Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CBW #49 - Back In The Swing

We made it through the tough weekend and the computer upgrade, not to mention the lousy weather in the northeast.

I hope it's a long time before I say I've had such a bad week that I can't enjoy a good cock.
Below is a perfect representation of how I like it. Pulled out and at attention.
Thanks go to the Thongologist for this submission.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Guess What WE'RE doing this weekend?

Mom mom needs a new cumputor so off we go, setting up a new one (with VISTA!) for an older woman who is used to 98ME.
It should be a looooong weekend.

Wish us luck as we decend into hell...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I couldn't let both CBW and HNT go by without posting two great photos while DD recovers from her week.
I went over to her office the other day to help out, and saw firsthand the insanity that she has to deal with on a daily basis. She does the best she can, but sometimes it gets the best of her.

Anyway, here's yer chow, so enjoy!



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just Manage

Sorry but there's no cock for this Wednesday and there won't be any naked parts of any body tomorrow.

My real life has gotten in the way this week. Things have been really tough at work and I had a bad week by Tuesday. In my job a bad week is because of things going on in our patient's lives, not our own. Working in the social services here in the US you have to be used to bucking up against 'the system' on a regular basis. You also have to realize that not everybody that needs your help wants it. It's been a week like that, already.

One thing that always grounds me and I'm always grateful for is that I see CJ and the end of a crappy day.

So we are going to have to manage with the CBWs and HNTs that are already on the page for now.

I'm looking forward to Friday.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Away From Home With My Boy Toy

My boy toy was first described here: Cyber Boy Toy

One thing that made this hour long encounter different was that I was completely alone and not at home. What made things even nastier is that I was in the living room of my mother’s house. Everyone had left for some ‘retail therapy’; it’s something I rarely get into, so I stayed at home.
My mom has a PC and dial up, but I was online on my iBook with a wireless connection that I had found using a nifty little utility called iStumbler.

My Yahoo messenger lit up with the presence of my young partner and he stopped in to say ‘hey babe’.
I returned the greeting and let him know that I was 90 miles from my usual spot, in my mom’s empty home.

I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was sitting at his computer naked and hard in an empty house, sort of like me. I knew that could lead to many possibilities and he agreed. He thought I was a party popper for being dressed. I assured him that I was no less in the mood for a party just because I had some clothes on.

I made the first move by asking what my young man needed on such a lovely afternoon.
First he wanted some more pics of me, some that weren’t up on the site yet.
He had a choice and I asked him what his pleasure was: pussy, cocksucking, fucking, it was his choice.
Being a typical hormone laden young man, he wanted one of each. So, I searched my hard drive for a few minutes and sent some along, as requested, one of each. He enjoyed them all, especially the one of me giving CJ head. Then he asked about the pussy shot. It was the one of me wearing my clit clamp. I explained it was a little piece of jewelry that added a little extra stimulation.
He thought it was ‘nice’, and I started to visualize that I was wearing it at that very moment, just for him, and told him so.

He wanted to tug at it with his teeth, pulling it off me. I wanted him to; I wanted him to be forcing my legs apart to do it, forcing me to open up my pussy to him.
It was getting me very hot, and I let him know it:
“I’m putting my hand down my pants just thinking of you playing with me, taking advantage of me”
Then came the ubiquitous question in cybersex:
“What are you wearing?”
I described my unzipped blue jeans and red button down blouse to him. He asked me nicely to unbutton my blouse.
As I unbuttoned I pictured him watching me, doing it slowly, teasing him, knowing that he wanted to see my tits. I coyly asked if he wanted to see my nipples and a resounding, “YES!!!” came onto the screen along with the desire to suck them.
I described my breasts to him, telling that my nipples were hard for him and I was pulling my tits up and over my bra. I didn’t want to take the time to unhook my bra. It makes my tits more at attention for him and my nipples harder.
He immediately started sucking and I immediately started moaning. Tweaking my own tits as I thought of watching him and hearing the slurping sounds of his suckling. I pulled him closer to my warm skin.

