Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Breakup

This is basically a story about what a conniving bitch I can be, but try not to hold it against me.
I had a very steady and what I thought was committed relationship for two years. It had reached the point where I was spending a few nights a week overnight at his place. We had a mutual understanding that we didn’t want to get married or live together just yet. We celebrated our two-year anniversary in the spring of 1990. Not long afterwards, things seemed to go downhill. Having never ‘dumped’ a man in my dating career, I knew the signs. The dumpees get to know them, especially the females.
It was though our shared life was starting to become more separate.
Richard and I had a fabulous sex life and it was starting to go cold too. I tried to ignore it and think about the love on a higher level, beyond the physical. Nevertheless, I missed the intimacy, the sharing. I wasn’t spending as much time at his place anymore.
I stayed quiet, threw myself into my work, and let time pass by. I figured I would eventually get an explanation, and hoped it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

A few months after our anniversary I was cleaning up around Richard’s place on one of my days off from work. I enjoyed doing it since I was there, even if it was only a day or two a week now. While straightening up the magazine rack, I came across notes. The notes were from another woman, they were more than romantic, they were downright sexy! It was strange but it all turned me on, especially after I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to drop Richard like the proverbial hot potato he was. At the same time I was hurting, so the wheels in the mind of a bitch started to turn.

I hid my feelings from Richard and things were going along as always. Our times together had lessened so that made it easier. I had found out from the notes when their next planned meeting was and I planned to be there. I was sure to be at Richard’s the night before his date. We had a nice dinner, watched a couple of movies and went to bed. Needless to say, he didn’t make love to me, but this time I wanted it that way. He left for work early the next morning and I took my time getting ready. I decided to wear one of my typical navy work suits, but I wore my favorite lace bra and no panties under my crotchless pantyhose.
I left, but I wasn’t going to work. I went to a diner down the road, had breakfast, and read the newspaper. I can’t tell you how I was on edge on the inside and so calm and cool on the outside. After about an hour or so I returned to Richard’s place, he car was now back in the driveway.

I let myself in, quietly, through the back door. I walked through the kitchen and into the living in my stocking feet, having left my shoes at the doorstep. The living room was scattered with clothing and I could hear movement upstairs in the master bedroom. A twinge of pleasure shot to my pussy, while at the same time pain went to my brain. The animal in me won out and I snuck upstairs.
I hid in the alcove outside the room in the hallway where we had planned to put a bookcase. I could see the two of them partially through the door and partially in a mirror on the wall. The site of Richard’s thick cock already partially hard for the strange woman in our bed sent a sensation of electric pleasure to my pussy. She was giggling and taking off her bra and panties. He was very different with her, much more demanding. He was in total control and that added to the entire erotic scene.

He stood and the foot of the bed and told the woman to face him on all fours. She did it quickly, obviously used to his technique. He started to smack her face with his hardening cock. I thought, “He’d never done that to me, it looks very sexy”. My hand moved under my skirt and I rubbed my pussy as I kept watching.
It had been weeks since he had given that fine cock to me and I wanted it too.
He kept up the face spanking and told her to lick his balls. She tried but couldn’t because of his movements, he become inpatient with her and chastised her. He stopped and pulled up on his cock, resting his balls in her mouth. She lapped at them hungrily and I could feel my nipples hardening against my cotton blouse. I pulled my blouse from the waist of my skirt in an attempt to cool off. It was no help; I knew the only thing that would help was that handsome cock I was witnessing now.

