Thursday, January 31, 2008

Four Five Six-Play Part II

Be sure to see how this romp all got started at:
Four Five Six-Play Part I

I was made to be CJ’s cocksucking whore and I relished being on my knees for him, I always do. I looked up at him with my mouth full and in doing so, CJ was encouraged to pull his schlong out to cock slap his bitch, some of my mouth juices dripping off my face as he spanked my lips with his turgid salami And I begged for more.

“I’m naked why aren’t you?” is all he said to me at that point.
Gasping, I stood up and quickly stripped off my clothes faster than greased lighting in front of the bedroom door; the entrance to our wonderful playground.

It was here in the bedroom that CJ played with me because it turned him on.
He kneeled to the side of my face and told me to keep sucking his cock.
Wanting more details about what I did with the other guys, he played with my body, making me feel even more intense as I divulged details of my chats between slurps on his cock.
He kneeled between my spread legs and leaned in to hold me close.
Then one of the most fascinating foreplays began between the two of us.

“You had sex with other men today didn’t you?”, CJ started
“Sort of”, I answered shyly and explained that it was just cybersex.
“Debbie does love cock doesn’t she?”
“I want yours”
“I should bring guys in here to fuck my whore shouldn’t I?”, he asked me.
“Yes, while you take pictures”
I then went on to tell him exactly how “C” and “P” did me.
“I sucked off one guys while the other licked and fucked me from behind”
I could tell that CJ was getting off on hearing all this too so I begged for his cock and he gave it to me. I was soaking and his hot thickness easily slipped inside me. I was especially filthy during this session. I told him that others in the room, both men and women watched me too.
“I love the way you stretch my hole”, I moaned as he fucked me so deep and hard while I played with my swollen clit. Honestly, I thought I would start cumming and not be able to stop. I pulled my ankles up over his back and rocked on his cock all while I whispered more of what I did during the afternoon.
I slowed down and asked, “Can I put a toy on my clit?”
He leaned over and opened the toy drawer from me and I pulled out my pocket rocket. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a small one-speed vibrator with bumps on one end. With his cock thickening inside me, he hit my clit just right with the pocket rocket. I ultimately took it from him and rubbed myself as he fucked me deeper.

We both just sort of went wild with the thoughts of me being a slut that CJ owned.
I started cumming when the toy was added and came several times before we both collapsed. At one point I asked if my clit was swollen and when CJ answered ‘yes’ I firmly told him to lick it. He dove between my legs and not only licked my engorged clit, but he sucked it and licked my pussy.
By now I was absolutely soaked, my thighs were damp from my wetness. I wanted to taste myself on his face and in his mouth. I told him to kiss me.

It was then that we kissed, deeply, collapsed, took deep breaths and enjoyed a mutual ‘Wow”. I had my trademark ‘aftershocks’ for a while. They are the subtle feelings of multiple orgasms I have sometimes. We took a shower together afterwards and finally had dinner.

I think I will tell CJ about my romps in the afternoon again.
I definetly had my pipes cleaned this evening.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CBW #70 - But No Info

You know guys I always appreciate the yummy pics of cock that you send me. Especially the ones like this that 'feed' my fetish. I did something really stupid though, I lost the info this contributor sent me.
I love it that he's in his car. So let's just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fixed !

With a lot of help from CJ our problem is fixed. We are now hosting any movies and pictures on a regular web-host. We may even eventually move all of Dirty Debbie there.

So tomorrow there will be a new CBW and then Part Two of Four Five Six-Play.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We seem to be having some technical difficulties in regards to what can be seen on the sidebar.
The pictures on the sidebar are not through Blogger, but rather Photobucket.
At times it looks as though I have exceeded my bandwidth.
We are working on the problem by looking into different webhosts, etc.
It would be helpful to CJ and I if you left a comment and told us what you saw, preferably after cleaning your browser's cache.
Sorry for the problems and thanks for the help and patience.