He seemed to get a lot more turned on very fast and exclaimed:
“Get my dick in your mouth!”
I’m such a slut for cock that when this request is made I can never refuse it and at that moment, I was on my knees lapping at his cockhead.
He moaned out as I continued and told him how great he smelled and tasted.
I ask him if it’s all right to eat more of his cock.
Again I got a resounding answer: “EAT IT ALL!, all the way to my balls Deb”
I slammed my face on his cock and sucked hard. I tell him to watch me as I hit his balls. My tongue comes out to slurp at his balls while his cockhead is firmly pressed against the back of my throat.
I wanted him to tell me I was a whore.
He moaned loudly how good the sucking was. Then told me to suck him off like a dirty whore. I kept at it.
I told him exactly what I looked like as I was on my knees worshipping his dick.
Slurping and sucking on his meat. My massive heavy tits swaying as I enjoyed my favorite meal. I described the feel of my tongue flicking against his hot hard meat.
This caused another big moan from cyber partner as he exclaimed:
“You’re going to make me blow a load here”
I told him how much I was enjoying sucking his dick and I was picturing how handsome it was now.
He went on to describe his now very hard cock, and assured me that he was handsome.
I started twisting his cock around in my mouth as I looked up at him for approval.
He could see my mouth full of his cock and said that’s just the way it should be.
Next I let him know how wet my pussy was.
I told him to tickle my clit with his free hand and to go ahead and shoot his load down my throat. I wanted him to watch me swallow him like a champ. I wanted to guzzle his hot cum.
He was ready to blow so I tugged at his balls and told him to drain them into my face.
The only way I can describe how hard he came is to directly quote what he wrote:
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To say the least he shot me hard. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it on his cock as I swallowed what seemed to be gallons of his hot jizz.
He pulled on my hair and kept fucking my face as he finished off.
Finally he fell out of my mouth, spent. As soon as I could talk I told him what a slut I was for his dick, but he already knew that.
He apologized for not pounding my cunt, but I had driven him nuts with my mouth.
I told him that it was all right because I prefer for him to stuff my pussy when I had my pants down and my vibrator with me.
He assured me that he would do that at another time and make me cum over and over again. I told him I had no doubt of that my shaved pussy would buck against him next time.

We made some plans for what the next time would include. He asked if I was into strap-ons. Truthfully I have been curious, but have never tried it in real life.
I was willing to try it in cyberspace first and he said it sounded like a plan. I reminded him that here in cybersex we could make anything happen and make it good.

We said our good byes and I ended by telling him that I would probably get myself off later.
Once I signed off I did take care of myself in a very nasty way. The front door to the house was open, I still had my tits out over my bra, and so without shutting the door I played with my tits and rubbed my swollen aching pussy until I came.
Not only was I thinking about my little encounter with my boy toy, but about someone stumbling along and finding me in ‘dire straights’.

Ah, it keeps you young doesn’t it?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good Substitute for Oral Sex?

The technique described below is something new to me.
I got it from a magazine article from the Pussologist at
Let me know if this something you've ever heard of. I'm not sure there is a real substitute for an expert tongue playing my pussy like a fine instrument, but this does sound intriguing.

Not really sure you want to go down
on her just yet?
Then get a pair of non-powdered latex (or non-latex) gloves, a soft artist's paintbrush, and some KY jelly.

Learn to massage each vaginal lip, one good idea is yoni massage, take a quick course

Lubricate the paint brush heavily with the KY, reapplying as needed. When applied it mimics a sensation similar to a tongue. It needs to be a high quality, soft brush to work well.
After massaging you may want to move onto fingering your woman, with the gloves on it's more intense.

The Pussologist

Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT #27 - Deb's Rack

No, we are not making a political statement here.
Being users of Apple's computers we often think of things that start with 'i'.
For example iPod or iBook.
We noticed that iRack was in the news a lot so I thought I would highlight here in my blog.
To repeat the slogan of my youth: "Make love not war"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Being A Team Player At Work

Although all this writing about my real life has been fun, there have been stories piling up on my iBook waiting to be told. So now back to some fiction.
And don't forget to enjoy this week's CBW after this story.

Read about some of my other stories about my new job:
The Interview and
An example day.

I must admit that after I saw that circle on the calendar clearly marked with ‘fantasy party’ I was eagerly anticipating the weekend.
Michael had mentioned the possibility of these at my interview, but never went into detail about them.
I tried to find out in advance from my boss what the weekend would entail, but he wouldn’t tell me anything more than the basics.
“Actually Debbie it was an idea that you yourself had suggested to me”.
We had discussed my fantasies both at the interview and since, but I have a very active imagination and he could be referring to any of a number of fantasies. It really didn’t narrow things down for me.
He instructed me to have my bags packed by early Saturday morning, dress casually, and I would be escorted with some of his friends to the party.
The morning came and I waited downstairs ready to see what the next step would be. I didn’t even know where I was going.
A shiny new black Lexus SUV drove up the long driveway, it was for me.
Michael said good-bye, gave me a peck on the cheek, and assured me that he would see me before the weekend concluded.

