Saturday, May 6, 2006

Back Again

CJ have returned from our little trek to A.C.
We returned yesterday evening and, although we had a good time, it's always great to be back in your own little part of the world.

I played the slots and roulette and basically broke even. We ate well. And, of course, it was all better because both nights for the room were comps, along with one meal.
CJ likes roulette and blackjack, he isn't a big player of the slots.

Creativity flowed and I got some more ideas for stories. We forgot the digital camera in the car when we had used the valet parking, so although I could have some pictures that went along with those ideas, I'll have to settle with just a couple that were taken with CJ's camera phone.

I loved meeting CJ's birth mom and we got along as if we were old friends. I figured it would be like that. It's very different from that first meeting you have with mom. There were no cute stories from childhood to share. No insights into his personality. She has been learning at the same time I have been. The big story was how they found each other about 7 years ago. It was a great story filled with lucky happenstance and good timing. Basically, something that was meant to be. I don't know what it's like. That need to find a true parent. That something missing. I think it must be a very lonely feeling.

The real strange part, and there are always strange parts when CJ go on an adventure, is that we were picked to be extras in a commercial they were shooting for the casino we were staying at. We were just walking by and they wanted a nice looking couple as extras. CJ had worked as an extra before when he lived out West. I had never been behind the camera before. Fascinating. We were a couple having dinner at the steakhouse at the casino.
All together it probably took about 2 hours for a 10 second commercial.
One more interesting little experience to be tucked away in my brain that is solely mine and makes my life a tiny bit spicier, not to mention mine alone.

Now to get some ideas onto paper and edit some photos.

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CJ said...

Deb forgot to mention the great video I shot of her while in AC describing a toss in the hay we had on the last day..
I'll be editing it and posting it somewhere for y'all to gawk at..