Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spontaneity and Inspiration

Everything was so spontaneous today it's almost hard to figure out how to start here. This morning was a reminder that it is not only the mere solitude of an erotica writer from which stories spring, but actions. For actions will always speak louder than words.
CJ and I have spent most of this morning trying to get the failed PC to boot up one last time. There .qif (Quicken) files I still needed to transfer. I was not holding out much hope, there were problems even booting from the CD or reinstalling Windows. CJ geek magic finally got it going, but to no avail...a fond farewell to the PC-The_Matrix and a happy hello to the new Mac-Debbie Delicious. (can you tell I'm a geek? I name my cars and computers).
So next it was onto other Sunday chores, like grocery shopping. We headed upstairs to take showers and get dressed. Everything that happened next just sort of happened. I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow account here (if you'll excuse the pun), but rather a description.
As you can see here we didn't past the top of the stairs.

We just started playful kissing and caressing and I followed my instincts. Soon I was on my knees gobbling up his semi-hard cock, getting the thrill of feeling it grow in my mouth and his corresponding moans. With my latest maladies, I hadn't really been in the mood so it had been a while. The smell of his balls and taste of his cock drove me wild instantly. Once his cock had become stiffer and he had stripped me of my pajamas, I stood up and was pushed backwards onto our bed. Soon I felt that splendid feeling of when CJ's cock first parts my pussy and enters me. It is almost mystical in it's pleasure. A beautiful lovemaking session ensued. I came repeatedly on his stiff dick. I get drunk when we make love, I am taken somewhere else where our love is totally understood.
Once we had caught or breaths, hugged, and smiled some more the idea of the camera hit me. I originally wanted take a picture of how my pillow looked after being fucked hard by CJ.
Of course, other pictures followed.
Including another picture of what I can do to CJ's back when it just gets too good (if that's possible).

Finally, the inspiration:
Sex Bed Sunday.
CJ took pictures of our bed after our loving making. This what it looked like this morning.

So we figured it would even better if our fellow bloggers would join in. The more the merrier, right? The look of a bed after lovemaking can be even more erotic than any picture that includes bare skin.
So this is an invitation to join us in Sex Bed Sunday. Help celebrate Sunday mornings like CJ and I enjoyed. You can include this icon with a link back to this post if you'd like too.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another Tag You're It

The ever wonderful Venting Housewife has tagged me with something I really have think about:

I'm supposed to name 8 things that I would have in a perfect partner. CJ is about as perfect it gets so I'll probably describe him mostly....

1. He must understand my philosophy about sex...basically that a bed is an adult's playground.

2. As crazy as it may sound, but a 'you and me against the world' attitude.

3. Someone who respects the idea of the family and protects it.

4. Facial hair is a must!

5. He must be well read, worldly, enjoy the arts, and always quest for more knowledge.

6. He must be able to look into my eyes and look 'in to' me.

7. He must make me feel beautiful and unique even though I'm in that long list of average women.

8. And last, but never least...he has to make me laugh and keep enjoying life!

I'll tag eight others as instructed, but believe me I'll understand if you choose not to do it:

Married In Ohio
Mind of a Married Man
Crazy Love

Shiva & Shakti
Wants and Needs

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Different CBW

Greetings all and welcome to a different Cock Blog Wednesday.
Here's the question: Are all men pigs?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mac Attack

Now that I am no longer sick it seems as though it was my laptop's turn.
Nope, not a virus this time, rather a full fledged hard drive failure. I'm at the point now when it takes several tries on boot up to even get to my desktop. I was running Windows XP on a laptop that was only about three years old.
I was fed up!
For the first time in my life I walked into an Apple Store today and said "My PC is dying, I can't stand Windows anymore. I want a Mac"
I walked out with an IBook G4.
It's going to take a lot of getting used to, but luckily CJ is an Apple Specialist.
To be my site looks different in Firefox for the Mac, so let me know if anything seems to be wrong.
More of the usual soon....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Fantasy in One Act

