Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Here's The Damage

I sent off the digital camera to be fixed and below is the estimate they sent me.
It's about one third what I paid for it, but it 's worth it.
CJ and I are definitely missing it. Our last HNT had to be done with the camera phone, just not the same.
Our pictures will back when the work is done on the please stand by.

CBW #22 - Get On Your Knees And Pray

The Taga Shrine
At Taga Shrine in Uwajima, the main object of veneration is an enormous battering ram of a phallus. This massive, veined wooden penis is more than mere wishful-thinking on the part of the Japanese; it is a bona-fide cultural icon. As in, "Hey, get a load of that cultural icon." Demure Japanese women dressed in Western fashions and carrying Chanel bags come to Taga Shrine to pray before the phallus. They pray for easy childbirth, fertility, and good health, and it isn't in the least bit incongruous. Japan has a way of transcending incongruities: ancient/modern, subtle/burlesque, tradition/novelty.

Read more about this shrine here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back And All Alone

I'm alone for a few days here.
CJ took my mom back to her place (about 90 miles north of here) and is staying to work on the garden and house for her.
So for the first time since we got this apartment I'm in it alone. I've left him here alone, but never the other way around.
I might actually enjoy the quiet for a couple of days and I'll spend some time with our daughter.

So I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and relishes the short work week.
You can stop by and see if I'm on Yahoo Messenger.
Looking forward to CBW.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Long Weekend

Another long weekend with the family will begin tomorrow. My mom is coming down to visit and our daughter will be spending some of the weekend with us.
With twice as many people in the house it makes for less privacy.
The postings may slow done for the next couple of days, but will pick up right away after we spend some family together.

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend celebrating the unofficial start of Summer.

One final note, remember the holiday isn't about Summer or sales, but for honoring the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

HNT #14 As Requested II

We managed to get a picture for Thursday, even without our digital camera, thanks to CJ's quick thinking. He has a camera on his phone and we used it.
This one is a request from Ursinho again, panties to go along with the bra. They don't match exactly, but they're a favorite of many.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CBW #21 - Put To Good Use

It's a good thing that we put our camera to good use on Saturday night since it decided to die the next day.
Since it is still in the shop at Canon Services in Illinois I'll use one of the shots from that night.
This is a picture of CJ's well spent cock. Nothing like a freshly used cock.
I love that it's absolutely gleaming with my juices.
Enjoy...I sure did.

A Furious Fuck

My cyber session was done, but I wasn’t. Yes, I came, but nowhere near what it’s like when it’s the real thing for me.
CJ had been sitting in the same room with me during the whole thing. He knew what was going on, but chose not to be a participant this time.
I told him of the request that my fuck-buddy wanted to see pictures of my pussy afterwards and as always, he cheerful assisted me in fulfilling the request.
But things didn’t stop there.
I lay back on the couch and opened my black silk robe. CJ took a few quick pics and then started playing with my aching pussy. A couple times just a finger would brush against my swollen clit kicking me up another notch. One finger, then two entered me as he finger fucked me. I began to pull at my nipples and I moaned as he kept up his play. He loves to drive me wild and just watch my reactions.
“I can smell your pussy”, he said to me lustfully.
I smiled and let him know it was part of how bad I am.
He lovingly kept watching me, smiling, and as I found out later, snapping pictures. I was quickly falling away to that heavenly place he sends me when he pleasures me. I was at the point where all I was aware of was the ache and swelling of my clit and pussy, his fingers, my moans, and my arching back. That imp CJ had also switched the camera to video mode and had been making a movie with audio as well, unbeknownst to me.
Eventually he slowed down and seemed to stop. I opened my eyes and looked at him, I beheld one of my favorite sites: his impish grin as his hands moved to his zipper to unleash that magnificent cock of his. He freed his cock with a type of urgency I hadn’t seen for a while.
“I’m going to get cock?”, I said with a happy-silly little girl smile. Staring at his rock hard dick, it seemed to be jutting out from his pants screaming, “I want pussy”. He had recently shaved and his balls looked just as handsome, smooth and I’m sure, aching.
“You want cock?”, CJ replied powerfully.
I’m sure he knew a comment like that was a waste of breath when it came to me, but he knows I love the tease. I answered with the obligatory “oh…yes”
Soon after that, I felt that perfect hot connection that CJ and I make. That feeling of the initial spreading of my pussy lips by his cockhead, the slow, but meaningful push into my waiting,
aching, slippery cunt is in and of itself, it’s own kind of ecstasy for me.
Together again, deeper he goes, and deeper ‘we’ go. My hips meet his and that loving rhythm begins. Last night this all happened fairly quickly and he was fucking me hard instantly.
What he did next was even more exciting. He rolled me over, off the couch and onto the floor wanting to fuck me doggie style, my favorite. Funny – CJ didn’t know it, but hat’s what had just happened in my cyber-session. Next I felt that hot hard steel being slammed into me because I was his bitch. I totally lost it, my moans were loud and I was screaming to be fucked hard, letting CJ know how good he felt sliding in and out of me. I reached back and tickled his balls as they slapped against my pussy.