I climbed into the SUV. There were two other women in the car. We introduced ourselves. I learned that the other two women, Mary and Kim, had already been to a couple of Michael’s parties. They told me how perfectly set-up they always were and how exciting they got.
“Everyone always leaves satisfied”, Mary said to me with a knowing smile.
These women were friendly and I felt at ease with them in a short time.
I asked where exactly it was that we were going. They weren’t sure either.
They told me that they have gotten used to having the driver take them to the party.
At the risk of sounding horribly na├»ve I said, “It’s my first time at one of these things.”
Mary and Kim reassured me that it would be fun and there was nothing to worry about. It made me feel better. I felt as though I was going through this blind and it made me feel foolish.

After about half an hour they opened a cooler of single serve wine bottles.
I went for the Chardonnay and started on a nice warm wine buzz.
We laughed, talked, and drank for another hour before reaching our destination.
It was beautiful, a remote, rustic cabin in the mountains. Maybe rustic isn’t quite the right word. It looked like an old fashioned cabin from the outside, but it was built by Michael. It was larger than most and once I stepped inside I realized that it had all the amenities that I would expect in the house I usually work in.
There was a full kitchen, a dining area, a large den with a fireplace and area rug, a hot tub, and three bedrooms with smaller fireplaces.

There was a note in Michael’s handwriting on the dining room table.
Ladies: Please make yourself comfortable. There are snacks in 'fridge and the bar is fully stocked. Debbie, just follow Mary and Kim, they’re vets when it comes to my parties. See you soon, Michael

We decided to take’s Michael advice and get comfortable. We took our bags to the bigger bedroom and put on silky lounge pants and tops.
Next we moved to the kitchen and unwrapped some of the appetizers in the 'fridge.
Mary seemed to be the natural bartender and whipped us up Margaritas and Cosmos.
We built a fire in the large stone fireplace because it was getting cold outside.
Soon, the cabin was toasty warm with a raging fire in the fireplace.

We started getting a bit drink and talking about what we liked about our men.
The women had lots of questions for me because of my unique job with Michael.
To get more comfortable we arranged large pillows on the rug in front of the fireplace, in anticipation of what would happen on those pillows later.

It was getting so warm between the fire and the alcohol, that Kim suggested that we take off some clothes to be more comfortable. Kim and Mary stripped down to their bra and panties and relaxed on the pillows.
I figured I would join them and did the same. We kept talking about our men and what they did for us in bed and it was getting us aroused. As I looked around at our little group, I noticed our panties were getting damp.

The more we drank, the more free we felt. Mary approached me and said,
“I hear that you are a hot woman that really enjoys sex. Do you like sex with women as well?
I was sort of shocked at first, but I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
“I never had a woman but I’ve been curious”, I replied easily.
Then both Kim and Mary moved to sit next to me and began kissing me. I rubbed my tits over the top of my cami. Our tongues mingle and it added to that warm, fuzzy feeling.
“You know girls, my tits and nipples are very sensitive”, I blurted out.
Mary and Kim then moved to take off my bra and panties.
I was already wet from the attention I was getting from my new friends. The beautiful aroma of excited women filled the air.
Finally, Kim and Mary shed their remaining clothes so they would be naked also.
Both women were now sucking and licking my nipples and to say the least, my arousal was growing. My nipples were hard and were getting longer with each tug of another girls teeth.
Next things got fun; Mary and Kim took turns sitting on top of me, making sure that we joined at our wet clits. They each rode me, grinding their clits against mine, each of us moaning at the same time, as our clits met and were being stimulated. When one girl was on top of me, the other would work the nipples of whoever was riding me, slapping them, sucking them, tugging, biting, anything to be able to play with a tit, while fingering herself.
With all this pussy play it wasn’t too long until we all starting cumming. They were powerful orgasms and we lay exhausted on the fireside pillows.

About that time three men came through the door, lead by Michael. We yelled out.
“We weren’t sure when to expect you”, I said.
All Michael said was “We’re hunters, we got lost as the sun went down.”
Kim replied with, “You must be cold and hungry”.
They replied in unison with a resounding, “Yes”
I caught on quickly as to what was going on. So I played along with them.
“I don’t know girls we were having a fine time before they came along, I don’t know if we should let them in”, I said.
I started to cover myself up and the other women followed my cue.
It was then that the men moved towards us. They started to kiss and fondle us.
We were all purring and I moaned, “mmmmm, I guess they can stay”.
“We could heat them up even better than the fire, huh girls”, I giggled, the alcohol still raging through my system.
They agreed without pause.