Being fascinated sexually with women as well as men, I have always been on the lookout for that “certain” type of woman; one about my height, large breasts, and a way of carrying herself that exudes sensuality out of every pore.
A few women have caught my fancy, but there’s always been one model of woman that I have fantasized over and over about until my skin tingles: Kim Cattrall.
CJ knows this and last summer while I was on hiatus from my job, he happened to notice that a film was shooting in town with Ms. Cattrall as one of the stars, and made some discrete inquiries about local positions on the film crew in order that I might actually meet her.
Striking out for his own employment, he was able to secure for me a temporary position in the costuming department of the film company, and I was overjoyed when I learned that I would be on the team that “dressed” Kim before and after her daily shoots.
If you’ve ever been involved with a movie production, I can tell you that the days are grueling in length, with boredom being the largest part of the job. The interminable waiting for the camera, light and sound setups are long, with the actual filming taking up less than two hours of a twelve hour day.
This however, gave me lots of time to mingle with the cast and crew, and of course ingratiate myself to someone I have lusted over.
The hours dragged on, and at last the call was complete; the end of the day was at hand.
After the hangers-on and handlers had left Ms. Cattrall’s trailer, I started to remove her costume as she began to remove her makeup and of course, I shot a glance (or three!) at the curvy body that I had fantasized over for so long. Thank you CJ!
Not wanting to seem overly enamored with Ms. Cattrall as a “star” I had kept a low profile, however, I did allow myself to let slip in private conversation when no one else was around about my background in psychology, and my old college interest in pursuing a degree in sexual therapy.
This didn’t surprise her somehow, and we discussed at length our relationship with men, her three failed marriages and how work often gets in the way of a good relationship.
“Well, you seem to know a lot about these things Deb; but what I can’t figure out is why you would be working as a costumer on this film?” Kim said.
I then related my history with CJ, how we had gotten back together after so many years apart, and how he had found my job with the movie company, but stopped there, not wanting to scare her into thinking that I was some sort of stalker, but I couldn’t help blurting out “I think you’re gorgeous and one of the sexiest women alive, and CJ loves me so much, he got me this job, and…”
My voice was quavering and I think I was trembling with excitement – this beautiful diva her before me, and I almost let it slip that I wanted to kiss her and caress her breasts while she did the same to me.
“I’m sorry” I stammered, “You must think I’m awful!”
“No no no” said Kim looking up at me from her dressing chair, “I’m flattered”. “I think we both seem to have a lot in common, and you’ve been a dear to listen to me bitch about my problems with men.”
Then Kim stunned me: “Have you ever had sex with another woman?” she asked.
If you think I was flustered before this question, how do you think I felt at that moment?
“Well, yes, one time before.” Blushing, I sputtered. “But I’ve always been holding out for someone with more beauty, you know, in their soul as well as their body.”
I saw a slight upturn on her delicate lips and began to notice a twinkle in her eye when she then reached up to caress my face, her hands brushing by my own breasts ever so delicately. “Oh you poor dear!” she said and suddenly, without thinking, I did the unthinkable: I bent down to Ms. Cattrall and grasped her gently by her hair (a real no-no when you’re on the set), and kissed her lightly on her perfectly painted lips.
Ahh, the joy! Me! I was kissing Kim Cattrall – my Goddess – in her trailer!
Imagine my surprise when she rose from her chair, grasped me by the waist and pulled me into her, returning the kiss with all the passion and fury of a woman starved for love and the sensuous touch of another female.
Stunned was not a word that I have used lightly before, but now, I felt the enormous weight of its meaning in every fiber of my being.
“Oh, Miss Cattrall!” I gushed.
“Call me Kim, Debbie, call me Kim. And kiss me again!”
We fell backwards on her trailer couch embracing each other, kissing each other, touching each other with a passion that I have reserved only for CJ, and for her, few lucky men in Hollywood.
I took the opportunity to slowly stroke and caress those beautiful breasts that were pushing their way up my body as she kissed me and pulled slightly at my hair when I reached her nipples.
“Oh my god – I must have you. I must taste your pussy. I must suck your nipples” I cried as we clawed each other with increasing passion.
“No Debbie, me first”. was the last thing I heard before Kim’s hands shot down my pants and through my underwear to my already throbbing clit.
I swear, I had the biggest orgasm of my life when her delicate fingers gently probed my cit and mons pubis, so much so, that I found myself jerking my upper torso spasmodically to each rotation of her finger around my now greatly wet pussy.
As I was trembling and spasming with the ever increasing orgasms that flowed over my body, Kim had reached up and unfastened her bra to allow my fantasy to come to reality, and now each of those orbs bobbing gently over my face as she also removed her panties to reveal her trimmed bush.
Fumbling with my own clothes to remove them, Kim pursed her lips and tisk’d me “No no – you’ve dressed me all this time, not it’s my turn to do the same for you.”
I have never had my panties pulled down so slowly or so sensually before, and Kim turned around so that her pussy was directly over my gaping mouth which hung open in awe.
I’m sure that my eyes were going to pop out of my head, but I kept my composure as she finished her task.
It’s strange how two people on the same wavelength can know what the other wants, so I guess it was no surprise that we both found our tongues on each others clits so fast.
The feeling of her there was unlike any other sensation that I have ever experienced, and each of us worked the other like a virtuoso playing a Mozart concerto on the violin.
Up, down, around.
Delicate, hard, gentle and firm
Staccato and accelerando.
We danced, played, and explored each other for at least an hour before finally collapsing, the final strains of our sexual symphony’s notes drifting delicately off into the ether of each others arms.
“Well, what do you think”?
“Was that acting, or was that you”?
“What do YOU think”?
“I’m not sure; you’re a fine actress..”
“No, this was no act”
“Can I see you again”?
“I have to fly back to LA tomorrow, you know that.”
“But then?"
“But then there are the parties and those damned awards shows, and the stupid Access Hollywood shows I have to do for my publicist”.
“Will you be back”?
“Maybe. Debbie, remember, what we actors and actresses do is to create fantasy, and that’s just what this was – fantasy. You were a friend I could talk to that didn’t gush or fawn over me, and were always there for me. You gave me an ear to tell my problems to, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”
I sighed and rolled over, the smell of Kim’s perfume still lingering on my skin. It may have been a brief encounter on both of our parts, but I still thing I got the better end of the deal.
I haven’t seen Kim again, but she gave me her number and address in LA, and you know, I do have some “comp” time coming…
(legal note: this is a fantasy and did not actually occur)

