Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An Aside

I have to put an aside in here between the parts of my story.
I actually write a lot of my stories when things are quiet and I can really fall into them. I occasionally have that opportunity at work, as I did today.
I work in a small office. I'm the Administrative Assistant. Today was especially fertile for my writing. By 3:00pm. everyone was either at meetings, finished their work and gone, or sick.
I was alone with the radio.
I was writing the second part of the story I just started and was getting extremely hot and bothered.
OK folks, here it comes....I jerked off at work! I couldn't help it, Debbie can get Dirty you know.
I came home, dropped my pants right in front of my lover, pulled down my panties, saying "feel this". He couldn't believe how wet I was. Then I confessed to him, and took a shower.
So, just so you know...I really get into my blog...I put my whole heart and pussy into it!
Keep enjoying....

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Mestophales said...

And how we love to read the passion you and your pussy put into your blog