Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mistress Deborah Sends Her Regrets..

Hello kiddies, CJ here filling in for Debbie.
I just wanted to let you know that she has not forgotten you fun folks, but is under the weather and will return quite soon to enamour you with her tales of sexual perversion and explorations.

I had to take her to the hospital emergency room (pick one in Baltimore, they're almost all excellent) because she had been having some chest pains that we thought might be associated with her oft battled heartburn.
[ding] WRONG!

We found out that dear Deb has quite a few gallstones inside her gorgeous Goddess body that must be taken care of, and to that end we are visiting eradicate to determine if she needs to have her Gall Bladder removed. I fear it must be, but that's the price of fame.

So stay tuned and send your best wishes and Good Thoughts her way and we'll let you know how it all turns out, and hopefully, Dirty Debbie will return with more fodder for your warped minds in the very near future.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Inspiration, or a lack there of.
No stories, fact or fiction, just from a lack of inspiration from either inside or out.
There's always work, the child (who is 20 years old), the soulmate.
For now I'm drained, but I will get past posting only pix and additional blogs to read, and when I better watch out.

Monday, September 26, 2005

As Requested

As requested by cdb in the comments section of my last post, below is a picture of my other tattoo.
I figured since it was on my hand, why not put a handful into it?
So I guess, it's tit and tat, rather than tit for tat.

Thanks again to CJ and his phone camera.

tat and tit

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Newest Empowerment

Greetings on this gray day in the Chesapeake Bay area.
Today I wanted to share with you pix of my newest empowerment. I was tattooed yesterday, below are the results.
This is my second tattoo. The first one is a needle and thread on my left hand because of my love for needlework.
This one honors the goddess. I am Wicca and a great worshipper of the goddess. The goddess depicted on my arm is a healing one. I believe my sexual being is part of that female healing process. I think my soulmate understands this and is a proud recipient of that healing. It makes the lovemaking even better, more right. It is part of how I embrace being a female. As I'm sure you all know I very much enjoy 'being a girl'.

The pictures were taken with CJ's phone camera. I am still working on getting a real digital camera to help make this site a little more 'interesting' and totally delve into my exhibitionism.

goddess tat1

goddess tat2

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Gamble - Getting Fucked

The Gamble-Fuck
There is just something about a naked girl sucking on a fully clothed guy that gets me hot.
So now another new sensation, the smell of a new set of nuts....yummy!
So if John wants wet nuts, Debbie's the gal for him.
Once on my knees, I position my head below his cock, wrap one hand around his thick, hard shaft, stroke and pull up on it so I get his yummy balls tea-bagged into my mouth. I slowly squeeze his cock as I begin sucking his nuts; I gently roll my tongue all over them. I wet and love each one separately. He moans out and I can feel his cock throb in my hand. Rosemary moans also, breathlessly saying to me "That's it Debbie, eat his balls, he loves that"
I continue sucking and slurping on his nuts, every so often moving to his asshole to tickle it with my tongue, this made him almost jump and caused his cock to start to drip with pre-cum. Seeing this Rosemary told me to stop, I was taking him 'too far too fast'.
I stood up and got on the bed. John pulled his clothes off as quickly as possible and joined me. The hum of Rosemary's tickler got louder as she said:
"Make sure she's ready honey, and then fuck her like a whore"
With that John started kissing and caressing me again, his hands moved down and spread my legs. He slipped one finger inside my wet pussy and started to finger fuck me, then another, as his thumb ever so lightly found my clit and played in circles around it. A third finger slipped inside me and I moaned out. I wanted cock now. Good old plain, fuck me hard dick. He moved on top of me and with that Rosemary started tugging on her nipples moaning out
"Make me cum Johnny, fuck her and make me cum!"
It was wild!
He slowly parted my pussy lips with his cockhead, pushing and pumping into me. After several thrusts he moved from being on his knees to being on top of me. Everything was at a nice pace. His cock filled me up nicely and I hugged it with my cunt as we kept fucking. He started sucking my tits and I wrapped my legs around his back. My heels dug into his back, giving the signal to fuck me harder. He quickened the pace. Oh god it felt just plain great.
Rosemary screamed out "Fuck her John, fuck her like a bitch"
He quickened his pace. Like the good girl I am I met his thrusts with my hips and in unison we started to drive it home. Our grunts and moans filled the air and I heard Rosemary moan out "I'm cumming Johnny, cum for me"
Everything was so wild, hearing that with that nice cock doing me so hard made me cum next. Yep I came hard and fast on his dick. He did a few deep thrusts and moaned out "Rosemary watch me explode", pulled out of me, and gave Rosemary a look at the money shot, cumming on my stomach and tits.
Rosemary obviously loved it and came again. Then said "Great job honey, come on over here and let me clean that slut off you"
He went over to the other bed, presenting his half limp dick to her. She expertly cleaned my cunt juices off his cock. Then they fell on the bed together.
Rosemary thanked me, told me I could wash up in their shower and returned to snuggling with her husband.
I took a quick shower, got dressed, thanked them for the experience, and left for my own room.
Another good throw of the dice Deb, I said to myself.

