Sunday, May 7, 2006

25 Sexual Things

OK, here's my contribution to the list of 25.

1. I 'learned' to masturbate when I was no more than 10 years old, in my grandmother's tub. I found out that if I slide around on my stomach once the water had drained. Hey, it felt good.

2. After that there has been no stopping me. I was only ever caught once, by my mother when I was 15 years old. Yes, I made me feel ashamed.

3. At the age of 5 boys were already chasing me, particularly one redhead that would run after me at the Community Center to kiss me.

4. Even though we never dated, I lost my virginity to that same boy at the age of 17. We never spoke of it afterwards and were totally out of touch a year later.

5. After that there was no stopping me (again). Thing is looking back, most of the sex wasn't that great for years afterwards.

6. I went absolutely wild when it came to sex once I went to college, and stupid at the same time. I got pregnant at the age of 18. I didn't have the baby. I did get a diaphram.

7. In Junior High school there was a boy that took me into the woods after school and wanted to teach me how to blow him (I was 13 years old). I was totally freaked out and disinterested in the whole idea.

8. Now I can't eat enough cock. It is almost a necessity in foreplay to get me wet. I love the way a man moans when I suck him.

9. I think I could please a woman too and I fantasize about it, I'm definitely bi-curious.

10. I have several fetishes, but the one that uses the most money is my fetish for lingerie and sexy fabrics.

11. I'll try just about anything once and some things twice.

12. About the only things out of bounds for me in the bedroom are: pain, children, animals, water sports, and dead people. After that it just depends on my mood.

13. At one point I had a list of all 25 lovers I've had in my life, rated by rank (how good they were in bed). CJ never left 1st place, even when we were apart.

14. I fucked the eagle (our mascot) once in college. It almost seemed like sacrilege.

15. My favorite position for lots of reasons is doggie, I can be spanked, have my hair pulled, be played with, and cum harder.

16. Speaking of cumming. I'm very loud in bed. I feel like my whole body is screaming out when I orgasm.

17. I love to talk dirty, whether it's email, writing stories, phone sex, or in bed, it gets me wet.

18. I learned the correct aspects of bondage the hard way. The first time I was part of threesome and was tied up with rope. I had awful rope burns on my wrists the next day.

19. I studied Psychology and Biology in college to be a sex therapist, but never went onto grad school.

20. Speaking of sex therapists. I met Dr. Ruth once several years ago, and she signed a book of hers I had bought. We then spoke of the then new phenomena of cybersex. That will be a day that I'll never forget, and yes I still have the book.

21. If anyone ever asked me I would say I'm good, very good, in bed. It is an important expression of my self and my feelings toward another person. Sex makes me feel alive. I feel at peace with nature. I will fuck until I die.

22. I have on at least three occasions slept with married or separated men. Something I'm not proud of and I have gotten over...that thrill of being the 'other woman'.

23. Unless it is a very special lover I'm not tired after sex, I'm more awake, even if it's 2:00am. Sometimes I need a snack too. I am recharged by sex.

24. I have been with men that have traveled long distances to be with me. The longest was about 2000 miles. I have traveled as far as 500 miles to be with someone.

25. I really didn't start having good sex, by that I mean that both partners knew what they were doing until I was about 21 years old or so. I've kept an open mind ever since and it's just gotten better.

I didn't really think I could think of 25 things, now that I did it and tried just a little, I could probably do 25 more.


Anastasia said...

I've got a few things in common with your list, one of them is 'nipping' that cherry at the bud at the same age. :)

Have you thought about returning to sexology (grad school?).

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the return to school idea.
I even took the GRE's, both general and in psychology, but got married a month after graduation, had a baby two years later, and divorced three years after that.
I never had the time.
Now I'm not sure I have the energy.
I do work in the mental health field and really enjoy the type of work I do.
So for now, it's writing a sex blog, practicing my 'art', and just seeing what's around life's next corner.

Anastasia said...

Parenthood (and then there's the coupledom or marriage) can be certainly be like something beyond college (that's how I felt with parenthood).

Spirit said...

Excellent list ...I know mine was harder to do than I thought ...good job!

Crimson said...

Great list, we have alot in common ;)

NeverEnough said...

Great list and so many of those I have in common with you as well. Good job!!