Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What A Blast - Part Two

This won’t make any sense unless you read What A Blast first.

The follow descriptions may not be in exact order. Things got very intense. I want to tell all the basics and especially how I felt during it. Things did not seem linear, it was a vortex, a whirlwind.
Also note, the pics used were from the actual "date". Below is the audio.

“Take off your blouse”

Even though in reality that was my current lover who said this to me, I felt as though I was hearing for the first time from him, this was a stranger, someone I had only known for a couple of hours.

My mouth dropped open, I was aghast. CJ just smiled, then repeated, more firmly and louder “Take off your blouse!”
I gave in and did as he said. What a strange mixture of feelings: embarrassment and excitement.
I turned sideways and coyly covered myself as best I could. He smiled again at then just as firmly, “Take off your bra”.
I reached around to my back and unhooked my black lace bra. I let it fall and showed my tits to the perfect stranger on the couch next to me. The air was cold and the man next to me was sexy, my nipples hardened quickly. Rather than cover them, I stayed sitting look at CJ, proud.

Then things got, for lack of a better word, wild.
He pulled me towards him tugging and caressing my nipples, my pussy ached.
He whispered in my ear as he caressed my tits, saying to pull his cock out of his pants. I leaned my head on his chest and undid his belt and zipper. His hardening cock was very visible under his shorts. It was very inviting.
I pulled his cock out and it jumped at me, almost at full attention.
Next I was told to remove more clothing, this time it was my shoes and pants. I did so, this time eagerly. I wanted to show off to this man that choose to have sex with me this night my lingerie fetish. What was reveled to him was maroon lace boy shorts, a thin black lace garter belt that was holding up a pair of black, lace-topped stockings.
He was obviously impressed.
My next command was to “suck it”
I quickly went down on CJ. He had shaved completely for me, his dick and balls smooth as a baby’s behind making it even more suck-able. I sucked his cockhead into my mouth and massaged his balls. He moaned in ways I hadn’t heard for a while, I love it when he moans and it turned me on more. I kept at it, losing myself in the taste and smell of his delicious, and seemingly fresh cock.
He stiffened a bit more in my mouth, but after only a couple of minutes he pulled me up to my feet, stepped out off his pants, put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me backwards in to the bedroom. A bedroom I felt I had never seen before. Then he pushed me onto the bed, my legs were half hanging off.
He was standing in front of me at the foot of the bed, looking just lustful, his cock was rock hard. I could only describe his cock as being unstoppable, it pointed straight out from his body towards me and I knew what it wanted, and I wanted to give it to him.

CJ didn’t even bother to take my panties off; he forcefully pulled my panties to the side, exposing my hot, wet slit. He positioned me just right, and thrust his hot shaft inside me. My god, I had never felt so filled up, so quickly. Basic instinct seemed to clench my pussy walls around him, trying to pull him deeper inside me. I screamed, I moaned, primal grunts escaped me with each heavy, hot, hard thrust of his cock.
Then it was as though I felt guilty and whispered, “I don’t usually do this”

His moans and grunts were just as primal, seemingly new. He told me how much he liked my pretty pussy, that I reminded him of the ‘last, best pussy he ever had’.
I fucked him harder and soon I was shaking, cumming over his cock. This didn’t make him slow his pace, he kept at me, pounding my cunt into oblivion.
I whispered, “I don’t usually do this, I’m not usually like this”.
He pulled out of me and sternly said to me,
“Is that why you’re wearing “fuck me” panties and stockings?”
He reached up and pulled my panties, garter belt, and stockings off in one swift motion.

Next he sent me into heaven, he spread my legs wider and dove into my pussy, loving it with his tongue and lips. I wasn’t as daring with my usual bedroom filthy talk. This was after all a stranger and I didn’t know how he would take it. Once he started eating my freshly fucked snatch I moaned out, “Eat me, ohhh eat me”.
And that’s what he did, over and over, not only lapping at my juicy hole and hot slit, but nibbling on my clit like never before. It was fantastic, again like a new man devouring me and I came on his face.
He must have dived down on me three separate times.
Once he stopped he barked another stern command, “Get on your hands and knees”.
He started fingering me from behind, inserting one finger then another, and jamming then in and out of me until I was begging for him to stop, “Stop, I can’t stand it any more”
I collapsed on my stomach as he slowed down.
But I wanted more cock, and he wanted to give it to me.
His cock was a fucking diamond cutter.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”, was all I can say.
And let me tell you my dear readers, he did just that. He entered me from behind, my favorite position, and made me his bitch.
His cock was so hot I could feel the heat inside me. It made me grind and rock against him each time he went deeper inside me.
He exclaimed of his love for “mature pussy, pussy that knew how to fuck”
I guess I was that pussy. As he fucked me and his balls slapped against me it felt almost as though he was trying to climb inside me.
The sting of pleasure was my next feeling, as he pumped in and out of me he started smacking my ass, hard, first one cheek, then the other.
I yelled out, enjoying each searing smack, knowing I was being a whore for sleeping with a man I had just met.
My final explosion came as my body quivered and all my energy seemed to focus between my thighs.
He pulled out of me, and lay down on his back as I licked and sucked my tart and tangy juices off his dick.
Once we were spent we held on to each other and went through some polite pillow talk, but things were almost getting too weird, plus I wanted, no needed to express myself so I whispered to CJ “Please just say ‘end scene’”.
It took him a minute, but he slapped his hands together and said,
“Annndd, end scene”
And I said “Wow I had a blast !”
It was like a hypnotist snapping his fingers and I was wide awake again. I was refreshed, felt like myself, and I was rejuvenated.
It was about midnight by now. I told CJ I couldn’t go to sleep yet, so we went out to the Living Room, our Living Room again, and we spoke for another hour and half.
Our discussion was full of insights and new plans involving our sex life, but I think that may be another post.
I think today (Monday), is the first day we haven’t talked about how great Friday night was.

Let CJ know if you’d like to get his side of the story and his feelings.


Anonymous said...

Please, Please.
You've got to get CJ to give us his side.
I can't imagine it being any hotter than your recollection, but it won't hurt to have him try.

Suck Me said...

Hot slutty pics and an incredible story to go along with them ;)

Anonymous said...

That was so f-ing hot. Jen and I will have to try that.

Anonymous said...

Anon...I'll do the best I can, I think CJ will write something.

Suck me...those hot pics are becuase of the incredible evening.

Ken&Jen...I whole-heartedly say "Try it!" I know the two of you can come up with something good, I've seen the 'tasks' you have required of each other. Just do it...fall into it, like I said "What a blast!". I can't wait to think of another scenario.

Anonymous said...

CJ! I'd love to hear your side. It really surprised me how much Debbie got into the role playing and I'd like to know if it was that real for you too.

Debbie, great post. Husband and I are trying this for certain. It sounds so fun when you describe it.

CJ said...

I promise to write "my side: and post it as soon as I can.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Hot, sexy, illustrated posts are the best. The only thing I can say after reading these two posts is "when is your next date"?