The Gamble - Getting Acquainted

Nothing much fazes me these days.
I smiled and just said: "Do you want to watch John fuck me tonight Rosemary?"

"That's my hope" she answered nonchalantly.

Then she felt the need to explain her little kink to me. All the time I was thinking 'hey, I like kink, kink is good'. Apparently she doesn't have any interest in a true threesome, she isn't bi-curious, she just likes to watch what her husband can do to another woman. There were a couple rules, what went on between the two of us was up to her and John, if she asked for something, she was to be obeyed. Second, her only involvement other than that was to watch and jerk herself off. This was all new to me, making it even more exciting, so I waited to hear what was next.
John was instructed to lie on the bed, still dressed. He was wearing a nice pair of jeans with a sport jacket, a casual button down shirt, and sneakers.
Rosemary stripped down to her bra and panties immediately. She pulled a wireless butterfly clit tickler out of the drawer next to the bed then lay down on the other bed, facing us. I was still standing by the bed. Rosemary instructed me to strip for her husband. This wasn't difficult with the champagne in me and the mellow jazz playing. I was wearing a black skirt, a v-necked button down white blouse, black sandals, black pantyhose, a black half slip and a matching white lace bra and panty set. I kicked off my shoes first then slowly and sensually unbuttoned my blouse, once it was done I left it open as my hips swayed and I unzipped my skirt slowly. Of course this caused it to fall off me. Next I let my blouse fall down off my shoulders and down to the floor. Both of my new friends seemed to be enjoying the show, anticipating different things. By now I could see the bulge forming in John's jeans. I continued dancing and stroking myself. My slip was the next article I took off. Next were my pantyhose. I could tell John liked that and that my dark bush was showing through my white lace panties, his cock seemed to be doing it's best to tear through his pants.

"Very good Debbie", Rosemary said from the other bed. She had taken off her bra and panties now, reveling her round breasts and hard nipples, and was stroking and petting her pussy. She was a good looking woman with a nice body.

"I can tell you've done this before, so just keep going" she told me.

Now John was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I unhooked my bra and let my tits fall out. Finally I remove my panties reveling my trimmed dark bush.
"Oh yes she's nice, don't you think so John?" Rosemary questioned.

"That she is dear" John answered.

"So do you want to fuck her?"

"I'll fuck her real good for you Rosemary"

That seemed to be all she needed to hear. She strapped on her butterfly and got comfortable. She was still facing us, on her side, slowly squeezing her tits.
John was the only one still dressed. I was just standing by the bed now stripped and very ready for some action. This was all new to me. Then John did something that is such a turn on for me, I've hardly told anyone about it. I can't figure out why either.
He stood up, still dressed (except by now he had kicked off his shoes) and unzipped his fly (got to love that sound) and let his cock jump out to present itself to me, finally! He gingerly pulled his balls into sight too....yummy. There is something about a guy, still dressed, with a stiff dick pointing out of his pants at me that makes my pussy tingle. This was no exception. Rosemary's eyes were virtually glued to it.

"Come on John, touch her, get going" Rosemary encouraged, having no idea about my little favorite turn on.

He pulled me close, pressing his cock between my thighs, moved his hands up my sides until he found my tits, and started kissing me. It was exciting on a couple of levels. This was a new man. The kisses were different, the caressing was new, the whole situation of the wife watching was new, the feel of his clothes against my naked body was exciting. He began kissing and biting my neck then in a half whisper (loud enough for Rosemary to hear) said:
"Suck my balls"
I smiled, dutifully dropped to my knees, and heard the hum of Rosemary's clit tickler start up....

The Gamble - Introductions

The Gamble-Intro

this was the hotel fantasy I thought about while trying to fall asleep in the room Saturday night

It was one of my usual trips to the casino. Ever since I started going, about five years ago, I've enjoyed it. I relax easily there. I like the excitement of the slots or watching a poker game. One of my favorite ways to relax is in a good bar at the casino with some good music and a well made, cold, Cosmopolitan.

So I did just that. I ended up at the Emerald Lounge. A small jazz quartet was playing, and it wasn't too crowded. I don't have a problem going places alone so I made myself comfortable at a small table across from the bar, ordered my Cosmo, and settled in to relax and enjoy the jazz.

Not too long after I got comfortable a 40-something couple came into the lounge and got a small booth in a corner next to me. They were obviously just starting the night and were very attracted to each other. So I listened to their cooing and the sax player performing David Sanborn, and order another Cosmo.