CJ and Deb

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Four Five Six-play

CJ works on the weekends now, leaving me to my own devices on many different levels.
One thing I really enjoy as a way of inspiration and relaxation is cybersex and as such, I belong to a group called Talk Dirty To Me at (see the link on the sidebar), and spent some time in there this afternoon. The chat room is specifically for people that enjoy talking dirty and having cybersex, one of my favorite pastimes.
I get ready by striping down, settling into my favorite chair, and putting my favorite vibrator next to me for what I know will usually be a steamy session of fucking and sucking with women and men in a semi-anonymous fashion.
CJ works on the weekends now, leaving me to my own devices on many different levels.
One thing I really enjoy as a way of inspiration and relaxation is cybersex and as such, I belong to a group called Talk Dirty To Me at (see the link on the sidebar), and spent some time in there this afternoon. The chat room is specifically for people that enjoy talking dirty and having cybersex, one of my favorite pastimes.
I get ready by striping down, settling into my favorite chair, and putting my favorite vibrator next to me for what I know will usually be a steamy session of fucking and sucking with women and men in a semi-anonymous fashion.

It wasn’t too long after I entered the room this afternoon that I started to have some of my special kind of fun. Eventually my legs were spreading and my nipples were hardening with the help of the pulling and tweaking I was doing on them on them as I chatted with the other participants.
This day, I had it one of my favorite ways; I took two guys at the same time, letting them treat me like the slut I was.
“P” wanted his cock sucked, bitten and blown until I swallowed every drop.
While I let “P” fuck my face, “C” was behind me, licking at my pussy - tasting how wet it makes when I suck cock - eventually fucking me hard from behind until he emptied his balls inside me.
I propped my vibrator on just the right spot and turned it up until I came, moaning out as I did. We all thanked each other and bid our farewells.

About two hours later, CJ came home. There is no man on the planet as sexy to me, no one can turn me on the way he does, and when it comes to my sexual appetite and ‘eccentricities’, no one understands me the way he does; I believe he truly grasps my sexual being. Because of all these things, I have no problem being honest with him in bed.

CJ sat down with a glass of tequila and we caught up on the day’s events. Even though I had the release of orgasm earlier in the day, I needed him.
I wanted him badly, and this thought burned it’s way through the back of my mind like a red-hot poker.
What I had earlier was but the empty, shallow, and unfulfilling sex of anonymous mental masturbation and now I wanted the real thing.
After we had caught up, I rose to enter the kitchen in preparation for supper, with CJ following along behind to get a pre-dinner snack. As he turned back to the living room, I embraced him and began to tell him how naughty I had been earlier.
That I had gotten hot and played with myself until I came, hard.
That other men and women had had their way with me.
That I had been naughty – very, very naughty!
We kissed deeply and I was falling into him in that special way I always do, that way that makes me light headed. Although I didn’t want to, I stopped him, thinking that perhaps I should be getting dinner ready, telling him that this would get out of hand if it didn’t stop.
“What does that mean?”, he said with his impish smile.
“I won’t be able to stop myself”, I answered, probably looking just as naughty.
It was at this point that he held me tight to his body and wouldn’t let go.
“What do you want”, he intoned in that Satyresque style he has.
“I want to throw you on the bed and talk dirty while you fuck me”; I answered honestly in a voice as deep and dusky as a foggy night in London.

I felt him pull his cock out of his leisure togs and try to push me to me knees, but I stayed standing.
“On your knees slut”, he said to me. I didn’t do a thing. I was stunned. I had already gotten off earlier that day and I didn’t expect this.
“Suck my cock whore!”, he said.
He repeated it, this time much more coarsely. “You know you want to”

I easily gave in and sank to my knees, which frankly were becoming a bit wobbly any way. He cock was throbbing, oh yes, throbbing and pulsing like it had a mind all it’s own. CJ’s cock is handsome and damn his cock was rock hard this time! He looked so fucking tasty I didn’t play around; I sucked him into my mouth in one fell swoop and savored him, running his shaft in and out of my mouth in giant slurps, paying special attention to his wonderful mushroom head.
He was a hot, hard, and appetizing to this cock whore before dinner, and I wanted the main course.
CJ’s pants dropped completely and he kept yelling at me to suck him off and swallow him down. I did as he commanded. I drooled on his meat to make it particularly slippery as he picked up the pace and fucked my face harder, grabbing my hair to pull his meat into my face hole with more rapid thrusts.

more of what CJ did to his whore tomorrow...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strapping It On for Him-Part Two

Read about the first part of the strap-on here.

