Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Inspiration, or a lack there of.
No stories, fact or fiction, just from a lack of inspiration from either inside or out.
There's always work, the child (who is 20 years old), the soulmate.
For now I'm drained, but I will get past posting only pix and additional blogs to read, and when I do...you better watch out.


Storm Rider said...

I love when you tease us!

Desire X said...

A rain drop falling from the sky.
A kiss, two lovers, walking hand in hand, this observed with a longing eye. The way the clouds race across the moon.

These small things are all inspiration for me. I have to find it though, have to close my eyes and let it overwhelm me. This is not always easy as life tends to want to interfere.

I hope you return soon with much inspiration. I hope it comes flooding over you mightily.


lust, sex & Love said...

we will be waiting

Brewhaha said...

Nobody can be inspired 24/7..
Even Steven King has to take a brake
now and then :)

Aragorn said...

Will be watching out ... promise ! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Sweet ! Will be checking you out and linkin asap !

Anonymous said...

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