Soon the woman comes up to me and introduces herself as Rosemary. I introduce myself, then she asks that since I was alone would I like join her, and her husband. I explained that I didn’t mind being alone, but she insisted and bought me another drink so I thought 'what the hell'. I introduced myself to her husband, John and we started with the necessary small talk (What brings you here? Where are you from? What do you do? Are you having any luck?). After a while it got a bit deeper. Things like politics and current events were discussed. They were an intelligent interesting couple with a good sense of humor. I liked them right away. The jazz kept playing and they included some of my favorite artists (Sade, Boney James, and Earth, Wind, and Fire). More drinks were ordered and the conversation turned to double entendres and finally sex. Now things were getting interesting in my book. Rosemary and I spoke of things men need to know about women and how much we liked good sex. We were delicate in how the conversation progressed. John mostly sat there, smiled, and defended the male of the species as best he could. Ultimately the conversation lagged again and Rosemary told me they had won a case of champagne in one of the daily sweepstakes.

"Would you like to come up to the room for a nightcap?" she asked.

These people were mere strangers only a couple of hours ago and I was well into feeling the effects of my Cosmos. I paused briefly, John interjected:
"Come on Debbie", and I thought I'm here to gamble, so why not take this risk too? Plus I love champagne! Their room was nicer than mine. They had a tower suite with a great view of the lights, a living area with a bar, a Jacuzzi tub, and a large separate bedroom with two queen sized beds.

Rosemary and I sat down in the living room while John opened some champagne. Soon we were working on a magnum of that wonderful dry sparkling wine.
Music played, and we continued our conversation. Champagne always hits me fast and any wine makes me a hornet drunk. Rosemary seemed to be getting the same way. We were giggling over some stupid joke John had joust told when Rosemary looked at her husband, then at me, and said:

"You know what I really like Debbie?"

Having no context as to what she talking about I said, "No, Rosemary what?"

Her answer hit me almost as hard as the champagne....

"I like to watch John fuck other women"

With that I knew the introductions and small talk were over and play-time was about to begin...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tell Me How You Like It

I'm interested in your opinions again, so I can give you want you want. That's my ultimate goal.
I have started a new story and it might get as involved as the last one.
Do you like having the stories split up the way I do, or could you read one long entry?
Use the drop down box below to vote and tell me what you like.

How do you like the stories written?

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Back In The Saddle Again

Greetings everyone.
As you can see I'm back home from romp around the Atlantic City casinos.
No big wins, but plenty of good food, cold vodka, good music, slot machines, video poker, and good company.
I really needed the rest, so much so I didn't even realize it until I got there.

Of course, Dirty Debbie is never far from my thoughts and I actually got an idea for a story. It was around midnight the first night, listening to things going on in the hallway. Stayed tuned for that one.

I did miss my honey. When I got home he met me in the parking lot to help me tote all my stuff in. He looked so good to me. He almost looked younger and more handsome than when I left him. Among other things, he owns the hugs and kisses I live for.

I see I have a couple of comments left on my last post. I want to follow up on checking out your sites and adding them to my page. I'll probably do that this evening in the privacy of my home (I'm at work now and have to keep things fairly tame for now).

Keep it good.....

Friday, September 16, 2005

Just A Little

Greetings all. Before I get into today's post, just a note that I will be out of town, away from a computer from Saturday until Tuesday. I'm going on my annual trip with my mom to the casinos. This year it's Harrah's Atlantic City. Wish me luck! I'll start posting again by the middle of next week.

OK, now lets move away from the previous fiction and back to non-fiction for a while.
I am no where near what would be called a morning person, except under one condition. That one condition was met this morning....the feel of my lover spooned up against me. The feel of a cock hardening against my ass.
First he started playing with my tits above the sheets. I, of course, sleep in the nude. The feel of his hand and the sheet being moved over different parts of my body was smooth and, I thought, very sensual. I just quietly moved with him, small moans came from me every so often. Eventually his hand moved to the sheets above my pussy. He rubbed deeply across the sheets covering my mound at first, then more lightly across my clit. The sheets eventually feel off our bodies. We were never ones to have sex under the covers. I stayed on my side as his hands caressed me. I bent the knee of one leg that stayed on the bed, the other I pulled up. Better access to my already damp pussy. That man gets me ready so fast sometimes. Plus I knew the alarm was going to go off any minute.
He soon moved up and over me. Then I saw it, yummy, that handsome hard cock of his. I stroked it a couple of times. Then yes, the alarm went off, there was a certain urgency involved now. He mounted me and easily slid inside me, thrusting immediately. Oh god I love how he feels, how close I can hold him, the feel of his naked skin on mine. How easily I meet his thrusts.
He's so yummy!
He pulled out of me and wanted me to suck him. I quickly and easily turned my head towards him and began to eat him up. I always like the taste of my cunt juices on cock, so I slurped him up right away. With just a little taste of him, his mouth and tongue are on my nipples, sucking and nibbling away.
Too soon we realize that this isn't going to work. The first alarm and the snooze have gone off and I have to get ready for work (I guess it doesn't always work out like A Gray Day-The Beginning does it? )
But you know what? Even though neither of us came, it didn't feel awkward to me. I wasn't frustrated. I hope he felt the same way. I was still energized for the day. Sex does that to me, unless it is a session where I am totally worn out. I could get out of bed, ready for the day today. As I got dressed my lover went downstairs and made coffee. I met him down there, the poor guy even after such a brief time love-making had scratch marks on his back. On the way to work I was listening The Spectrum (channel 18 on Sirius Radio) and Led Zepplin's Kashmir cam eon and it just rocked me even more...I just felt great, it all just kept going.
So sometimes just a little, just a taste, isn't so bad.
Plus I really look forward to seeing him tonight.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Gray Day (the finale)