Although I asked more than once his answers only came in moans. For years and years I’ve known what it’s like to have that need to be filled with cock. This time I was the one giving it. Once it was lubed up, my thumb moved easily in and around his ass.
Luckily for CJ, I had trimmed and smoothed my nails beforehand.

“Come on honey relax, it’s only me”, I said softly from behind his neck. I massaged him from his ass cheeks up his back as my cock flopped between his thighs.
Once I felt him start to relax, to trust that everything was going to be good, I began to ease "my" cockhead into his ass. Although I couldn’t feel any sensation through it, my entrance into CJ was still something interesting and different. It was as though I had something extra to get my sexuality across to my partner.

I put my hands on both sides of his hips and eased him farther down my shaft. CJ moaned out again, beginning to truly enjoy it. Then I started to turn HIM into my slut for once. Show HIM what it’s like to take cock. I eased my thrusts in and out of him, fucking him totally with my strap-on cock and he fucking loved it. Dare I say, he took it like a man. I made sure that my entire shaft stayed fully lubed so he wouldn’t have any trouble taking me all in.

As I slowly fucked him I reached down and stroked his hard cock, squeezing it in my hand. I have always loved the feel of a throbbing cock in my hand and this time it was really something, the throbbing and the heat joined his hardness in a time of perfection. He moaned out enjoying not only the touch of my hand, but also the feel of being fucked at the same time. The bent cockhead finally tickled his prostate and he screamed out, “Fuck bitch”.
“Tell me you want it, tell me how you love it”, I said as I stirred his ass with my cock.
“Yes, yes I can feel you in my balls”
When he said that, I moved to his nuts and tugged at them; apparently, he was closer to the breaking point than I had realized. With one loud groan, his nuts exploded and he squirted hot white goo all over the sheets.

I slowly pulled "my" cock from his ass and began to lick and clean up his semi-hard cock. Moving beneath him, between his spread legs, taking long lollipop licks up the underside. I relish the taste of CJ and this time was no different, yummy!
“I’ll be your slut any day Deb, you know that” was all he said to me as I began to devour him one more time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CBW #69 - New Cock

This is one of the newer submissions for the year. He is also one of our newer readers. He claims the work day goes faster reading Dirty Debbie. Looks like it's working for you, keep enjoying.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

mmmm... time to warm up, eh

Ah - snow, cold weather, a car and someone you love - what could be better?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Rx

I always like to find and publish the latest research on why sex is good for you.
Below is some of the latest. I found it in this month's Men's Health magazine, so it's for the guys this time.

Along with the obvious improvement in brain function because you feel good, having sex twice a week will:

  • Bolster your immune system. This is due to a spike in immunglobulin A, an antibody that can fight off respiratory and stomach infections.
  • Cut the risk of prostrate cancer. The more a man ejaculates, the more carcinogens are flushed out of the sex gland.
  • Halve your risk of a fatal heart attack. Sex causes a surge in testosterone, a hormone which protects the heart from stress.
  • Ignite the body's fat burners. During sex men usually use 143 muscles and use as many calories as during a 15 minute jog.
  • De-stress your mind. After orgasm the body releases oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a natural antianxiety drug.
Let's keep each other well!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CBW #68 - Nostalgia

I didn't get any information with this submission although he has sent me CBW pics in the past.
Although it doesn't fit my 'pop the cock' fetish I do like the nostalgic look of this picture
Thank you as always Mr White.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strapping It On For Him-Part One

When it comes to my sexuality and my playtime in bed, I have one motto:
"I'll try anything once and some things twice".

