Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back And All Alone

I'm alone for a few days here.
CJ took my mom back to her place (about 90 miles north of here) and is staying to work on the garden and house for her.
So for the first time since we got this apartment I'm in it alone. I've left him here alone, but never the other way around.
I might actually enjoy the quiet for a couple of days and I'll spend some time with our daughter.

So I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and relishes the short work week.
You can stop by and see if I'm on Yahoo Messenger.
Looking forward to CBW.


ArkayToday said...

I'm just down the road in Columbia. If you need some one to keep you company, just holler.

I love when I get a few days to myself like that, since it happens so rarely. I usually spend the entire time naked and talking dirty online.

Anonymous said...

Is that an invitation?


Midwestern City Boy said...

Enjoy your time to yourself. I HATE being alone. It seems like all I see are couples when California Girl and I are apart.