Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Debbie Deluxe or The $100 Chip (part two)

Make sure you get the foreplay here before you continue.
I kissed him deeply, but didn't linger long there. The cocksucker inside me was anxious to drop to my knees, but Kevin was going to get a Deluxe. I stepped back and stripped for him.
His eyes were transfixed on my large tits and my hardening nipples and I watched as his pleasure was amplified when his gaze moved down to newly trimmed bush.
I could see the tent growing in his pants and I wanted it, no, CRAVED it.
I wanted to taste it and let him know,

"I bet that's a delicious cock Kevin".

He seemed almost startled by my candor and the 'dirty talk', and I reminded him that I was his whore for now and that this was what he was going to get.
I think that was enough encouragement for him, along with me being the only naked one in the room, soon he was releasing his cock from the confines of his pants.

It made my pussy and my mouth water to see his handsome hard meat at attention for me. Kevin's cock was as sophisticated as he was. He was as rock hard as a teenager, a good seven inches with plenty of girth. Yep, he was damn yummy looking.

Eyes still transfixed on me, he watched as I dropped to my knees instinctively.
I want to feast on the buffet that is his stiff dick.
I start with long lollipop licks up his shaft, and then I retraced those same licks back down again. When I reach the spongy cockhead at the pinnacle I give it little kisses and move back down with my licks. My tongue snaked around his shaft causing the first moans to escape his

In spite of the fact that that my attentions have caused a particular tension that sexual excitement brings, I can tell that Kevin was beginning to relax.
When I reach the base of his thick shaft I could smell his musk and I want to suck his balls.

I lick across his nuts, and his cock twitches spasmodically. I gently and slowly suck one ball into my mouth and roll it slowly across my tongue. Letting it fall from my mouth, I began to love the other one with all the fury of the cocksucking whore that I'm proud to be. this is from an actual picture of me sucking off CJ

He tasted fucking delicious and I let him know by moaning.

I moved my tongue from his balls to his asshole and tickle it with my tongue as I wrap my hand around his hot meat and start jerking him. He can feel the flicks of my tongue on his asshole and the sensation runs to tip of his dick. I can feel that he is leaking and I rub his sweet precum up and down his shaft. His natural lube helps me quicken my tugging on his dick. If my timing is right, and it usually is, I know now is the time to pop a Halls into my mouth. He moans and finally asks, no, begs me to suck his cock....

"Debbie, ohhh god, suck me"! Kevin loudly moans out.

That's all I need to hear.

He watches as I reposition myself. I squat and keep my legs far apart. He keeps watching as I begin to play with my clit for a few moments then my mouth parted at the head of his cock, sucking it slowly into my mouth in no time.
I gently nibble on his head as it passes my teeth and onto my tongue. I feel him watch me as he did at the bar, but this time it's very different. I know he is observing his cock as each inch is slowly devoured by me. I soon start to suck him...yes suck his cock and he moans out.

"Jesus Debbie, what's that"? he says as the cool tingle of menthol and eucalyptus hit his hot flesh.
I smile as best I can and just keep eating him.
I can feel him get even harder in my mouth.

Now is the time, I look up at him as the last inches of his dick disappear into my mouth.
The moans are louder now.
He can feel the sides of my cheeks hit his shaft. I take Kevin deeper and suck him harder and faster now.
He runs his fingers through my hair as he says,
' whore, you fucking cock sucking whore'
I moan and hum on his cock when he says that, and I start playing with my clit again. I'm close to cumming but can I control myself until he is safely out of my mouth? I'm afraid I'll hurt him if I cum with him in my mouth.

I fucking love to eat cock, it's delicious like nothing else I eat, not even chocolate.
Soon my head is bobbing up and down on his shaft. Wet slurping and sucking noises are escaping from between my lips and his stiff cock. I look up at him again. I am fucking beautiful with my mouth full of his meat. I keep sucking and he keeps fucking my face. We both are moaning, but mine are muffled by his stiff cock.

"I can't stand it anymore, I going to fucking cum down your throat bitch"!, Kevin screamed out.

It was almost strange hearing this foul language that at first he didn't seem to like, coming out of his mouth now. 'He wasn't as quite as sophisticated as he was when we first met', I thought.

My hand holds the base of his shaft as the other massages his balls. I want to drain those hot tight balls, and now's the time. Soon I feel that trigger that lets me know he's going to cum. He grunts out that he's cumming and I shove his dick far down my throat, his cockhead hitting the back of my throat and he explodes in my mouth.

I swallow every drop of his hot gooey cum, and then I let his softening dick rest on my tongue before I allow him to fall out of my mouth.

mmmmm.... I let out a soft moan as I finish myself off with a last few circles around my clit.

"Worth it"?, I ask.

"Damn worth it Deb", he answers.

"Good", I say as I stand and start to get dressed. I put the chip back in my bra, turn around, wink, and walk out the door.

"Maybe my luck is changing”, I think as I head to the bar for a nightcap.


Naughty Girl said...

Dang Debbie that is HOT!

Desire X said...

Eucalyptus and menthol??? Who'da thunk it?
Very nice.
Very dirty debbie!

Brian McNealson said...

Shit, I nearly came just reading that!!!

Im ordering me a Debbie Beluxe right away lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

Desire X- oh yes, a strong cool mint is a much neater way to give a 'cool' blow job.
Ice always melts and gets messy, a Halls is a lot better.
The guys I've tried it on have all loved sure to actually blow on that meat while your doing it this way.

Brian-I guess I'll have to work harder next time to be sure you do cum! I'll be sure to keep you on my list.

Brian McNealson said...

Really looking forward to that!!

Desireous said...

Great post Deb!! Phew!

I love the pic too!


Midwestern City Boy said...

Thats a great way to do a BJ. That's a new twist on a Debbie Deluxe.

And I love the photograph too. What effect did you use to make it?

Anonymous said...

MCB: glad you enjoyed, as for the effects on the pics, I did this one a while ago and don't remember...sorry, but you did give me a good idea and that's to make notes about what I do to each of the pics.