I swiftly shuddered and came on him; my head was swimming in the pleasure.
Then CJ made me a very bad girl. I don’t mind being a bad girl for CJ.
He pulled out of me; his cock now sufficiently lubed with my juices and began to play with my asshole with his cockhead. He added to the lubrication with his saliva, and then gently worked his cock between my ass cheeks. I let him take my ass then moaned out to spank that ass because I was bad.
His smacks seemed to be in tandem with his thrusts. He thrust, then I would feel a hot slap come across one ass cheek, another thrust, more heat, this time on the opposite cheek. He would stop only to tease and play with my clit as he slammed my ass. My moans turned into turned screams of admitting what a bad girl I was and to keep spanking me.

Soon those moans were joined by his, cumming, and cumming hard.
We both collapsed.
Spent, hot, satisfied.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

First: The Cyber/Foreplay

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I helped out Derek of Dirty Couple In Virgina in completing a certain task....a cyber date with proof for his partner Jen. Be sure to check out his post there. It sure started a very hot evening for me.

The cyber sex had made me very hot. I have always enjoyed it because of the anticipation and the focus. It can be the most casual, non-committal sex you ever have and at times that’s very enjoyable. It’s almost freeing because none off the baggage and hang-ups are dragged into the situation.
First was the picture of that nice hard, cockring imprisoned dick made my mouth water, but it was more than that. . . .

him: While I was upstairs …, I slipped on my cockring and put some rings on my nuts.
me: cockring with the nuts...that makes things very tempting to me
him: Makes everything a little bit harder.
me: harder is better....what else would you like to make things harder?...I want to be all yours tonight.
I was made to beg, I was teased, I played with, eaten, and fucked. It made my pussy ache and it made me cum.
him: I want you to beg for my cock!=))
me: oh god I love when I'm teased....
please sir...please let me taste your cock
him: Down on you knees and get that mouth open.him: Make me harder!
me: Thank you....god thank you....I want to feel you grow in my mouth



him: I want to lick your pussy.
me: babe I can never stop a man who wants to eat me....I spread my lips so you can have everythingme: eat me...please eat clit is so swollen
him: I run my tongue over you pussy lips and tease your clit.


him: I am going to pick up the pounding. I want to hear my cock sounds in your cunt.
me: that's it ooohhh....FUCK ME....YES!
Reach back and stroke my nuts.him: The sound is wonderful.
me: I lean my hand back and play with your smooth balls....i tug on them, wanting to fucking drain them into meme: AAaahhh....I'm cumming....oh....I wasn't expecting that oneme: FUCK !!
Once our good nights were said:
him: I will be sleeping. As for you????
me: I'll have to see....I know one thing is that I'll be a model for my favorite porno photographer....lolhim: Thanks again and Good Night!me: 'nite

I not only modeled for that photographer, but the following post ensued.
Next: A Furious Fuck

As Promised

I had an very stimulating experience last night. I cybered with a fellow blogger.

He did a fine job of getting me hot and bothered and bringing me to a juicy climax.
I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself too.
One thing I promised at the end of our evening was pictures of my juicy pussy after our encounter.

him: I think I have enough pictures. Do you have a camera handy to take a pic of your beautiful hot pussy for proof?
me: I'll have CJ take a pic and post it later on the site...OK?
him: That would be great!
me: then it's a plan

Here are those pics

Post Scripts:

1. Our encounter ended up being a kind of foreplay for CJ and I, that story will follow in the next day or two.
2. It's a good thing we got a lot of pictures taken last night and this morning because we noticed this afternoon that the lens of the camera is not working properly and it has to be sent in for service.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Debbie Deluxe or The $100 Chip (part two)

Make sure you get the foreplay here before you continue.
I kissed him deeply, but didn't linger long there. The cocksucker inside me was anxious to drop to my knees, but Kevin was going to get a Deluxe. I stepped back and stripped for him.
His eyes were transfixed on my large tits and my hardening nipples and I watched as his pleasure was amplified when his gaze moved down to newly trimmed bush.
I could see the tent growing in his pants and I wanted it, no, CRAVED it.
I wanted to taste it and let him know,

"I bet that's a delicious cock Kevin".

