Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

Greetings everyone.
As you can see I'm back home from romp around the Atlantic City casinos.
No big wins, but plenty of good food, cold vodka, good music, slot machines, video poker, and good company.
I really needed the rest, so much so I didn't even realize it until I got there.

Of course, Dirty Debbie is never far from my thoughts and I actually got an idea for a story. It was around midnight the first night, listening to things going on in the hallway. Stayed tuned for that one.

I did miss my honey. When I got home he met me in the parking lot to help me tote all my stuff in. He looked so good to me. He almost looked younger and more handsome than when I left him. Among other things, he owns the hugs and kisses I live for.

I see I have a couple of comments left on my last post. I want to follow up on checking out your sites and adding them to my page. I'll probably do that this evening in the privacy of my home (I'm at work now and have to keep things fairly tame for now).

Keep it good.....

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