, but no beep was heard and the turnstile locked. Seemingly out of nowhere, two burly men jumped in to confront the businessman, and he was hustled off towards the security desk without delay or incident. Creepy. The two security men looked just like everyone else, nothing special about their dress. They were just loitering around the entrance, but when they jumped into action, they moved like cats on coke.Anyway, I got on the elevator which had two doors in it - front and rear - and pressed the button for the floor that I thought the gym was on and nothing happened. The door had closed, but there was no movement. "Great" I thought. "Stuck in an elevator". Suddenly a voice came over a speaker in the panel that said "You have selected a floor not matching your security clearance"Ohhhh kayyyyyy. The other people in the elevator looked at me nervously, and I saw more than a few quick glances at the card around my neck before someone asked me where I was supposed to be going."Uh, the gym?" I stammered meekly, now feeling under dressed and quite alone.A collective sigh of relief filled the elevator, and the woman next to me said "You pressed the wrong button. The gym is on LL3."After pressing the correct button the elevator started down, not up as I expected, and the woman that previously corrected me spoke again. "You must be new here. The elevator is programmed to move in order to the floors with the least security clearance first."I gathered that the simple button which one takes for granted in the elevator was much more complex than I had presumed, and was indeed not only reading the card around my neck, but my fingerprint on it as well.
Arriving at my floor, the door slid open and I slid out as quickly as I could to find myself in a cool, narrow hall with a door at the end. Trying the knob, I found it locked, but remembered that such buildings require you to physically put your ID card against the doorframe so the hidden reader can allow you to enter. Such was the case here, and being admitted, I found myself in yet another hallway with doors marked "Women" and "Men". Weird.Remembering my instructions, I opened the Men's door quietly and took a peep inside. Nobody around. Good.I was on time despite my security faux pas' and whipping out my PDA to check the instructions again, found myself looking for a particular locker down a very long row and around a corner. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just your typical locker room with benches down the center and the smell of damp towels and men's sweat everywhere.Finding the correct number, my directions were to next take off my clothes, hang them in the locker, and then stuff myself inside the empty towel cabinet that resided nearby.

End Part 1

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