Another Milestone

Thank you everyone. I hope you keep enjoying and we all keep growing.
CJ and Debbie....keeping it yummy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another 'Must See'

Since I seem to be getting sicker rather than better not much goes on at night here than watching movies.
CJ and I enjoyed this one this evening:More info on Inside Deep Throat here

There were many facets covered and I thought they were all interesting. From the discussion of censorship and social morality to the sexual revolution to the lives of Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems after the movie. There is a plethora of extras on the DVD that talk about things from the trials to Harry Reems Athletic Club. Because of my background in psychology I enjoyed the ideas that we all have such problems with sex and shame an immorality. All these are addressed the film also. One thing that fellow sexbloggers may find interesting is the discussion of the detereration of the porn industry due to first, VHS, then DVD, and finally the internet.

So clearly this is two thumbs up from CJ and Debbie. So get your popcorn and your honey and enjoy!

Too bad, if I could breathe through my nose, and my lips weren't chapped from the cold I might have been able to give CJ a decent blowjob...but I promise I'll make it worth his while later.

Tomorrow is a trip to the doctor...hopefully I'll some good stuff from him.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Taking Care

I'm sick right now. It's what I call a change of weather cold. All the ups and downs in the temperature makes people sick.
Anyway CJ is doing a terrific job of trying to make me comfortable.
One weird thing though....
Why is it that even though I feel like crap, I'm horney?
I'm not sure I'd even have the strength for a full round with CJ, not to mention slathering him with all my cold germs. I don't even feel sexy when my body aches like this.
So what is it?
CJ's theory is that it feels good and I want to feel good again.
Makes sense to me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Convergence at the Conference

