Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Train Is Bound For...

When my job changed recently, how I commuted changed to. I have become one of the seemingly millions of people that ride on the northeast corridor of Amtrak these days. Everyday I take the train to and from Wilmington and Washington DC. I have always been a train buff, so it’s almost enjoyable, especially on Friday evenings.
Every once in a while, on those Friday’s that I really need it, I buy myself a ticket in business class and relax on my way home to Wilmington.
A couple of weeks ago I learned that there was more than one way to relax on a train.

One evening on my way home, I noticed a man across the aisle noticing me right back.
He was nattily dressed, had dark hair, green eyes, and a great smile flashed at me when he saw that I detected his attentions. My eyelids lowered and I smiled then turned away. I tried to return to my magazine, but I couldn’t help it and glanced at him every so often. But, the quick peeks weren’t being returned.

Well, it’s an almost a two hour ride and the coffee had gone through me. I walked to the end of the car and entered the unoccupied restroom. I was surprised at the size of it, usually I can barely turn around in the train bathrooms. It was then that I realized that I was in the handicapped one. Before I left the bathroom I turned to adjust my pantyhose, strangely when I backed up I felt another person. It was frightening until I turned around and saw my newest fellow commuter. I felt the blood rush to my face and dampness rise in my pussy as I blushed and asked him how he got in. He explained that the door had not been latched correctly.
“Here I’ll show you”, he said as he locked it correctly.
We smiled at each other, and we didn’t waste a word, not even an introduction.
He pulled me towards him and started squeezing my tits and biting my neck. I could feel his cock harden against my thigh as I just succumbed to his strength.
He pulled my skirt, pantyhose, and panties down in what seemed to be a split second. Then he undid his belt, zipper, and let his trousers drop to his ankles.
I could see his cock straining against his briefs and I had to release it, a new unfamiliar cock. The site of it made me wetter. I licked my palm and began to stroke him. He grew in my hand, the heat against my palm was inviting and I quickened my strokes. I tugged and massaged at his balls, as he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to him.
He deftly fingered my swollen clits he ran his cockhead up and down my wet slit from behind.
I tilted backwards towards him, wanting him to introduce his cock to my waiting hungry pussy. Still no words were being exchanged, only gasps and soft moans. I had to work at stifling my usually very vocal whorish self.
He slowly stuffed my cunt with his cock as one of his large hands covered my mouth. He traveled deeper and deeper up my hot tight canal as I rocked against him, wanting more.
Then we took off. We could feel the deep rumbling of the train moving down the track and it turned us on, we brought our fucking up to the same rhythm. He slammed in and out of me and stirred my pussy in just the right way, bringing me to the edge at the fucking speed of light. His balls slapped against my swollen lips as he grunted and thrust only a few more times, we exploded on one another in short time.

We cleaned up, still smiling at each other and dressed hurriedly. We left the bathroom in short intervals and returned to our seats.
We were in Aberdeen Maryland, only one stop from mine, Wilmington. I was feeling refreshed and relaxed for the first time in a long time on a Friday night.
I got my laptop and purse together and saw that my bathroom buddy was not getting off yet (oh that is a poor choice of words isn’t it?).
The train came to a halt at my stop and I slowly strolled up the aisle to the end of the car, passing my newest fuck room, and my new fuck buddy.
Right before I left the train I slipped him my card and smiled.
He spoke for the first time since fucking me ragged, “Thank you”, then glanced at my card and finished, “Debbie”.


My Girlfriend is hot said...

That's a great story :) Train sex sounds pretty interesting. I like your writing. Simple yet powerful.

Great stuff

Bunny said...

Well told!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Remind me to start catching trains!!

Anonymous said...

Go for the trains ladies! I've always thought they're romantic and sexy...that rolling and rocking that's constant and subtle....yummy!

Jane Jones said...

Ummm, very well written and descriptive...will come back for more and maybe wank over later