We all fell onto the pillows and then into the arms of the closest mate. I didn’t end up with Michael, but I could see him watching me as his friend knelt in front of me and slammed his cock into my slippery aching hole.
I did the same as he pushed Mary’s legs apart and dove his tongue into her shaved cunt, making her scream in ecstasy immediately.
Kim was paired up with another of Michael’s friends, they had fallen into a side-by-side sixty-nine and I could see her fucking his hard cock with her mouth. She was wild as he fed her his thick dick and lapped at her pussy.
Eventually we all ended up in a circle, the women on their hands and knees facing each other. The men were behind us, fucking us like dogs in heat. Every so often moving on to the pussy next to them, so we each go a good feel of all three dicks. I also enjoyed watching my new friends tits sway as they were pounded from behind, not to mention those looks of pained pleasure as they came, and came again, as did I.

After we all came, we collapsed on the comfy pillows. The fire was dwindling by now and needed to be fed.
That was just the beginning of a very enjoyable weekend. Everyone was exhausted by the evening of the next day.
I had been through a baptism of fire in regards to Michael’s fantasy parties.
We packed up and left, saying our pleasant goodbyes.
As I was driving home with Michael, he asked me about having sex with another woman.
“So how do like pussy Debbie?”, he queried
“I like it very much, it was exciting, but I still prefer a strong hard man”, I answered as I moved closer to him.
I started to wonder about what the next party will be like; it made me damp just thinking about it.
It was then that Michael moved my hand to his crotch. I rubbed at his hardening cock.
“Go ahead Deb, jerk me off while I drive”
I unzipped his jeans and realized that it was back to work with just one man, my boss.

CBW #47 - Rerun

Tony has sent a CBW picture in before, but a couple months ago when I was running out of submissions, he was kind enough to send another one.
I love the zipper, not to mention what it's released.
Thanks again Tony, always good to have a cock I can count on!

Happy Valentine's Day. Keep enjoying each other.

Remember guys (and gals) I'm always looking for a CBW submission that satisfies my fetish of releasing cock from the confines of clothing. Click below to send a pic to me.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

CJ's View of "The Date"

Many have asked publicly and privately for my side of
"The Date", so here goes..

When Deb first asked me about a fantasy date, I admit that I was both intrigued and skeptical at the same time, having limited experience in such things and having been out of the meat market scene for some time, I felt a bit unprepared to "date" again.

I have always been somewhat of a shy person at heart, and meeting women in bars has not been my forte, however, I love pleasing DD and so I dredged up my acting lessons of the past and decided to throw myself into the project with abandon.

One of DD's conditions before the date was that we would have limited physical contact with each other the week leading up to the date, thus imposing on me a limitation of touching and kissing as I'm apt to do. No bedtime kiss, no goodbye kiss in the morning and most certainly no nipple tweaking at any time. I love tweaking DD's nipples as it really turns her on, and I mean literally. She has said before that they're connected directly to her pussy, and I enjoy seeing the expression on her face and gasps from her mouth as I slowly pinch those hard nipples.

The day of the date was one of those that start and continue with difficulty; you know the ones - you spill your coffee on your best shirt, stub your toe, and generally lose all sense of timing for any and all projects you're involved with. This was one of those days.
I was almost late for the date due in part to these foibles, and left the house in a rush, knowing that DD would have arrived at the bar earlier than me, and getting a bit nervous, what being in a new place and all.

Driving was a bitch as it was raining pretty good, and of course there was a lack of street parking and I'd be damned if I was going to pay for valet service. That's just the way I am: lavish gifts and goodies on my friends, but not on myself most of the time.
Driving around the block twice, I then noticed a sweet space right across the street from the old hotel / condo where the bar was located, and snagged it post haste. My luck runs this way most of the time - I'm just one of those people that many hate because I snag the good spots - I can't explain it, it's just a gift.

Exiting the elevator to the darkened bar on the 13th floor, I checked myself in the mirror for any imperfections. Normal for me, not vanity, just being a professional. "Damn I look good" came to mind.
Snaking through the bar looking for DD I saw a light assortment of other professionals, and although the bar was bathed in darkness, it had a comfy feel to it. Not seeing DD, I noticed that there was more seating on the other side of the bar, and so turning the corner, was surprised to see DD sitting at on one of the stools smack in the center of the bar. This threw me for a second, but I regained my composure and asked her "Is this seat taken?" in the most suave and charming voice I could muster.
"No" she replied coolly, so I seated myself and waited for the bartender to notice me.