gray day finaleWith that remark I open my eyes. I can tell his cock is practically throbbing and his cockhead is becoming bathed in pre-cum. By now he has stopped ordering and stopped speaking. He knows actions speak louder than words. I am basically whimpering from delight, waiting to tell him how much I want him, how much I need him.
Of course, he has to start with a tease.
With his cock in hand, he runs the tip of his spongy cockhead up and down my now very slick and beautifully decorated cunt slit. I can see him breathing more heavily as I just keep moaning out. He leans over me and whispers to me “Tell me what you want, come on say it now!”
I scream out “Oh god, fuck me, please fuck me!!”
With that he slams into my steaming, tight, wet, aching pussy. I immediately clamp around his dick, tilt my hips up and rock with him. In between thrusts he kisses my neck and sucks my tits. As I moan out and hold him close to me he slows down his pace, exploring in circles with his cock, the velvety walls of my pussy. I hug and release his meat as he does this. He slowly starts pumping again. My legs ache now and I don’t care. I lean up for another turn on – watching him slide in and out of me. Watching that thick hard cock seemingly pierce me and disappear into my hot hole. He quickens the pace again.

We are both getting close….closer

I start arching my back, as much as I can with my legs tied down, to meet his hard deep thrusts. God how he fills me up! I need it and I know he does too.
I moan out as best I can “You’re making me cum……oh god I’m cumming”
CJ sends a few very quick deep thrusts into me and just groans out. He buries himself in me, his balls rub against me as once again they are emptied by me, this time into my cunt.
He remains on top of me, kissing and nibbling me all over. He goes soft inside me, then pulls out and quickly unties my legs.

Now for some nice hot tea on such a gray day
Constant Comfort….of course

A Gray Day (the tease)

gray day teaseI catch my breath and as I look at my current situation:tied to my bed, a wet aching pussy, aching arms and legs from straining against my cuffs, and I now I see the back of my lover. He’s walking away from the bed and out of the room ! I started the day wanting to spend my day in bed, but this was ridiculous. He disappears into the bathroom and soon I hear the rush of the water in the shower and then the buzz of his shaver.
He returns to our bed. It’s king size so there is still space for him to lie down. He at least does the me favor of undoing my tied up hands. I breathe a sigh of relief as my arms fall to the bed. He instructs me to keep them by my side and I obey.
By giving me an instruction like this I become aware that the ‘fun’ isn’t over yet.
Next he takes two more things off the night table and moves to the foot of the bed. With my legs still bound and the pillow still under my ass, my pussy is titled up and presented towards him. He opens the cool mint gel again, but this time rather than applying it to my nipples (it’s intended purpose), he applies it to my inner lips, then finds my swollen purple clit and ever so delicately applies a plop of the gel to it. I’m so sensitive now I moan out. He understands, and it’s allowed. Next he gets out my clit clamp. It is a golden piece of jewelry that dresses up my pussy. It is gently attached around the inner lips showing off my clit and hot slit nicely, especially being shaven.
Then he leaves me like that and lies down next to me. I’ve never been so teased in my life and, as always, I fucking love it. We have a mirror across from our bed and after resting for about 20 minutes CJ tells me to sit up slightly and look at my cunt.
“Now bitch, what do you see?”
“My pretty pussy” I answer
I lie back down and he keeps asking me questions.
“What made that pretty pussy so wet Debbie?”
I explain to him in no uncertain terms it was the cock sucking and the titty play. I explain that my tits are hard wired to my pussy, then when my pussy aches like that I need to suck cock.
“It’s a vicious cycle” I tell him.
My thoughts return to the cooling sensation running down my slit along with the feel of my spread lips. It’s very enjoyable, a fantastic turn on. God how I want him! How I need to cum, preferably over and over again.
“Now Debbie get me hard again” CJ commands out of the clear blue.
“What would you like sir?” I question, wanting to give him what he needs.
“Get me hard, but don’t touch me” he instructs. “How would you do that Debbie?”
“I’d tell you how much I like you teasing and fucking me.”
“So what are you waiting for you fucking slut?”
I don’t have to think long or hard on how to get him long and hard. I start by letting him know about how handsome his cock is. That looking at it when it’s all hard turns me on. That I like the it can twitch.
“I like the glistening of your pre-cum, it just calls to my pussy”
I start to tell him about the feeling of being taken over by his cock when he spreads my legs and the way he holds his dick before he enters me.
By now he is stroking his cock and playing with his nuts. It makes me pause.
“Keep going bitch”
I apologize and try to explain that wonderful feeling when he just puts the first inch or two of his meat in me. How it makes my pussy hug his cock, so instinctively, so quickly…wanting more. By now he is jerking off hard. He is at full attention again.
“Oh bitch you are too good, I have to admit it” he says to me.
With that he kneels on the floor at the foot of the bed. I can see him in the mirror.
Then, oh god, then his tongue starts licking that gel off me. He gently licks around my clit and slurps down my hot slit. By now I am rocking, squirming, and screaming. He is allowing me to do all this, but keeps my legs tied up. Next he flicks his tongue across my clit quickly, expertly. That did it! I don’t think I had ever cum so fast without jerking myself off. I groan out “Oh fuck that’s it! You fucker!”
Waves of precious, hot, pulsating feelings of orgasm take over my whole body. Damn that is good.
But again, to my surprise, this isn’t the end.
My eyes are closed and I hear: “I’m not done with you whore”