The tone of my voice dropped, became softer, and I spoke more slowly.
“Your cock is so handsome. I promise I’d treat you right. I’ll give you anything you want.”
“Don’t turn this around on me Deb, you tell me what you want, beg for it.”, was his only reply.
I sighed, trying to decide what I would want first from him; it really didn’t take too long:
“I want to be on my knees for you. I want; no, I need your cock in my mouth. Please push that cockhead past my full, wet lips.”
I could hear him moan, ever so lightly so I continued with:
“Did that make your cock twitch?”
“You fucking cock sucking whore, you don’t ask me questions like that!”, he loudly replied.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just want to do right by you. I want to make you hard. I need to taste your cock!” I sobbed.
“Well bitch maybe if you shut up you could fit my meat in your mouth!”
Hearing that sent those electrical shots down past my tummy and to my pussy, making me wetter and ache more. I let out a small moan again.
“I’m running my tongue across your balls as I squeeze your dick”
Now it was his turn to moan and all he could seem to say was: “Yesss…”
“My tongue runs up your cock, tasting every inch, and since I never get enough I run back down again.”
This time he says nothing, only moans.
“My tongue snakes its way back up your hot meat and I easily pop your spongy head past my lips and teeth, look up at you and start sucking on it.”
I pull my cheeks in to make a sucking sound that he can hear.
“Ohh god…eat it all, suck my cock”, he said breathlessly.
“You watch me as slowly I suck you down my throat. Inch by inch your dick disappears from sight being replaced by the sensation of my warm, wet mouth sucking it.”, I tell him slowly and purposefully.
“Oh you cock sucking whore, now listen to this.”
The next thing I heard got me even more excited. He put the phone to his cock as he jerked off. I could hear that slippery, rhythmic, pounding of his meat.
This time it was me that was filling the room with moans. My pussy ached for release, and my hands ached to play with my clit, but I didn’t have permission yet. I was ready to beg again.
“I made your cock hard, can’t I please play with myself? Thinking of that cock of yours is driving me wild.”
“Touch yourself baby and tell me what you’re doing.”, was his answer.
A shiver ran down my back thinking of telling him how I was jerking off. I propped myself up on my pillows, bent my knees, and spread my legs. I could now see my bare pussy in the mirror across from the bed.
“I can see my pussy in the mirror. I’m moving my hand down and splitting my puffy lips. It’s a nice pussy just for you honey.”, I say
“mmmm…that it is my dear Deb, that it is. I love your hot cunt”, he answered.
“I can see how wet I am, my inner lips are all purple and shiny with my juices.
My clit is swollen and peaking out.”, I describe to him.
“Play with that pussy whore”, he demands.
Again, it’s easy to obey his commands.
“I’m slipping a finger into my steaming cunt now. I wish it were your hot stiff cock CJ. I’m still watching myself as I maneuver my thumb around my clit.”, I told him in between gasps.
“Push another finger in and fuck yourself you god damned nymph.”, was his next instruction.
“I’m pushing a second finger in, god I’m wet”, I moaned.
“That’s my cock Deb, fuck it.”, he said as I heard him jerking off again, this time at a faster pace.
“I’m riding my fingers and tugging on a nipple, can I cum? I want to cum on you, please?”, I begged.
“Soon baby, soon, let me hear you suck your tit.”, he said.
He’d seen me do this before in our bed. SO I removed my juicy fingers from my pussy and cupped my left tit, bent over and slurped my hard nipple into my mouth. I held the phone close by so CJ could hear my moans and the sound of me suckling my own tit.
“Deb I want to fuck you and make you cum”, he said, gasping.
“I wish I had more hands, I wish I had your hands on me.”, I said after letting my breast fall from my mouth.
“Cum for Deb, watch yourself cum in that mirror.”
I ached so badly I couldn’t think straight. Everything I did from now on seemed to be done on total animal instinct. I could barely keep the phone to my mouth because my palm was so sweaty. As I spread my juicy lips and played with my aching clit ever so gingerly, I murmured and moaned into the phone. I quickly hit that peak, that feeling of the point of no return. I knew once I felt that very first wave of orgasm it was downhill from there.
I sighed deeply and screamed into the phone:
“Fuck, fuck FUUUUUUCKK…I’m cummmming! Oh, I look so fucking glorious CJ!”
He didn’t say anything, all I heard was his deep breathing, but then I heard that that sound I live for when we are together, that familiar grunt right before his balls empty into me.
“Oohhh, mmmm, ahhh…fuck bitch, you did it!”, he said as he exploded.
After a short period of silence and repositioning, he said:
“Did you like that Deb? Feel better now?”
“mmmm,yummy”, was all I needed to say.
CJ laughed and promised me a better and longer time together when I returned home.
“Thanks babe, I love you”, I murmured.
“Sweet dreams babe”, he said.
I hung up the phone and turned out the light. I was smiling as I curled up against the pillows, closed my eyes, and fell asleep with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I would soon be winging my way home to make our fantasy a reality.

What Are You Wearing?

I was lying on a bed in another strange hotel, missing CJ.Business had again torn us apart for several days and I can never fall asleep without that feeling of CJ next to me. I have even arranged pillows next to me so I could have the feeling of a body next to me. It never really helped.