As she licked his balls he said to her, “Now you know what Daddy wants”. She said she was ready to give him what he wanted and he got onto the bed. This time it was his turn to be on all fours. She got behind him, massaged his ass cheeks, and then pulled them apart, showing off his puckered asshole. She dutifully leaned in and began to tongue his asshole. Richard moaned out and I was shocked, he had never even hinted he was interested in any type of assplay.
She continued eating at his ass, pushing her tongue into him and fucking his tight hole with her tongue. She obviously knew exactly what to do, as she deftly moved her hand to his hard dick and began to stroke it. Again another moan from Richard as he grunted, “That’s it little girl, stroke Daddy just like he likes”

The whole site was becoming surreal, I had no idea, what had happened that he didn’t share this me? I was always willing to try new things in bed.
As a finger slipped into my dampening pussy, I wondered how long I would be able to hold back and not go into the room.
“Now give that tongue to my cock little girl”, he barked at her.
I thought of the taste of Richard’s cock, it was the best I had ever tasted; he made sucking cock easy. I could lick, suck, and nibble on it all night.
This woman didn’t seem to want to take him inside her mouth. I felt that it was odd considering she had just rimmed him. She seemed to be fumbling, and obviously wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea, especially since Richard was becoming more inpatient and more demanding.
I couldn’t stand it; it was painful to watch her ineptitude. I marched into the bedroom. She saw me first, and gasped, in fact she almost screamed. Then Richard turned around and saw me.
The look on his face was priceless, and I saw his cock twitch, was it my imagination that it was stiffening even more?

“My god bitch, it’s bad enough you’re screwing around with my guy, but you can't even blow him right!”, I yelled at her.
Turning to Richard I just said, “Maybe you deserve a useless whore”
I moved in and sucked half his cock into my mouth at once, no teasing; I wanted to remind him what my mouth was like. He moaned out as good old “what’s her name” sat at the foot of the bed and watched, hopefully learning. I drooled on his cock as I massaged his balls and sucked him into my mouth. My pure lustful instincts took over. A hot cock was filling up my mouth and that was good enough for me at the moment.
After tasting him again with my tongue he began to push deeper into my mouth and began to fuck my face. I took him all down; sucking hard, in fact the sides of my mouth hit his shaft. His moans were turning into grunts, it goes without saying, he was enjoying himself. We won’t even get into the fact that two women were in his bed.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I knew what that meant. He wanted pussy; my mouth wasn’t going to be enough anymore. We didn’t even speak to one another. He rolled me onto my stomach and I got on my hands and knees. He moved behind me, ignoring his other woman, and threw my skirt up and onto my back. His hand moved to my wet pussy and he played with it in that special way that turned me on even more. The way he spread my lips and encircled my clit got me moaning. He heightened the sensation by exchanging his hand for his cockhead. It was hot, smooth, and stiff as it ran up and down my slit that was gaping from his fingering and it was begging for a good cock stuffing.
“Go ahead Richard, fuck it”, I moaned to him.
“Show your whore how it’s really done”, I said as turned around at look her right in the eye.
He mounted me from behind, grabbing onto my hips as he buried his cock into my steaming snatch. I just wanted to fuck the hell out of him; I moaned out and pushed back against his cock until I felt his balls slap against my pouting pussy lips.
He didn’t move at first, but I wasn’t going to beg this time. I just squeezed to walls of my tight cunt against his shaft. He picked up his pace and I could tell that he was thinking the same I was, let’s just fuck the hell out of each other.
He grabbed my hair and drove his cock deeper inside, grunting as he easily slid in and out of my soaking pussy.
The grunts were mixed with my moans and we were getting close. I turned to look behind, glared and the bitch at the foot of his bed and cupped his balls in my hands. He let go and exploded inside me just as I reached my peak and waves of orgasm rolled over me.

I pulled away from him, for the last time.
My good-bye consisted of only saying to woman in shock on the bed, “He’s all yours now”.
I walked down the hall to the bathroom and took my toothbrush.
I adjusted my clothing, walked out the door, and went on with my life.


The Pagan And The Pervert said...

Sad, empowering and hot, all at the same time! Great read :)

P and P

Tara Tartly said...

holy fucking hell...

BundyGil said...

Best way I've read of ending a relationship on your terms. Good one!

Bunny said...

What a great ending!

max said...

what a way to go. that, my dear, is a helluva exit.

Anonymous said... always say, leave 'em wanting more
lol ;)

Bar Advice said...

Nice continous flow of action

thedateabledork said...

Wow. Just, wow. : )