Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just Manage

Sorry but there's no cock for this Wednesday and there won't be any naked parts of any body tomorrow.

My real life has gotten in the way this week. Things have been really tough at work and I had a bad week by Tuesday. In my job a bad week is because of things going on in our patient's lives, not our own. Working in the social services here in the US you have to be used to bucking up against 'the system' on a regular basis. You also have to realize that not everybody that needs your help wants it. It's been a week like that, already.

One thing that always grounds me and I'm always grateful for is that I see CJ and the end of a crappy day.

So we are going to have to manage with the CBWs and HNTs that are already on the page for now.

I'm looking forward to Friday.


The Teacher said...

I hope everything is okay and that we will see you back soon.


EvilDodger said...

Daaammn!! Hell I hope you get some lovin' from that CJ fella and fast!! Sounds like you need some of that thing!