Friday, September 16, 2005

Just A Little

Greetings all. Before I get into today's post, just a note that I will be out of town, away from a computer from Saturday until Tuesday. I'm going on my annual trip with my mom to the casinos. This year it's Harrah's Atlantic City. Wish me luck! I'll start posting again by the middle of next week.

OK, now lets move away from the previous fiction and back to non-fiction for a while.
I am no where near what would be called a morning person, except under one condition. That one condition was met this morning....the feel of my lover spooned up against me. The feel of a cock hardening against my ass.
First he started playing with my tits above the sheets. I, of course, sleep in the nude. The feel of his hand and the sheet being moved over different parts of my body was smooth and, I thought, very sensual. I just quietly moved with him, small moans came from me every so often. Eventually his hand moved to the sheets above my pussy. He rubbed deeply across the sheets covering my mound at first, then more lightly across my clit. The sheets eventually feel off our bodies. We were never ones to have sex under the covers. I stayed on my side as his hands caressed me. I bent the knee of one leg that stayed on the bed, the other I pulled up. Better access to my already damp pussy. That man gets me ready so fast sometimes. Plus I knew the alarm was going to go off any minute.
He soon moved up and over me. Then I saw it, yummy, that handsome hard cock of his. I stroked it a couple of times. Then yes, the alarm went off, there was a certain urgency involved now. He mounted me and easily slid inside me, thrusting immediately. Oh god I love how he feels, how close I can hold him, the feel of his naked skin on mine. How easily I meet his thrusts.
He's so yummy!
He pulled out of me and wanted me to suck him. I quickly and easily turned my head towards him and began to eat him up. I always like the taste of my cunt juices on cock, so I slurped him up right away. With just a little taste of him, his mouth and tongue are on my nipples, sucking and nibbling away.
Too soon we realize that this isn't going to work. The first alarm and the snooze have gone off and I have to get ready for work (I guess it doesn't always work out like A Gray Day-The Beginning does it? )
But you know what? Even though neither of us came, it didn't feel awkward to me. I wasn't frustrated. I hope he felt the same way. I was still energized for the day. Sex does that to me, unless it is a session where I am totally worn out. I could get out of bed, ready for the day today. As I got dressed my lover went downstairs and made coffee. I met him down there, the poor guy even after such a brief time love-making had scratch marks on his back. On the way to work I was listening The Spectrum (channel 18 on Sirius Radio) and Led Zepplin's Kashmir cam eon and it just rocked me even more...I just felt great, it all just kept going.
So sometimes just a little, just a taste, isn't so bad.
Plus I really look forward to seeing him tonight.


lust, sex & Love said...

I loved this post, because just this morning, I experienced basically the same thing with my lovely, handsome man too....

virtual lovers said...

I am really enjoying your adventures. x

rupert said...

I hope you win!

bedroomdancer said...

I know what you mean about the little tastes being nice. I pretty much like sex, in any form!