Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Cross Post #5

My work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices continues.

I now have regular postings there every Sunday.

Again, I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.  This one is from my archives.

Below is the tickler to help encourage you to read the entire story

“Fuck I’m going to love using you up this time bitch”, he said as he started to take off his pants. Michael was quickly out of his clothes and obviously ready for me. I stayed where I was for the moment not knowing what he wanted next. His cock looked so damn good, but this time I was afraid to approach him.

Now read and enjoy all of You Are Mine-Part Two


tinaslut said...

Great and exciting story... enjoyed it very much... more, please... ;-)

tina from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed Tina and it's always nice to hear from people that want more. Believe me I'm working on more stories. I think I have about 5 now started in my writing program. I just have to get around to finishing them.
There's plenty in the archives to enjoy until I finish my current stories.
Thanks again for the kind words.