Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Here's The Damage

I sent off the digital camera to be fixed and below is the estimate they sent me.
It's about one third what I paid for it, but it 's worth it.
CJ and I are definitely missing it. Our last HNT had to be done with the camera phone, just not the same.
Our pictures will back when the work is done on the please stand by.


Midwestern City Boy said...

I hope you get your camera back soon. I know the quality of our photographs really improved once we started taking pictures with a newer camera. Technology does make a difference sometimes.

Cherrie said...

The Canon PowerShot cameras have been afflicted with bad computer chips. We sent ours to the same place and the estimate to repair was almost as much as we paid for the camera. Net result: We bought an Olympus.

Still, hope you get yours back soon!