Glancing over at DD out of the corner of my eye, I was thrilled to see that she was dressed much more professionally than when she left the condo earlier in the morning, and had had her hair done in almost a suicidegirls/emo/goth look with a red choker surrounding her neck. MEOW! I almost creamed my pants as I glanced at her.

Her tone when she spoke was cool and professional, and I attempted to engage her in conversation by politely asking her if she minded if I smoked while I drank.
"I suppose not".
Filthy habit I know, but I was more than a bit nervous at that point.
I made some comment about it being a lousy hard day at work and attempted to draw her out with more small talk.
"So, what do you do for a living?" I asked.
"I'm a sex therapist, but don't tell me about your dreams, OK?" she answered, and I almost choked on my gin as she said it.

The small talk went on for some time, and I was trying to remain aloof as DD talked to the bartenders about how they were from or had been to the same small towns, and I downed my double Sapphire and motioned for more.
After some more small talk laced with innuendos about work et-cetera, and the second gin working on me by this point, I made some comment about food and asked DD if she had eaten yet.
"No" came the answer, so I asked her if she would join me for a bite (to eat, I made clear) downstairs at the restaurant. "No strings" I said.
DD said yes, so we paid our bar tabs, gathered our coats, and took off towards the elevator.
That was probably one of the strangest one minute elevator trips I've ever been on, with an uncomfortable silence filling the small mirrored car as we traveled downwards.

I must admit that dinner was quite good, but I could tell that DD was a bit uncomfortable there, surrounded by 20 somethings as we were, and so instead of coffee and desert at the end of dinner, I told her that I had a most excellent gourmet coffee at my house, and would she care for some and a nightcap.
Agreeing, we left the restaurant and talked about what kind of car she was driving, where I was parked in relation to her, and how we would get back to my place. I asked her if she would like an escort to the garage, and she answered affirmatively as the underground parking was a bit dark.
I offered her my cell phone number, and told her to call me when she exited the garage so she wouldn't get lost, and left her for my own car parked at the front of the building.

The drive back to the condo was speedy to say the least, as I found myself behind a police car in the far left lane doing well over the speed limit, and as I myself love to drive fast, followed him at a discrete distance with DD not far (I hoped) behind.
I had asked DD if she knew where our exit was off the highway, so I knew if she fell too far behind, I would slow down once I reached it in order for her to catch up.
Pulling into the condo complex and exiting my car, I motioned for her to park across from me, and then escorted her into the house.
Taking her furry coat from her and putting it away, she intoned that she thought that I had a pretty nice place.
"Nice fireplace too" she said, and so I walked over to it and leaning on the mantle looked at her and said "You think so? Watch this!" as I flipped the electrical switch on the side of the wall that ignited the gas flame.

"Just give me a couple of minutes for the coffee" I told her as I reached for the pot.
"Would you like some Bailey's Irish Cream in it as well?" I enquired.
"Certainly", DD replied as she made herself comfortable on the living room futon.
I brought the liquored coffee over to DD and set down beside her, both of us savoring the warmth and smell of the rich brew with the extra kick of alcohol in it.
Chatting for a while, she finished her coffee and set it on the coffee table, and when she turned back to me, she looked a bit woozy from the Bailey's, and so I invited her to stay the night since it was getting late and the weather was bad, mentioning that I had a spare room that she could sleep in.
"All alone?" she asked.
"Well, my cat Penny can keep you company" I replied coyly.
“So it’s up to Penny who I sleep with tonight?”

A bit of small talk ensued, but then I turned to her and deepened my voice and intoned softly but firmly I commanded "Take off your blouse."
The look on her face was one of shock and excitement, and she did what I asked.
As I looked at her sitting there for a moment, I then asked her to take off her bra.
I almost caught a look of "What kind of girl do you think I am?" on her face, laced like her bra with an air of excited sexual tension.
DD took off her bra and let it drop to the floor and I reached over to caress her milky white mounds, and slightly twist those hard nipples that I had missed over the last week.
Moaning softly, I pulled myself closer and kissed her passionately, our tongues entwining around each other.
"Pull my cock out" I said softly as I leaned into her ear, and she willingly did as I again commanded, eagerly loosening my belt and pants.
By this time my cock was standing at full attention, harder than I remember it for some time, and I remember just wanting to fuck the shit out of DD right then and there, but the acting came first as I told her to lose the rest of her clothing.