He seemed almost startled by my candor and the 'dirty talk', and I reminded him that I was his whore for now and that this was what he was going to get.
I think that was enough encouragement for him, along with me being the only naked one in the room, soon he was releasing his cock from the confines of his pants.

It made my pussy and my mouth water to see his handsome hard meat at attention for me. Kevin's cock was as sophisticated as he was. He was as rock hard as a teenager, a good seven inches with plenty of girth. Yep, he was damn yummy looking.

Eyes still transfixed on me, he watched as I dropped to my knees instinctively.
I want to feast on the buffet that is his stiff dick.
I start with long lollipop licks up his shaft, and then I retraced those same licks back down again. When I reach the spongy cockhead at the pinnacle I give it little kisses and move back down with my licks. My tongue snaked around his shaft causing the first moans to escape his

In spite of the fact that that my attentions have caused a particular tension that sexual excitement brings, I can tell that Kevin was beginning to relax.
When I reach the base of his thick shaft I could smell his musk and I want to suck his balls.

I lick across his nuts, and his cock twitches spasmodically. I gently and slowly suck one ball into my mouth and roll it slowly across my tongue. Letting it fall from my mouth, I began to love the other one with all the fury of the cocksucking whore that I'm proud to be. this is from an actual picture of me sucking off CJ

He tasted fucking delicious and I let him know by moaning.

I moved my tongue from his balls to his asshole and tickle it with my tongue as I wrap my hand around his hot meat and start jerking him. He can feel the flicks of my tongue on his asshole and the sensation runs to tip of his dick. I can feel that he is leaking and I rub his sweet precum up and down his shaft. His natural lube helps me quicken my tugging on his dick. If my timing is right, and it usually is, I know now is the time to pop a Halls into my mouth. He moans and finally asks, no, begs me to suck his cock....

"Debbie, ohhh god, suck me"! Kevin loudly moans out.

That's all I need to hear.

He watches as I reposition myself. I squat and keep my legs far apart. He keeps watching as I begin to play with my clit for a few moments then my mouth parted at the head of his cock, sucking it slowly into my mouth in no time.
I gently nibble on his head as it passes my teeth and onto my tongue. I feel him watch me as he did at the bar, but this time it's very different. I know he is observing his cock as each inch is slowly devoured by me. I soon start to suck him...yes suck his cock and he moans out.

"Jesus Debbie, what's that"? he says as the cool tingle of menthol and eucalyptus hit his hot flesh.
I smile as best I can and just keep eating him.
I can feel him get even harder in my mouth.

Now is the time, I look up at him as the last inches of his dick disappear into my mouth.
The moans are louder now.
He can feel the sides of my cheeks hit his shaft. I take Kevin deeper and suck him harder and faster now.
He runs his fingers through my hair as he says,
' whore, you fucking cock sucking whore'
I moan and hum on his cock when he says that, and I start playing with my clit again. I'm close to cumming but can I control myself until he is safely out of my mouth? I'm afraid I'll hurt him if I cum with him in my mouth.

I fucking love to eat cock, it's delicious like nothing else I eat, not even chocolate.
Soon my head is bobbing up and down on his shaft. Wet slurping and sucking noises are escaping from between my lips and his stiff cock. I look up at him again. I am fucking beautiful with my mouth full of his meat. I keep sucking and he keeps fucking my face. We both are moaning, but mine are muffled by his stiff cock.

"I can't stand it anymore, I going to fucking cum down your throat bitch"!, Kevin screamed out.

It was almost strange hearing this foul language that at first he didn't seem to like, coming out of his mouth now. 'He wasn't as quite as sophisticated as he was when we first met', I thought.

My hand holds the base of his shaft as the other massages his balls. I want to drain those hot tight balls, and now's the time. Soon I feel that trigger that lets me know he's going to cum. He grunts out that he's cumming and I shove his dick far down my throat, his cockhead hitting the back of my throat and he explodes in my mouth.

I swallow every drop of his hot gooey cum, and then I let his softening dick rest on my tongue before I allow him to fall out of my mouth.

mmmmm.... I let out a soft moan as I finish myself off with a last few circles around my clit.