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Gray Day (the middle)

I’m sure CJ could see the anticipation in my eyes as he lined up my toys like doctor’s instruments before surgery. Everything he kept doing was surprising me, tantalizing me, challenging me, and I loved it. I started out the morning thinking I was going to be the one in charge, but it soon became clear that CJ was very much in charge. Dirty Debbie was about to become someone’s little submissive bitch.
I started to speak and was strongly, but gently told to keep quiet, that I would be told when to speak. My wrists were being tied up above with my cuffs. A pillow was placed under my ass, then my ankles were tied to the foot of the bed, spread eagle. Another pillow was propping up my head. He looked at his handy work and at me, straight in the eyes, saying: “Now do you feel dirty, Debbie?”
“Yes sir, yes, I feel very bad” I answered almost sheepishly.
“There is definitely a procedure you’ll need to perform for me, but I have to prep you first”, CJ informs me.
I didn’t say anything, I just nodded. I learned a couple of years ago the proper behavior of a sub. With that he opened the mint gel and rubbed it on my nipples, it cooled them off, making them even more erect, and it felt great. I let out a gasp. Then he proceeded to blow on them, intensifying the sensation. I love having my tits played with, he knows what it does to me. I started squirming against my restraints and moaning.
“You stupid bitch, stay still or I’ll stop right now, do you want that, do you want me to stop?”
“No sir, no. It’s wonderful. I’ll be good I promise”
CJ starts up again, now licking the gel off my nipples. It’s driving me absolutely wild. What’s even worse is that I have to stay still if I want more ! He begins to suck and bite my nipples now. When my tits fall out of his mouth I look at my nipples and think to myself ‘I’ve never seen them so hard’. I moan out, but only softly, only a little, it’s all I’m allowed. Next he ties on my nipple tension jewelry, it’s gold and nicely dresses up my tits. Then he begins to tug on the chain that runs between them. Painful and pleasurable at the same time. My nipples grow even more ! and the signals to fuck like a god damned whore hit my pussy like thunder.
“Now let’s finish up” CJ says as he starts up my small vibrator. Does he know how badly I want that inside me? How badly I need something inside me right now? Instead of shoving it up my cunt, he runs it back and forth across my tits as he yanks on that chain that titillates my tits. I bite my lower lip to keep from moaning out in ecstasy. My pussy now aches so badly it feels as though most of my lower body is on fire.
“Good, very good, this time Debbie” he says as he places the vibrator back into it’s place on the night table.
“Now Debbie go ahead and tell me what you are now that I have played with your tits so well” he instructs me.
I know that he knows the answer, but he wants to hear me say it.
Softly I say “I’m your cock sucking whore”
“What?” he taunts me, “Louder”
“I’m your cock sucking whore, sir” I say louder.
“Damn straight bitch, so since I’ve prepped you, it’s time for your injection”
With this he straddles my head, holding onto the head of the bed. His knees hold my head in place. His cock is hard, his balls tight, and his musk fucking delightful.
His cockhead touches my lips, it’s hot.
“Open up whore, you know what to do”
I part my lips, I love cock sucking and my instinct takes over. My tongue snakes around the head and shaft. I moan and hum on his dick. Now it’s his turn to moan and gasp, but he has all the freedom in the world to do so.
“Ahhh…yes, now suck it up bitch”
You don’t have to ask me twice. I begin to devour his hot meat, slurping and sucking as he shoves his stiffness down my throat. As his cockhead hits the soft palette of the back of my throat I lose focus for a second and gag. He pulls all the way out of me and while holding his dick above my face says “I thought you knew how to give head bitch, you gagged! Don’t you like my cock? Don’t you want to eat it?”
Stunned, but still wanting to get what I want (because as we all know, it’s really the sub in control) “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. You have a handsome, tasty cock that makes my mouth water when I see it. I know how to blow you. I’ll be good, please, please let me suck you off”
He answers with “Do me right cocksucker” as he shoves his cock into my mouth, again using his knees to hold my head still. I start sucking again, this time like a hungry baby as he moans out and starts to fuck my face. He pulls out briefly, commanding me to lick his balls. I gently run my tongue across his balls.
“Oh yes, yes bitch you like those balls, suck them too”
I pull them just as gently into my mouth and let them roll across my tongue, then I let them fall out onto my chin. CJ pulls up a bit and starts slapping me across my face with his now raging hard-on, then enters my mouth one last time.
His moans have now turned to groans and he furiously fucks my face as I take him deeply down my throat, sucking and loving that cock with my mouth. I look up at him at almost the same time he groans out
“Eat this bitch”
He explodes and empties his balls down the back of my throat. I quickly and happily swallow him up, not a drop of his leaving my mouth.
What happens next surprised me even more…..