Stepping out of her pants, I saw that she had chosen to wear a favorite pair of her Boy Shorts panties, ones that I loved seeing her wear, along with black stockings and a garter. These things I saw then: a gorgeously sexy creature with large natural breasts, a choker, and beautiful lace panties, and I had no choice but to next command her to suck my throbbing member.
Long slow slurps quickly turned into eager sucking as my shaft moved quicker and quicker into her mouth, my powerful thrusts almost choking her at one point.
When I could stand it no longer, I led DD into my bedroom, turned the light dimmer on to the lowest setting, and pushed her gently down on the bed, her legs spread open for me to see a glimmer of moistness past her boy shorts.
My friends, by this time my cock was raging hard and I couldn't stand it any more, so I mounted DD and thrust my cock into her with gentle force, fucking her with passion that I had not known for quite some time.
We fucked like mad people for quite some time until I upended her legs and took her panties off to be presented with a quite smooth shaved pussy, beaded with pussy juice and begging to be licked.

Excusing myself for a moment, I hurried out to get the camera, knowing that this was turning into a world-class fuck, and wanting to capture it all on film and video if at all possible. Returning quickly, I dove into DD's muff and licked her with abandon, sliding my fingers in and out at the same time until she cried out in passion like never before.
Begging me to stop as she was getting over-stimulated, I pulled her up so she could suck on my cock again. Slurping and slobbering over my dick like the champ she is, I attempted to take pictures of her as she gave me a world class blow job.
I wish all the male readers of this blog could experience the deftness that DD brings to oral sex, I really do.

Being able to stand it no more, I told DD to get on her knees, and entered her pussy from behind, thrusting and shoving like a wild animal that I had become, before she came all over my cock, drenching it in sweet DD juices.
My god, we went at it for quite a while before we fell over on our backs, and DD begged me to "End Scene", to which I readily agreed.

Now, my feelings about the whole date.

I really attempted to go back to my acting training throughout the whole scene and play it as if I had never met the girl before. This can be hard at times, because let's face it - you know the person.
You must detach yourself from the whole situation and really FEEL like you've never seen this other person before, not just go through the motions as it were.
When I walked into the bar, I was going for an after work drink. Really, that's how I felt.
I just happened to see a woman that looked soooo sexy, and with a bit of kink, that I knew I had to hit on her.
Truthfully, there was a point at the bar when our small talk was going poorly that I had to turn to my experiences in sales to get where I needed to be, which was sticking my dick into this luscious creature and fucking the hell out of her like so many of had done when we were "on the prowl".
A good salesman never takes no for an answer, and queries his prey (sales is very akin to hunting after all) as to their objections in order to overcome them.

Back to how it all came together.
You must remain in character and resist the urge to say or do something that you would do normally around your partner.
Look at it this way: remember when you're at work or a social situation and you meet new people. You don't automatically assume that they know everything about you, nor do you LET them know everything about you until your relationship has progressed further. The same is true in fantasy role playing.
The more "real" you can make and feel through the situation, the better time you will have in the end. Remember, you are both trying to recreate the excitement that you both felt the first time you met, or to put it more succinctly, how it felt when you were back on the Great Hunt.
So I played it to the hilt, catching myself when I would do or say anything that would be "out of character" for me if I was really out on a date.

This whole experience has widened me in a way that I really enjoyed, and I hope to do something of this nature again with DD.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

CBW #46 - First Female Submission

You might me wondering how a female could submit to my CBW offer, but it's true.
Linda sent me an email with a link to the handsome cock below.
I loved what she said:
Hi deb. Just want to let u know i have the same fetish of seeing a hard
naked cock exposing it's self from it's clothing like this pic i found.
It gets me so hot and wet when i look at it. Hope you enjoy it as much.
Well Linda, I do enjoy it. You hit my fetish on the head, so to speak. Thanks again.

And don't forget to check out part two of What A Blast below

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What A Blast - Part Two

This won’t make any sense unless you read What A Blast first.

The follow descriptions may not be in exact order. Things got very intense. I want to tell all the basics and especially how I felt during it. Things did not seem linear, it was a vortex, a whirlwind.
Also note, the pics used were from the actual "date". Below is the audio.

“Take off your blouse”

Even though in reality that was my current lover who said this to me, I felt as though I was hearing for the first time from him, this was a stranger, someone I had only known for a couple of hours.