"Worth it"?, I ask.

"Damn worth it Deb", he answers.

"Good", I say as I stand and start to get dressed. I put the chip back in my bra, turn around, wink, and walk out the door.

"Maybe my luck is changing”, I think as I head to the bar for a nightcap.

HNT #13 - As Requested

I got a request in the comment section of last week's HNT. This week I fulfill it.
Ursinho requested to see me wearing the bra that was pulled down to reveal the Dead Man's Chest.
So kisses back to Portugal and enjoy.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The $100 Chip (part one)

'Why did I think I would have a good time at the casinos by myself', I thought as I sat at the bar and took another sip of my Cosmopolitan.

Sure, the Sapphire Bar was snazzy looking, makes great Cosmos, and had talented bands, but it's more fun with a companion, preferably a male one.
What was I thinking?

The pink liquid in my martini glass had depleted so I smiled at the bartender and pushed my glass towards him.

Before more cool liquor could be served to me an older distinguished looking man sat down next to me. He politely smiled at me and said 'Good evening'.
When the barkeep served my drink, he asked the older stranger for his order.
'Cognac', was all he said.
'Of course', I thought to myself with a bit of cynicism.

Time passed as I nursed my drink, but I could feel his eyes on me. I turned towards him under the guise of wanting to watch the band play. Although he was older than me, maybe 50-55, he was youthful. He had stayed in shape, had short wavy salt and pepper hair, and icy blue eyes. I must admit that I curious, but I just wasn't in the mood to make that first move.

As the hour got later, the band slowed their music down. I swayed slightly on my barstool, partially because of the melodies moving through my body and partially because of the Russian Vodka pulsing through my bloodstream.
During a brief interlude in the music, the strange introduced himself:
'Hi, I'm Kevin....and you are?'
I extended my hand, which he shook warmly and just said, 'Debbie'.
'Well, Debbie, may I have the next dance?'

'I'd really enjoy that', I answered and we both headed for the dance floor. I was enjoying the polite manner and sophistication he seemed to possess, it was refreshing.
He not only was a good dancer, but I liked the easy way he held me. It felt good to be held by a man who was at ease with a woman. When the music stopped we returned to our spots at the bar. He gently guided me with his hand on the small of my back. I tingled and wondered if the heat I felt was from the cocktail or Kevin's hand.

He ordered another drink for himself and paid for another one for me. Our talk was small: where we were from, what we did, what had brought us to the casinos this evening and this particular bar. Somehow, it all didn't seem as boring as previous experiences discussion like this have.
Kevin started playing with chips that in the pocket of his jacket. I thought it was a nervous habit, but I was wrong. He took out a $100 chip, laid it on my hand and said:
'What will this get me tonight?'
A small gasp escaped me, almost instinctively. For a brief second I was insulted, being bought like a common whore. But, I could tell even after a brief time with Kevin that he was the type to disrespect a woman. I was interested, very interested on where this would go and it was all in my hands.

I leaned in towards him and whispered to him what the chip would get him:
'That gets you this whore's best blowjob-a Debbie Deluxe'
I took the chip and put it in my bra.
'I promise it will be worth it', I said as I looked deeply into his eyes, smiled, and stood up.

Kevin paid our tabs and we left the bar and headed up for his room.
Once up there I saw that he had a larger suite (unlike my usual, run-of-the-mill room), It included a great view of the bay and marina. I noticed lights on boats twinkling like stars. He put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, locked it, and took off his jacket. I put my arms around his neck, pushed my hips against his crotch, and kissed him deeply. It was so easy, he moved so well with me, his kiss was expert and enjoyable.

'I'm all yours Debbie, since I've never had a Debbie Deluxe', he said.

'It's your dime Kevin, it's what you want', I replied.
It was then that he confessed to me that it had literally been years since a woman had eaten his cock. Yes, he gave me his money, but the rest was up to me. I thought it was a pity that he hadn't felt a pair of lips on his dick in years. It made me want to give him the best blowjob I've ever performed.

I told him to on the couch, relax, and that I would take care of the rest.....

Next time: The Debbie Deluxe.

