Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Gray Day (the tease)

gray day teaseI catch my breath and as I look at my current situation:tied to my bed, a wet aching pussy, aching arms and legs from straining against my cuffs, and I now I see the back of my lover. He’s walking away from the bed and out of the room ! I started the day wanting to spend my day in bed, but this was ridiculous. He disappears into the bathroom and soon I hear the rush of the water in the shower and then the buzz of his shaver.
He returns to our bed. It’s king size so there is still space for him to lie down. He at least does the me favor of undoing my tied up hands. I breathe a sigh of relief as my arms fall to the bed. He instructs me to keep them by my side and I obey.
By giving me an instruction like this I become aware that the ‘fun’ isn’t over yet.
Next he takes two more things off the night table and moves to the foot of the bed. With my legs still bound and the pillow still under my ass, my pussy is titled up and presented towards him. He opens the cool mint gel again, but this time rather than applying it to my nipples (it’s intended purpose), he applies it to my inner lips, then finds my swollen purple clit and ever so delicately applies a plop of the gel to it. I’m so sensitive now I moan out. He understands, and it’s allowed. Next he gets out my clit clamp. It is a golden piece of jewelry that dresses up my pussy. It is gently attached around the inner lips showing off my clit and hot slit nicely, especially being shaven.
Then he leaves me like that and lies down next to me. I’ve never been so teased in my life and, as always, I fucking love it. We have a mirror across from our bed and after resting for about 20 minutes CJ tells me to sit up slightly and look at my cunt.
“Now bitch, what do you see?”
“My pretty pussy” I answer
I lie back down and he keeps asking me questions.
“What made that pretty pussy so wet Debbie?”
I explain to him in no uncertain terms it was the cock sucking and the titty play. I explain that my tits are hard wired to my pussy, then when my pussy aches like that I need to suck cock.
“It’s a vicious cycle” I tell him.
My thoughts return to the cooling sensation running down my slit along with the feel of my spread lips. It’s very enjoyable, a fantastic turn on. God how I want him! How I need to cum, preferably over and over again.
“Now Debbie get me hard again” CJ commands out of the clear blue.
“What would you like sir?” I question, wanting to give him what he needs.
“Get me hard, but don’t touch me” he instructs. “How would you do that Debbie?”
“I’d tell you how much I like you teasing and fucking me.”
“So what are you waiting for you fucking slut?”
I don’t have to think long or hard on how to get him long and hard. I start by letting him know about how handsome his cock is. That looking at it when it’s all hard turns me on. That I like the it can twitch.
“I like the glistening of your pre-cum, it just calls to my pussy”
I start to tell him about the feeling of being taken over by his cock when he spreads my legs and the way he holds his dick before he enters me.
By now he is stroking his cock and playing with his nuts. It makes me pause.
“Keep going bitch”
I apologize and try to explain that wonderful feeling when he just puts the first inch or two of his meat in me. How it makes my pussy hug his cock, so instinctively, so quickly…wanting more. By now he is jerking off hard. He is at full attention again.
“Oh bitch you are too good, I have to admit it” he says to me.
With that he kneels on the floor at the foot of the bed. I can see him in the mirror.
Then, oh god, then his tongue starts licking that gel off me. He gently licks around my clit and slurps down my hot slit. By now I am rocking, squirming, and screaming. He is allowing me to do all this, but keeps my legs tied up. Next he flicks his tongue across my clit quickly, expertly. That did it! I don’t think I had ever cum so fast without jerking myself off. I groan out “Oh fuck that’s it! You fucker!”
Waves of precious, hot, pulsating feelings of orgasm take over my whole body. Damn that is good.
But again, to my surprise, this isn’t the end.
My eyes are closed and I hear: “I’m not done with you whore”

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