My mouth dropped open, I was aghast. CJ just smiled, then repeated, more firmly and louder “Take off your blouse!”
I gave in and did as he said. What a strange mixture of feelings: embarrassment and excitement.
I turned sideways and coyly covered myself as best I could. He smiled again at then just as firmly, “Take off your bra”.
I reached around to my back and unhooked my black lace bra. I let it fall and showed my tits to the perfect stranger on the couch next to me. The air was cold and the man next to me was sexy, my nipples hardened quickly. Rather than cover them, I stayed sitting look at CJ, proud.

Then things got, for lack of a better word, wild.
He pulled me towards him tugging and caressing my nipples, my pussy ached.
He whispered in my ear as he caressed my tits, saying to pull his cock out of his pants. I leaned my head on his chest and undid his belt and zipper. His hardening cock was very visible under his shorts. It was very inviting.
I pulled his cock out and it jumped at me, almost at full attention.
Next I was told to remove more clothing, this time it was my shoes and pants. I did so, this time eagerly. I wanted to show off to this man that choose to have sex with me this night my lingerie fetish. What was reveled to him was maroon lace boy shorts, a thin black lace garter belt that was holding up a pair of black, lace-topped stockings.
He was obviously impressed.
My next command was to “suck it”
I quickly went down on CJ. He had shaved completely for me, his dick and balls smooth as a baby’s behind making it even more suck-able. I sucked his cockhead into my mouth and massaged his balls. He moaned in ways I hadn’t heard for a while, I love it when he moans and it turned me on more. I kept at it, losing myself in the taste and smell of his delicious, and seemingly fresh cock.
He stiffened a bit more in my mouth, but after only a couple of minutes he pulled me up to my feet, stepped out off his pants, put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me backwards in to the bedroom. A bedroom I felt I had never seen before. Then he pushed me onto the bed, my legs were half hanging off.
He was standing in front of me at the foot of the bed, looking just lustful, his cock was rock hard. I could only describe his cock as being unstoppable, it pointed straight out from his body towards me and I knew what it wanted, and I wanted to give it to him.

CJ didn’t even bother to take my panties off; he forcefully pulled my panties to the side, exposing my hot, wet slit. He positioned me just right, and thrust his hot shaft inside me. My god, I had never felt so filled up, so quickly. Basic instinct seemed to clench my pussy walls around him, trying to pull him deeper inside me. I screamed, I moaned, primal grunts escaped me with each heavy, hot, hard thrust of his cock.
Then it was as though I felt guilty and whispered, “I don’t usually do this”

His moans and grunts were just as primal, seemingly new. He told me how much he liked my pretty pussy, that I reminded him of the ‘last, best pussy he ever had’.
I fucked him harder and soon I was shaking, cumming over his cock. This didn’t make him slow his pace, he kept at me, pounding my cunt into oblivion.
I whispered, “I don’t usually do this, I’m not usually like this”.
He pulled out of me and sternly said to me,
“Is that why you’re wearing “fuck me” panties and stockings?”
He reached up and pulled my panties, garter belt, and stockings off in one swift motion.

Next he sent me into heaven, he spread my legs wider and dove into my pussy, loving it with his tongue and lips. I wasn’t as daring with my usual bedroom filthy talk. This was after all a stranger and I didn’t know how he would take it. Once he started eating my freshly fucked snatch I moaned out, “Eat me, ohhh eat me”.
And that’s what he did, over and over, not only lapping at my juicy hole and hot slit, but nibbling on my clit like never before. It was fantastic, again like a new man devouring me and I came on his face.
He must have dived down on me three separate times.
Once he stopped he barked another stern command, “Get on your hands and knees”.
He started fingering me from behind, inserting one finger then another, and jamming then in and out of me until I was begging for him to stop, “Stop, I can’t stand it any more”
I collapsed on my stomach as he slowed down.
But I wanted more cock, and he wanted to give it to me.
His cock was a fucking diamond cutter.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”, was all I can say.
And let me tell you my dear readers, he did just that. He entered me from behind, my favorite position, and made me his bitch.
His cock was so hot I could feel the heat inside me. It made me grind and rock against him each time he went deeper inside me.
He exclaimed of his love for “mature pussy, pussy that knew how to fuck”
I guess I was that pussy. As he fucked me and his balls slapped against me it felt almost as though he was trying to climb inside me.
The sting of pleasure was my next feeling, as he pumped in and out of me he started smacking my ass, hard, first one cheek, then the other.
I yelled out, enjoying each searing smack, knowing I was being a whore for sleeping with a man I had just met.
My final explosion came as my body quivered and all my energy seemed to focus between my thighs.
He pulled out of me, and lay down on his back as I licked and sucked my tart and tangy juices off his dick.
Once we were spent we held on to each other and went through some polite pillow talk, but things were almost getting too weird, plus I wanted, no needed to express myself so I whispered to CJ “Please just say ‘end scene’”.
It took him a minute, but he slapped his hands together and said,
“Annndd, end scene”
And I said “Wow I had a blast !”
It was like a hypnotist snapping his fingers and I was wide awake again. I was refreshed, felt like myself, and I was rejuvenated.
It was about midnight by now. I told CJ I couldn’t go to sleep yet, so we went out to the Living Room, our Living Room again, and we spoke for another hour and half.
Our discussion was full of insights and new plans involving our sex life, but I think that may be another post.
I think today (Monday), is the first day we haven’t talked about how great Friday night was.