CBW #20 - A Tribute

Once I saw this I knew that I had to devote this week's CBW to Desireous.
It is a tribute to her. I certainly agree with the idea here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

HNT #12 - A Progression

This week's HNT is a mixture of events here in Baltimore and nakedness.
The Volvo Ocean Race came to the Inner Harbor. CJ and I went to see what was going on, listen to some jazz, have some wine, and check out all the ships, of course my favorite was the Pirates of the Caribbean. I got a tee shirt to commemorate it.
Below is a progression of me enjoying my new tee shirt.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunday, May 7, 2006

25 Sexual Things

OK, here's my contribution to the list of 25.

1. I 'learned' to masturbate when I was no more than 10 years old, in my grandmother's tub. I found out that if I slide around on my stomach once the water had drained. Hey, it felt good.

2. After that there has been no stopping me. I was only ever caught once, by my mother when I was 15 years old. Yes, I made me feel ashamed.

3. At the age of 5 boys were already chasing me, particularly one redhead that would run after me at the Community Center to kiss me.

4. Even though we never dated, I lost my virginity to that same boy at the age of 17. We never spoke of it afterwards and were totally out of touch a year later.

5. After that there was no stopping me (again). Thing is looking back, most of the sex wasn't that great for years afterwards.

6. I went absolutely wild when it came to sex once I went to college, and stupid at the same time. I got pregnant at the age of 18. I didn't have the baby. I did get a diaphram.

7. In Junior High school there was a boy that took me into the woods after school and wanted to teach me how to blow him (I was 13 years old). I was totally freaked out and disinterested in the whole idea.

8. Now I can't eat enough cock. It is almost a necessity in foreplay to get me wet. I love the way a man moans when I suck him.

9. I think I could please a woman too and I fantasize about it, I'm definitely bi-curious.

10. I have several fetishes, but the one that uses the most money is my fetish for lingerie and sexy fabrics.

11. I'll try just about anything once and some things twice.

12. About the only things out of bounds for me in the bedroom are: pain, children, animals, water sports, and dead people. After that it just depends on my mood.

13. At one point I had a list of all 25 lovers I've had in my life, rated by rank (how good they were in bed). CJ never left 1st place, even when we were apart.

14. I fucked the eagle (our mascot) once in college. It almost seemed like sacrilege.

15. My favorite position for lots of reasons is doggie, I can be spanked, have my hair pulled, be played with, and cum harder.

16. Speaking of cumming. I'm very loud in bed. I feel like my whole body is screaming out when I orgasm.

17. I love to talk dirty, whether it's email, writing stories, phone sex, or in bed, it gets me wet.

18. I learned the correct aspects of bondage the hard way. The first time I was part of threesome and was tied up with rope. I had awful rope burns on my wrists the next day.

19. I studied Psychology and Biology in college to be a sex therapist, but never went onto grad school.

20. Speaking of sex therapists. I met Dr. Ruth once several years ago, and she signed a book of hers I had bought. We then spoke of the then new phenomena of cybersex. That will be a day that I'll never forget, and yes I still have the book.

21. If anyone ever asked me I would say I'm good, very good, in bed. It is an important expression of my self and my feelings toward another person. Sex makes me feel alive. I feel at peace with nature. I will fuck until I die.

22. I have on at least three occasions slept with married or separated men. Something I'm not proud of and I have gotten over...that thrill of being the 'other woman'.

23. Unless it is a very special lover I'm not tired after sex, I'm more awake, even if it's 2:00am. Sometimes I need a snack too. I am recharged by sex.

24. I have been with men that have traveled long distances to be with me. The longest was about 2000 miles. I have traveled as far as 500 miles to be with someone.

25. I really didn't start having good sex, by that I mean that both partners knew what they were doing until I was about 21 years old or so. I've kept an open mind ever since and it's just gotten better.

I didn't really think I could think of 25 things, now that I did it and tried just a little, I could probably do 25 more.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Back Again

CJ have returned from our little trek to A.C.
We returned yesterday evening and, although we had a good time, it's always great to be back in your own little part of the world.

I played the slots and roulette and basically broke even. We ate well. And, of course, it was all better because both nights for the room were comps, along with one meal.
CJ likes roulette and blackjack, he isn't a big player of the slots.

Creativity flowed and I got some more ideas for stories. We forgot the digital camera in the car when we had used the valet parking, so although I could have some pictures that went along with those ideas, I'll have to settle with just a couple that were taken with CJ's camera phone.

I loved meeting CJ's birth mom and we got along as if we were old friends. I figured it would be like that. It's very different from that first meeting you have with mom. There were no cute stories from childhood to share. No insights into his personality. She has been learning at the same time I have been. The big story was how they found each other about 7 years ago. It was a great story filled with lucky happenstance and good timing. Basically, something that was meant to be. I don't know what it's like. That need to find a true parent. That something missing. I think it must be a very lonely feeling.

