Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Gamble - Getting Fucked

The Gamble-Fuck
There is just something about a naked girl sucking on a fully clothed guy that gets me hot.
So now another new sensation, the smell of a new set of nuts....yummy!
So if John wants wet nuts, Debbie's the gal for him.
Once on my knees, I position my head below his cock, wrap one hand around his thick, hard shaft, stroke and pull up on it so I get his yummy balls tea-bagged into my mouth. I slowly squeeze his cock as I begin sucking his nuts; I gently roll my tongue all over them. I wet and love each one separately. He moans out and I can feel his cock throb in my hand. Rosemary moans also, breathlessly saying to me "That's it Debbie, eat his balls, he loves that"
I continue sucking and slurping on his nuts, every so often moving to his asshole to tickle it with my tongue, this made him almost jump and caused his cock to start to drip with pre-cum. Seeing this Rosemary told me to stop, I was taking him 'too far too fast'.
I stood up and got on the bed. John pulled his clothes off as quickly as possible and joined me. The hum of Rosemary's tickler got louder as she said:
"Make sure she's ready honey, and then fuck her like a whore"
With that John started kissing and caressing me again, his hands moved down and spread my legs. He slipped one finger inside my wet pussy and started to finger fuck me, then another, as his thumb ever so lightly found my clit and played in circles around it. A third finger slipped inside me and I moaned out. I wanted cock now. Good old plain, fuck me hard dick. He moved on top of me and with that Rosemary started tugging on her nipples moaning out
"Make me cum Johnny, fuck her and make me cum!"
It was wild!
He slowly parted my pussy lips with his cockhead, pushing and pumping into me. After several thrusts he moved from being on his knees to being on top of me. Everything was at a nice pace. His cock filled me up nicely and I hugged it with my cunt as we kept fucking. He started sucking my tits and I wrapped my legs around his back. My heels dug into his back, giving the signal to fuck me harder. He quickened the pace. Oh god it felt just plain great.
Rosemary screamed out "Fuck her John, fuck her like a bitch"
He quickened his pace. Like the good girl I am I met his thrusts with my hips and in unison we started to drive it home. Our grunts and moans filled the air and I heard Rosemary moan out "I'm cumming Johnny, cum for me"
Everything was so wild, hearing that with that nice cock doing me so hard made me cum next. Yep I came hard and fast on his dick. He did a few deep thrusts and moaned out "Rosemary watch me explode", pulled out of me, and gave Rosemary a look at the money shot, cumming on my stomach and tits.
Rosemary obviously loved it and came again. Then said "Great job honey, come on over here and let me clean that slut off you"
He went over to the other bed, presenting his half limp dick to her. She expertly cleaned my cunt juices off his cock. Then they fell on the bed together.
Rosemary thanked me, told me I could wash up in their shower and returned to snuggling with her husband.
I took a quick shower, got dressed, thanked them for the experience, and left for my own room.
Another good throw of the dice Deb, I said to myself.


Aragorn said...

Wow, someone has been productive ... (and had time on her hands, lol). Will need time to read and comment ... be patient ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Patient....I can do patient.
I just seem to get into these productive and creative rolls. I'm alone in my small office a lot, and it gives me time to think. I make lots of notes along the way if something comes to me. I fall so much into it. I love it and it turns me on.

Anonymous said...

Hummana hummaha!

Derek said...

There's nothing hotter than a woman cleaning off another from a man's cock with her mouth. Very nice ineed.

horny guy said...

excellent story..

BathTime Gal said...

Outstanding! Love it...

Bud of "Us" said...

Very, very nice! This is great stuff!


cdb said...

Although this really was not a threesome, it reminded me of my second threesome. Both women were named Debbie. Very erotic story.

hotciao said...

mhhh... what a nice experience. got me pretty wet. thank you.
kisses from italy, claudia

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now there is a story that got my motor going! Great story.