Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Story Of A Gray Day (the beginning)

Gray Day It was a gray day and I had no willpower to get out of my comfortable king sized bed. Ahh, of my favorite places to be and one of my favorite lovers right next to me in it. What could be more perfect? I could use a mental health day off from work. I decided I was going to spend a large part of my day in bed, playing. I reached across to the phone on the nightstand and called out of work, using the time tested excuse of a 24 hour stomach flu.
Feeling very satisfied, I spooned up against CJ. He almost instinctively pushed back against me, half asleep, but not for long. Debbie wants Dirty.
I lightly started to send my fingertips on their mission, starting at the ears, I trace the outline and move towards his neck. He begins to stir, but just lies there. I move across his chest, running my fingers through the hair there. He stirs a bit more. My fingertips move lower, down his stomach, over to his thighs. For now only exploring warm skin and hair. A smile is now creeping across his face. I push my breasts, nipples hardening, against his back. My touch gets heavier as my fingers run up and down his thigh. My tongue now joins the exploration and I nibble and kiss his neck. Then my tongue moves to his ear as my hand cups his clean shaven balls. I whisper in his ear "I'm not getting out of bed this morning!"
Fully awake now, he rolls over to face me. His handsome cock already partially at attention for me. He cradles my head and kisses me deeply. His tongue now doing the exploring as he pushes his stiffening dick up against my pussy. For a while we just caress each other, kiss, and sigh. It is the beginning of our bodies merging, of that short time when we become each other, ourselves, and 'us' all at the same time.
I've always liked a man who can keep me on my toes, both inside the bedroom and out. CJ is that man, but what he did next really surprised me. He rolled me onto my back the reached across to the bottom drawer of my night table.
I have always believed that the bedroom is an adult's playground, their sandbox. There sometimes seems to be a fine line though when you're in love with some and not just having sex for the fun of it. Sometimes that playground can go over the top when love-making is involved. But over the years I have collected some interesting toys and accoutrements. They aren't used very often now, but they are fun when the time is right. So imagine my surprise when CJ took the following items from my 'special' drawer: velvety cuffs, nipple tension jewelry, cool mint edible gel, vibrator, and my latest acquisition, my clit clamp jewelry. At this moment I was so glad that I had shaven my pussy the night before, when I saw that he had trimmed up his balls. Great minds think alike. Just seeing some of my toys along with that handsome stiff cock was getting me very hot. I knew, and looked forward to the fact that I would be hot and dripping wet along with that precious pussy ache sometime in the near future.
Just how hot, wet it got is in the next part.....

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