Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just an FYI for my readers: Thursday night I managed to do a good job of slicing the middle finger on my right hand open. CJ dressed the wound, but it is still extremely painful and doesn't seem to want to stop bleeding completely.
Needless to say, my ability to type has been degraded.
More stories will follow soon, perhaps after seeing the doctor tomorrow.
For now all I can do is heal and laugh at the whole mess.


Alfie said...

It is so upsetting to think of you being injured in any way. Hope it knits together soon.

Shay said...

hope you feel better soon

Midwestern City Boy said...

I hope that your finger is not too badly injured. Please don't overdo things on our behalf.

Bunny said...

Ouch! Middle finger on the right hand, huh? For me, that would be a vital digit - if you know what I mean! Hope it heals quickly and completely!

sm said...

Hopefully you heal up soon! Your stories are hot!