Let CJ know if you’d like to get his side of the story and his feelings.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

What A Blast !

What a Blast was a title I finally settled on, but this story could have many: The First Role-play, A Date With My Husband, etc.

I have had role-play experiences, but it has always been at home and the bedroom. Last night was a complex played out set of circumstances over the course of about four hours.

Last week an idea just popped into my head. I thought about having a date with my husband. I presented the idea to CJ and he was all for it. We would meet at a bar of his choosing, and we would act as strangers, and see what evolved.
I had never done anything like this before, but I was looking forward to it all week.
I went as far as to advertising on asking for a date with the perfect man on Friday night. I got an email from CJ telling me to meet him at 7:30pm at a very nice bar in a hotel downtown. It added to the suspense because I had never been there before.

I was able to change, get my make-up on, and do my hair and our daughter’s apartment. She only knew that her father and I were meeting up for dinner, and like me, she is a hopeless romantic. She did my hair and nails and helped me pick out outfits.

I left a little early because I wanted to get there before CJ. I was hoping to be flirting with another man when he came in, but the bar was fairly empty when I got there. The only male I got a chance to speak to was the young bartender. I sat down, ordered a Cosmo and waited with butterflies in my stomach.
He finally got there, a little late, asked if he could sit next to me, I indifferently said “fine”, and the game began.
We fell instantly into the cat and mouse game played at every bar on a Friday night. We supported each other’s role-playing perfectly. I actually felt nervous, got a bit drunk faster because of it, and started making slight sexual innuendo, as did he. We talked about work, but had taken on different professions. The liquor, his gin, and my vodka helped embolden us, and he got up the nerve to ask if I wanted to join him for dinner at the restaurant downstairs. I was pensive at first, but accepted. We had a wonderful dinner, but I was actually too nervous to finish mine.
When the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert or coffee, we both declined.
CJ asked “are you sure, not even coffee?”
I answered with “I can get some at home”
It started a conversation about gourmet coffee, which we both enjoy. Then he did something very bold, he asked me to come home with him for coffee. I couldn’t answer him at first. I was still feeling the effects of the drinks I had at the bar.
Then I said, “I took a risk by coming out tonight, so why not”
They boxed up my leftovers, we traded information on where our cars were parked and he told me to follow him to his place.
I offered to pay half the bill, but he wouldn’t accept my money, so he paid and walked me to the garage and my car.

I followed his car, and it was then that I realized I had fallen completely into this.
He was driving fast up the expressway and I was actually was thinking to my self, ‘doesn’t he know I’m trying to follow him, what if I lose him?’
I was driving to my own home, but it didn’t feel like it!
Eventually I was a stranger in my home. It seemed as though the cat didn’t even know who I was.

CJ made a fresh pot of coffee and told me about his ‘bachelor pad’.
He put a bit of a kick into my coffee by adding some Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Our talk continued, but it got a bit more racy and I could feel my face changing to give the expressions of fuck me. I had been turned on, off and on, throughout the evening, it was always different things from the way CJ smelled when he sat down next to me, to when we would both enjoy the same joke.

After having the coffee, CJ mentioned to me that he had a spare room and I was welcome to stay the night. Then floodgates opened, by then I was still feeling the character I was playing, and I wouldn’t feel “myself” again for another 2 hours.
It was two simple lines. After he mentioned the spare room CJ said, “I’ll send Penny [the cat] in to sleep with you”
I smiled at him and said
“So it’s up to Penny who I sleep with tonight?”
There was only a short amount of small talk after that.
Out of the clear blue, he dropped his voice an octave and said, “Take of your blouse off”.

It’s been 24 hours and it still is in my mind constantly, part two to follow as soon as I can relive it all and commit pixel to screen.