Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tell Me How You Like It

I'm interested in your opinions again, so I can give you want you want. That's my ultimate goal.
I have started a new story and it might get as involved as the last one.
Do you like having the stories split up the way I do, or could you read one long entry?
Use the drop down box below to vote and tell me what you like.

How do you like the stories written?

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Aragorn said...

Ah, discovered another dirty mind .. sweet, and with such an attractive, pretty layout and pictures, very nice discovery indeed (through your comment on Virtual Affairs blog). Well girl, we’ll be reading you, just to see how dirty you can be ... ;-) Keep up the good work. Will link you on our blog soon (lack of time at the moment, soon !). - Aragorn

Anonymous said...

Glad that you discovered me (and I you).
Since I started this 'diary' it has been so much fun, liberating almost.
I have enjoyed coming across all the like minded people out there.
I hope to take it all in, learn, and stay hot !