The real strange part, and there are always strange parts when CJ go on an adventure, is that we were picked to be extras in a commercial they were shooting for the casino we were staying at. We were just walking by and they wanted a nice looking couple as extras. CJ had worked as an extra before when he lived out West. I had never been behind the camera before. Fascinating. We were a couple having dinner at the steakhouse at the casino.
All together it probably took about 2 hours for a 10 second commercial.
One more interesting little experience to be tucked away in my brain that is solely mine and makes my life a tiny bit spicier, not to mention mine alone.

Now to get some ideas onto paper and edit some photos.

Monday, May 1, 2006

The Out of Towners


CJ and I are turning into the out of towners again.
We will be headed off to Atlantic City after I get out of work tomorrow night and will be returning Friday evening.
So no CBW or HNT this week from here, but I will be on an adventure.
I will be meeting CJ's mom for the first time. If you know us, that may sound a little strange. When we were married I knew his 'mom', but CJ is adopted. He found his birth-mother about 10 years ago and I haven't met her yet.
I'm looking forward to it.

Being in a casino, I'm sure I'll have plenty off inspiration (like the set of three stories that start here with Introductions)
I hope to also work on the 25 Sexual Things post for myself.

So until the weekend....
It's Lucky Seven for me and CJ!

Let's Break Bread

I have just been inspired by this post at Goose and Gander.
It's a recipe. I think of all the sex blogs I've been reading since last Summer it's the first time I've come across a recipe.
Now all you have to do is check my profile to see that cooking is on my list of Interests.

I've read about the intensity that food can add to a night (or day) of love making. I've probably put something about it in a post or two of my own. But I didn't include a recipe.
Breaking bread can bond people. Food has added something special on different levels when in comes to sex, as part of a 'romantic' evening; as a restorative after a hard, heated session; a breakfast in bed; actually being involved in foreplay (chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, grapes, bananas, etc), not to mention that some foods are aphrodisiacs (oysters, figs, strawberries, etc)

So fellow readers, fellow people who delight in all that senses have to offer. How about you put a recipe on your site on in my comments that you find romantic or sensuous. Along with a back story, if there is one

Here's mine:

Back Story: Several years ago it became a tradition in our household that during the Olympics (Summer and Winter) that we make the food of the country and region that is hosting the games. During the Winter Olympics this year we searched for recipes from the Piedmont region of Italy (the site of Turin). This is one we settled on.

Dish: Ravioli Nudi (Naked Ravioli)

3 lbs fresh (or 4 lbs frozen) spinach
15 oz Ricotta
5 egg yolks
3 C Parmigiano cheese, grated
1/2 t nutmeg
2 C all purpose flour
8 T butter

Using fresh spinach, rinse it very well and cut off the lg stems. Place a stockpot containing a lg quality of salted water on the heat. When the water boils, add the spinach and cook for about 15 minutes, then drain and cool under cold running water. Squeeze very dry. For frozen spinach follow pkg. directions for cooking.

Chop the spinach very fine, then place in a bowl, along with the ricotta, egg yolks, 2 cups of Parmigiano, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Mix together with a wooden spoon until thoroughly combined. Refill the stockpot with a lg quantity of water and set on the heat.

While the water is heating, place a sheet of aluminum foil on the table and spread the flour over. Take 1 Tbsp of the mixture from the bowl and roll it on the floured foil surface into a little ball. Be sure the ball is uniformly compact, with no empty spaces inside; the outside should be uniformly floured.

When the water is boiling, drop the first ball in, to test it. It should retain its shape and rise to the top, cooked, after a min. or two (If it falls apart, you have allowed too much liquid to remain in the spinach. To save the dish, you can add 2 Tbsp of flour to the mixture. However this is a compromise and should not be done regularly; even that little flour will make the taste inauthentic.)
After testing, as described as above,continue making ravioli, rolling them in flour,until the contents of the bowl have been used up.

Melt the butter and pour into a serving dish; place the serving dish close to the stockpot.

Drop the ravioli into the boiling water, 5 or 6 at a time, and as they rise to the surface, remove them with a strainer/skimmer, transferring them directly onto the serving dish. They should be placed in one layer, not one on top of another.

When all the ravioli are on the serving dish sprinkle with the remaining Parmigiano and serve immediately.