An Aside

I have to put an aside in here between the parts of my story.
I actually write a lot of my stories when things are quiet and I can really fall into them. I occasionally have that opportunity at work, as I did today.
I work in a small office. I'm the Administrative Assistant. Today was especially fertile for my writing. By 3:00pm. everyone was either at meetings, finished their work and gone, or sick.
I was alone with the radio.
I was writing the second part of the story I just started and was getting extremely hot and bothered.
OK folks, here it comes....I jerked off at work! I couldn't help it, Debbie can get Dirty you know.
I came home, dropped my pants right in front of my lover, pulled down my panties, saying "feel this". He couldn't believe how wet I was. Then I confessed to him, and took a shower.
So, just so you know...I really get into my blog...I put my whole heart and pussy into it!
Keep enjoying....

The Story Of A Gray Day (the beginning)

Gray Day It was a gray day and I had no willpower to get out of my comfortable king sized bed. Ahh, of my favorite places to be and one of my favorite lovers right next to me in it. What could be more perfect? I could use a mental health day off from work. I decided I was going to spend a large part of my day in bed, playing. I reached across to the phone on the nightstand and called out of work, using the time tested excuse of a 24 hour stomach flu.
Feeling very satisfied, I spooned up against CJ. He almost instinctively pushed back against me, half asleep, but not for long. Debbie wants Dirty.
I lightly started to send my fingertips on their mission, starting at the ears, I trace the outline and move towards his neck. He begins to stir, but just lies there. I move across his chest, running my fingers through the hair there. He stirs a bit more. My fingertips move lower, down his stomach, over to his thighs. For now only exploring warm skin and hair. A smile is now creeping across his face. I push my breasts, nipples hardening, against his back. My touch gets heavier as my fingers run up and down his thigh. My tongue now joins the exploration and I nibble and kiss his neck. Then my tongue moves to his ear as my hand cups his clean shaven balls. I whisper in his ear "I'm not getting out of bed this morning!"
Fully awake now, he rolls over to face me. His handsome cock already partially at attention for me. He cradles my head and kisses me deeply. His tongue now doing the exploring as he pushes his stiffening dick up against my pussy. For a while we just caress each other, kiss, and sigh. It is the beginning of our bodies merging, of that short time when we become each other, ourselves, and 'us' all at the same time.
I've always liked a man who can keep me on my toes, both inside the bedroom and out. CJ is that man, but what he did next really surprised me. He rolled me onto my back the reached across to the bottom drawer of my night table.
I have always believed that the bedroom is an adult's playground, their sandbox. There sometimes seems to be a fine line though when you're in love with some and not just having sex for the fun of it. Sometimes that playground can go over the top when love-making is involved. But over the years I have collected some interesting toys and accoutrements. They aren't used very often now, but they are fun when the time is right. So imagine my surprise when CJ took the following items from my 'special' drawer: velvety cuffs, nipple tension jewelry, cool mint edible gel, vibrator, and my latest acquisition, my clit clamp jewelry. At this moment I was so glad that I had shaven my pussy the night before, when I saw that he had trimmed up his balls. Great minds think alike. Just seeing some of my toys along with that handsome stiff cock was getting me very hot. I knew, and looked forward to the fact that I would be hot and dripping wet along with that precious pussy ache sometime in the near future.
Just how hot, wet it got is in the next part.....

Checking In Folks

Hi all. I hope that everyone out there is having good times in the fashion of their choice.
I wanted to check in because it had been a few days since my last post.
I am currently working more on checking out sites and blogs that I think my readers will enjoy, so please always remember to check my Links and Blogs I Read areas for updates.
If you have a site that you think will fit into the frame of mind of this blog, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention either through a comment or email me (my email is on my profile page).
You know how I like more than twosomes, so the more the merrier !
I am currently working on a new story that I hope to have up here by this evening, or tomorrow at the latest.
Keep enjoying....

