Sunday, May 21, 2006

First: The Cyber/Foreplay

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I helped out Derek of Dirty Couple In Virgina in completing a certain task....a cyber date with proof for his partner Jen. Be sure to check out his post there. It sure started a very hot evening for me.

The cyber sex had made me very hot. I have always enjoyed it because of the anticipation and the focus. It can be the most casual, non-committal sex you ever have and at times that’s very enjoyable. It’s almost freeing because none off the baggage and hang-ups are dragged into the situation.
First was the picture of that nice hard, cockring imprisoned dick made my mouth water, but it was more than that. . . .

him: While I was upstairs …, I slipped on my cockring and put some rings on my nuts.
me: cockring with the nuts...that makes things very tempting to me
him: Makes everything a little bit harder.
me: harder is better....what else would you like to make things harder?...I want to be all yours tonight.
I was made to beg, I was teased, I played with, eaten, and fucked. It made my pussy ache and it made me cum.
him: I want you to beg for my cock!=))
me: oh god I love when I'm teased....
please sir...please let me taste your cock
him: Down on you knees and get that mouth open.him: Make me harder!
me: Thank you....god thank you....I want to feel you grow in my mouth



him: I want to lick your pussy.
me: babe I can never stop a man who wants to eat me....I spread my lips so you can have everythingme: eat me...please eat clit is so swollen
him: I run my tongue over you pussy lips and tease your clit.


him: I am going to pick up the pounding. I want to hear my cock sounds in your cunt.
me: that's it ooohhh....FUCK ME....YES!
Reach back and stroke my nuts.him: The sound is wonderful.
me: I lean my hand back and play with your smooth balls....i tug on them, wanting to fucking drain them into meme: AAaahhh....I'm cumming....oh....I wasn't expecting that oneme: FUCK !!
Once our good nights were said:
him: I will be sleeping. As for you????
me: I'll have to see....I know one thing is that I'll be a model for my favorite porno photographer....lolhim: Thanks again and Good Night!me: 'nite

I not only modeled for that photographer, but the following post ensued.
Next: A Furious Fuck


Anonymous said...

You did a much better job than I did. You should post iy on Blogstormz. Thanks again for the wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I did a better job, just did it from a different prospective. I liked your post too.

I thought about BlogStormz, but wasn't sure...thanks for the encouragement.

Keep having fun.

good girl said...

Wow, so very hot! I can't wait to see what it led too...

ArtfulDodger said...

Great post as usual! And thanks for the submission, great to see you onboard our little train, hope to see you more often. ;)

Cherrie said...

Not sure which is better . . . the cyber sex or the real sex.

Oh, who am I kidding?