Thursday, September 8, 2005

And Now Presenting-Advanced Sex Education (part I)

So I've already had the discussion about how like to watch. There is also a side of me that wants to be watched.
Let me talk to you about a fantasy of mine that has lingered inside me, probably since my college days. I studied Psychology and Biology at college in hopes of becoming a Sex Therapist (hey, do what you know, right?). My fantasy sort of stems from all that:
I picture myself in a larger arena type classroom, the kind that are very common in college. I am the teacher. The course is Advanced Sex Education. The students consist of men and women. The area where the students are seated is only dimly lit, while the podium and stage area where I am is brightly lit. Along with me and the podium on stage is a gurney with crisp white linens.
My lecture starts off fairly innocuous, just a syllabus type description of the course. I then move onto the topic of the day: The Female Sexual Response. The discussion is matter-of-fact, cold, and technical. That's not like me. I'm creative, warm, and passionate. I sigh and stop in the middle of my talk and let me class know this just isn't right, not natural.
I bring out my lover who has been waiting on the side of the stage. He's wearing only a terry towel. Once I see him I start to strip, telling the class that I feel a demonstration was more in order. I get as far as my lingerie (another fetish of mine and a topic for another day). I'm wearing deep red, silk boy shorts with black lace trim, thigh high stockings (no garter, they're the type that use a decorative wide elastic band), and a matching deep red demi bra with black lace accents. I move toward my lover talking about all the various erogenous zones of a female, and the steps of sexual response and excitement in humans. As I mention each erogenous zone my lover demonstrates what happens to me when they are stimulated. For example: soft kisses draw me closer, his hands run up my legs, tickling my knees, light touches along my sides, nibbles on my neck, etc. The student's attention is rapt as they watch me relax and flow with my lover's body. Finally his hands move to unhook my bra. I show my students that my nipples have hardened due to the previous stimuli. He then starts caressing my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers, kissing, sucking and biting my nipples and tits. I now show my students my even harder, bigger nipples. I instruct my lover to put me on the gurney so I can show my students another result of the advanced caressing. As he does this I review the physical changes that have taken place within my body from warmer skin temperature to heavier breathing, to involuntary guttural noises. Once on the gurney my lover removes my panties, exposing my bare, shaved pussy. I tell my class that I am freshly shaved for the purpose of the class. That bare pussy is now in full view of my fine scholars. I spread my legs wide, sit up partially to spread my pussy lips, and continue my lecture. I point out the changes to my cunt. The puffiness of the labia, the darkening of the area to purplish color. I spread my inner lips to show off my hard, erect, and sensitive clit. Finally I tell my students to take note of the glistening lubrication that is like a fine sweet icing on my pussy. There are audible 'ahh's' from my class. I explain that I am totally physically ready for a good, fine fuck.
But that's for the next half of the class....

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