Thursday, September 8, 2005

And Now Presenting-Advanced Sex Education (part II)

The class continues....
I remind the students that since the lecture today is about female response, that is the only reason there isn't as much attention being paid to the men today. That will be a lesson for another day.
"Now where were we?" I ask rhetorically, but one of my eager students yells out: "You are ripe to get some cock inside you!" There are snickers then a slight applause. I acknowledge his answer as correct. I tell them I have to give some final instructions of the lesson now, so as not to lose the 'rhythm' of the next part of the demonstration. I have them line up along the wall, allowing them to pass by the stage, to be closer and observe, but no questions allowed. Since it's the beginning of the semester we are exhibiting the missionary position only. My lover removes his towel. His fine stiff cock and tight balls are ready to show off me getting fucked to my students. He gets on top of me as I bend my knees and spread my legs. He sucks my tits, nibbles my neck, and slowly enters me. I moan out as he does and I feel my cunt hug his hot meat, all this while my class observes and takes notes, some even sketching us. This, of course, is turning me on even more. I lift my hips up to pull him deeper inside me. All the wonder of a good fuck along with showing it off has me wanting to go at it hot, heavy, and fast. But I have to pace myself so all my students can have a chance to examine us and take notes. ('this most assuredly will be on the test!') Soon we are into are familiar rhythm. Every so often he teases me, almost pulling out, fucking me with just the first two inches of his cock, then pulling out all the way and gently slapping my clit with his cockhead, finally drilling back into me deep and hard. I move my hips with him, sometimes in a back and forth motion, other times, side to side, along with the up and down, massaging his ass as I do. Every so often I look to my side to be able to see my wonderful students enjoying all of it too, hopefully learning to enjoy sex just as much as I do and become good lovers. Thier smiling, flushed faces, some with hard ons just kicks it up another notch for me. My lover and my students making me wetter and wetter and I start to soak my lover's balls with my pussy juice. We quicken the pace, his balls slapping my ass as he drills into me, the hot velvet walls of my cunt hugging that fine dick. Eventually my legs, still wearing the black silk stockings wrap around his back, my back arches, my hands and nails knead his back, I moan out and cum hard around his cock.
This time a larger applause rises from my scholars. I smile, remind them to do their 'home' work, read over today's notes, and look over the outline for the rest of the year.
Let's see, what fun things would be in that outline?
The Male Response
The Joy of Oral
The Top Ten Positions of the Kama Sutra
Foreplay and Afterplay Techniques
Bedroom Toys
Fetishes For Your Enjoyment
and on, and on, and on....yummy !

So I guess for now I really have to get that digital camera I've been dreaming of, and I can keep entertaining my next door neighbor in my apartment building with my unabashed sounds from bed. Yes for now, that should take care of the exhibitionist in me.

And Now Presenting-Advanced Sex Education (part I)

So I've already had the discussion about how like to watch. There is also a side of me that wants to be watched.
Let me talk to you about a fantasy of mine that has lingered inside me, probably since my college days. I studied Psychology and Biology at college in hopes of becoming a Sex Therapist (hey, do what you know, right?). My fantasy sort of stems from all that:
I picture myself in a larger arena type classroom, the kind that are very common in college. I am the teacher. The course is Advanced Sex Education. The students consist of men and women. The area where the students are seated is only dimly lit, while the podium and stage area where I am is brightly lit. Along with me and the podium on stage is a gurney with crisp white linens.
My lecture starts off fairly innocuous, just a syllabus type description of the course. I then move onto the topic of the day: The Female Sexual Response. The discussion is matter-of-fact, cold, and technical. That's not like me. I'm creative, warm, and passionate. I sigh and stop in the middle of my talk and let me class know this just isn't right, not natural.
I bring out my lover who has been waiting on the side of the stage. He's wearing only a terry towel. Once I see him I start to strip, telling the class that I feel a demonstration was more in order. I get as far as my lingerie (another fetish of mine and a topic for another day). I'm wearing deep red, silk boy shorts with black lace trim, thigh high stockings (no garter, they're the type that use a decorative wide elastic band), and a matching deep red demi bra with black lace accents. I move toward my lover talking about all the various erogenous zones of a female, and the steps of sexual response and excitement in humans. As I mention each erogenous zone my lover demonstrates what happens to me when they are stimulated. For example: soft kisses draw me closer, his hands run up my legs, tickling my knees, light touches along my sides, nibbles on my neck, etc. The student's attention is rapt as they watch me relax and flow with my lover's body. Finally his hands move to unhook my bra. I show my students that my nipples have hardened due to the previous stimuli. He then starts caressing my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers, kissing, sucking and biting my nipples and tits. I now show my students my even harder, bigger nipples. I instruct my lover to put me on the gurney so I can show my students another result of the advanced caressing. As he does this I review the physical changes that have taken place within my body from warmer skin temperature to heavier breathing, to involuntary guttural noises. Once on the gurney my lover removes my panties, exposing my bare, shaved pussy. I tell my class that I am freshly shaved for the purpose of the class. That bare pussy is now in full view of my fine scholars. I spread my legs wide, sit up partially to spread my pussy lips, and continue my lecture. I point out the changes to my cunt. The puffiness of the labia, the darkening of the area to purplish color. I spread my inner lips to show off my hard, erect, and sensitive clit. Finally I tell my students to take note of the glistening lubrication that is like a fine sweet icing on my pussy. There are audible 'ahh's' from my class. I explain that I am totally physically ready for a good, fine fuck.
But that's for the next half of the class....

