Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CBW #21 - Put To Good Use

It's a good thing that we put our camera to good use on Saturday night since it decided to die the next day.
Since it is still in the shop at Canon Services in Illinois I'll use one of the shots from that night.
This is a picture of CJ's well spent cock. Nothing like a freshly used cock.
I love that it's absolutely gleaming with my juices.
Enjoy...I sure did.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

It looks exhausted!

Nice shot!

CJ said...

and drained as well ;)

Anonymous said...

CJ, You got the better part of the deal. Wish I was there.


UrSinho said...

We almost could get the smell and taste of those juices... excelent cock! Kisses from Portugal

Desireous said...

Kind of makes you want to wrap your lips around it and revitalize it doesn't it?!!


Cherrie said...

Des has the right idea, but I can hear him saying "I need a few minutes!"