Recently I had a chance to try something new, which is always exciting. I think the more you try, the more you grow in your lovemaking expertise.

A few weeks ago CJ received a package, but didn't reveal it's contents to me. It really didn't raise any suspicions because it was close to Christmas. I like surprises so I didn't probe. Life went on as usual, including life in the bedroom. Until I came home from work one evening and CJ was sitting in a chair, stroking himself. His cock was rock hard and handsome as ever. Just the sight of it, so handsome, so ready, entranced me. I just stood and watched for moment, he stared at me as he kept stroking and tugging.

He made his wants and needs made clear immediately.
"Do that nice strip I like whore"
I put down my purse and gym bag, and even though I was wearing my workout clothes, I made my strip as sexy as possible. I kicked off my sneakers easily along with my terry ankle socks.
I massaged my tits on top of my t-shirt and CJ keep stroking, but was inpatient.
As he cupped and tugged at his balls he told me to step it up, as he leaned forward and pulled at my clothing. It was a turn on, knowing that he couldn’t hold himself back when he wanted me.
I let my hips sway and I slowly moved my body as I stripped down to my bare warm skin. CJ was obviously pleased. His had taken is hands off his cock and it twitched as he watched me dance naked.

“Now baby, I have a special present for you”, he said as he got up and went to the closet. I watched him as he took out the package that came a few weeks earlier.
He sort of caught me off guard when he said to me, “We love and trust each other, right?”
I agreed and asked him what he was talking about.
I pulled a strap-on out of the package and told me that he wanted me to give it to him. He wanted to get fucked the way I was and he thought I might enjoy it too.
To me it was just a new playtime and I was turned on and excited by the whole idea.
I quickly read the directions and got it strapped onto me. It was very realistic looking. All of a sudden I was more dangerous than ever, I had a cock!
And do you know what I wanted CJ to do first? I wanted him on his knees and sucking me. There were plenty of times that CJ had feasted on my pussy, but this was different. I pushed him to his knees and commanded him in the same way that I’ve heard for a good portion of my adult life.
“Come on suck my cock, blow me babe”
He tentatively opened his mouth and I pushed my new found cock past his lips. They wrapped around my life-like shaft and he began to suck. As I looked down on him, ran my fingers through his hair, and pumped his mouth I began to understand men in a way I never had before. It was very thrilling. I rocked on my hips to move in and out of his mouth.
I guess I got a little too excited or didn’t know my own size and he gagged. I pulled back and told him to get on his hands and knees.

As I positioned myself behind him I saw his handsome heavy balls. They sometimes turn me on more than his hard cock does. He always has them shaved for me and I consider them a real treat. I massaged his ass cheeks as I dove in to lap at those balls. I let his nuts roll over my tongue over and over again. My moans almost matched his as we both enjoyed what I was doing.
To help him get used to what was coming next I eased my thumb into his ass. He bucked a little, but eased back onto me. I got some of my favorite water based lube out of my toy drawer and gave a small squirt on my thumb so I could spread him more.
I leaned over from behind him and whispered in his ear, “I’m gonna fuck your ass, you want that don’t you?”

“Well don’t you?”

I guess we shall see

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CBW #67 - Anonymous

The email with this submission included the following phrase:
I've been reading & enjoying your blog for some time.
I sure can tell he's enjoying from this pic.
He continued with:
Guess I could contribute a little photo of myself.
Nothing little here
Please keep my id to yourself.
Done and Thanks!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone who voted for my story at The Fellatrix.
My story, The Breakup, won this week.
For all you blow-job aficionados out there you should check out this past weeks stories and her great site here

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CBW #66 Happy New Year

As promised I'm starting back up my CBW's.

A while ago I had the honor of receiving a submission from the Pagan and the Pervert.
I'm finally giving him the attention he's due. Of course it's satisfying my 'pop the cock' fetish, but it's different with a head on view.
So the Pervert looks as though he's diving in head first.