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Bad and Getting Tangled

Writing my blog has made me curious about what else is out there.
Because of the nature of my work, I sometimes have the opportunity to surf around and see what's out there. I've been doing that for the past couple of days.
There is some great stuff out there, giving me ideas, making me feel less alone in my easy embracement of my sexuality, sites to satisfy my own adoration of erotica.
I will be passing more and more onto my fellow readers here in my BLOGS I READ area.
The really fun thing about all this is how you can get so tangled up in 'the web'. One good site leads to another, leads to another, etc.
I make lists of sites to check out once I get home.
Again, thanks to the goddess for the encouragement of the lover at home. I'm so glad he doesn't seem to mind the attention I am paying to this blog. It energizes me to continue. So in fact, my blog wouldn't grow and get better with out him feeding my creativity.
When I first got the notion to write this blog, I had no idea what kind of work, if you want to call it that, it would entail to turn it into what I want.
So far I'm having a blast and just let me know if there is anything you want to see that I may be missing, or forgetting about. I've have a few trips around that proverbial block when it comes to sex.
Let's just keep on's gonna get hot in here !

Monday, September 5, 2005

Tension Release, That's All

I have put off doing any posting recently because it just didn't seem like the thing to do in the wake of all that's going on in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Just a reminder, if you want to help, don't forget about giving in any way you can. Here is a list of charities that are helping.
Getting back to my post.
As my lover has reminded me, life goes on and my blog should go on.

I woke up last night around 2:30am, wide awake, with a certain 'tension'.
I knew that if I got off that was all I needed to get back to sleep.
Funny, but I have known my lover, my soulmate, for 26 years and I have never gotten him up saying:
Honey, please....I need that nice cock....NOW !!
I just can't do it. It has always seem so selfish, so greedy. Plus how can you expect someone to just be 'on-call' for you like that?
Sometimes I am very self-conscious about my, how would I put it? - appetite
So I came downstairs to my trusty computer instead.
I had a chance to begin to explore all the great sex blogs out there and will adding more in my links as soon as I have a chance to delve deeper into them.
Eventually I looked at the clock at it was almost 5:00am. I figured I had to get to bed (to sleep) soon.
I started playing one of my favorite porn clips I have saved on my computer: The Loadman Cometh. It's about 18 minutes long, but I didn't that much time to be gently squeezing and tugging on my bare nipples, oh I love that feeling. Finally ending up rubbing my clit. All in all it probably took me no longer than 2 minutes to cum.
The waves of tension release and calm came over me along with those waves of orgasm driving down my pussy.
Once back in bed, my muscles were relaxed, I could feel my blood pulsing through me, I curled up next to my lover and bam! I was asleep within 15 minutes.
Hey boys and girls, whatever works....right?

Finally speaking of my lover. I'm thinking about having him do a guest entry whenever he feels the need. Of course, I will still have editorial
Let me know what you think of this idea. I'm all for it and he seems to be too.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Philosophy

my philosophyI feel it's time to express my philosophy behind my attitudes toward my sexuality.
I hope you enjoy it with me.
First, and foremost I love being a woman. At the same time be aware that like most people on the planet I am average looking, and like a lot of women in this country I am, shall we say, Reubenesque.
I feel power as a female. It is probably one of the reasons behind my choice to be Wicca. I am part of the goddess. I consider myself a healer, intuitive to earth and mother nature.
I bloom as a female in bed. I am confident, I share my love freely with my body, and when I've had sex when love wasn't a factor in it I am sure to be enjoying myself and the man walked away just as happy.
Secondly, and just as important to being a woman is being a child. I am very much in touch with my inner child. So you may wonder how this would apply to a sexual relationship. Bed is how adults play. My bed is my sandbox, my playground, my stage. It's fun, it feels good, sometimes there toys, sometimes fantasy, sometimes costumes. Think back to when you were eight or nine years old -- sound familiar? I trust my playmate, another child like attitude that is needed in a healthy bed.
I truly believe that these things have not only kept me feeling young, but actually looking younger.
Maybe I shouldn't be so dependent on sex to feel feminine. Believe me it isn't the only thing there is, there are a range of things, it's just what's appropriate for this blog.
So yes, I'm glad to be a woman.
I enjoy my curves, my feminist attitude, my lingerie, and giving it all to my man.

Thanks to:
Sex Art by Mister
for this beautiful woman.


A friendly reminder that if you're dry and on a computer, eating a hot meal today, you're a very lucky person compared to some people in this country.
Help the victims of Katrina by getting in touch with:
The American Red Cross.

For more information on who is helping on the web:
The Truth Laid Bear-Katrina Relief

If you want to contribute to a different charity check out:
The Truth Laid Bear-Additonal Contributions

Thanks everyone !