So I began my nightly routine to help me sleep when I’m away from CJ.
First, I get out of my stuffy business casual dress. I never feel comfortable in all that; I am much happier dressed in what’s comfortable.
Then I slip into an aromatherapy bubble bath.
Luckily, most of the hotels I stay at when I travel have some sort of bath additives and I do carry a small bottle in my kit, just in case they don’t. This time the hotel had supplied me with a wonderfully exotic scent: Sandlewood. Soon the warm water and scent envelop me and I feel my muscles relax.
It feels good, I think to myself, but not as good as the warm hands and musk of my lover. By spreading my knees apart I create my own very small wave, the bubbles and sandalwood lap between my thighs, up over my mound, to my navel and draw back again. It’s a warm, almost satisfying feeling.
I close my eyes and think of all my fluids ebbing and flowing. It makes me think of CJ again and of all the different ways he makes my personal tides move. Then my thoughts turn from the bubble bath lapping against me to CJ, his tongue creating the wetness inside me and outside his warm skin making my temperature rise.
As you can imagine it wasn’t too long until my hands moved between my thighs. I took the small round soap I was washing with and lightly ran it inside my thighs. My thighs quickly become slippery slopes and my fingers soap up my pussy lips.
I only teased myself. I didn’t want to get ‘all worked up’; it was bad enough CJ wasn’t here in the first place. I took several big sighs, moved my fingers away from my pussy, and just soaked, relaxing.
Next, I tune into some of my relaxation techniques while soaking, breathing deeply, removing the thoughts and stress of the day.
After some time I noticed that my fingertips were hitting the prune level so I stepped out of the tub, dried of, put on some moisturizer, and brush out my hair.
I still need to be hugged by something since my favorite hugger isn’t here to do it. My flannel nightshirt, the one CJ likes so much, does the job nicely, and falls over me quickly.
I walk over to the bed, more relaxed now, but nothing seems to get the thoughts of CJ out of my head. I start wishing he’d call. His voice is so deep and so sexy. He could read me the instructions to our coffee maker and I’d be turned on. I lie down, not ready for sleep yet. I figure some mind numbing show on TV might help and turn on the set. I go through the usual menu: video check out; hotel info; pay movies; adult movies, mmmm….should I?
I packed in a hurry and forgot to bring any toys with me on this trip. No! I want CJ! One of those movies would probably make me feel worse. I wish again that he’d call. I finally settle on the tried and true Tonight Show.
I have to admit that I am relaxed now. My eyes now open and shut, as I know that sleep will come. I think that after the seminars tomorrow I’ll be headed back home.
Goddess, I miss CJ!
Then, it happens: the phone rang!
My heart literally skipped a beat and I sat up straight in bed.
I quickly reach over and pick up the receiver, saying ‘hello’ expectantly.
And there it was, that soothing, deep, sexy voice saying to me: “What are you wearing?”
I giggle softly and fall right into the game. CJ had never been much into cybering or phone sex, but he knew I was, and was determined to fine-tune this technique for my sake.
So the fun begins….
“My black silk embroidered robe.. you know the one”
“Only too well” he answered.
“And you babe, and where are you?”
He went ahead and told me that he had a hard day at work and was relaxing on the bed. He was wearing his sweatpants and a t-shirt.
“I miss you so badly it aches babe,” I tell him
“Really and where exactly do you ache Deb?” he says, beginning the tease.
I explain the routine I had to go through to get relaxed enough to try to sleep without him in the bed. Then I answer his question quite directly,
“I’ve been thinking about you most of the night, my pussy aches.”
“mmm….I bet it does,” he replied, continuing the tease.
I didn’t want to wait for him. I didn’t want to waste time teasing each other here, so I got more aggressive:
“Damn, I need you to fuck me!”
“It’s not that easy bitch, I want to hear you beg, really beg for it”, he replied sternly.
I thought this would be easy, and things had taken a bit of an unexpected turn.
We had been apart for several days now and I figured that he would just do a quickie over the phone with me, we’d get off, and it would hold us over until tomorrow night.
Obviously, this wasn’t going to be the case.
CJ was worth it. I’ve begged for his cock before and I’d do it again, when it comes to him and Mr. Happy ‑ I’m not proud. I squirmed on the bed and loosened the belt of my robe.
“Please honey, please, the only thing that I need right now is you. I miss you in the worst way.”, I begged, knowing that it would be only the beginning.
CJ sort of laughed and told me I wasn’t telling him anything he hadn’t heard already and he wasn’t sure I wanted his cock and his cock only.
I squirmed a little again and moved my hand down to my warm mound, cupping my sex in my hand. I moaned, no whimpered just a little prompting CJ to speak again:
“No bitch. I know what you’re doing, but you keep your hands off yourself until I’ve been convinced you want me!”
I obeyed and told him so.
Tomorrow: Convergence at the conference.

Monday, January 9, 2006


I've just discovered that my site is basically unreadable if you are using IE6 as your browser.
I use Firefox, but the last time I looked at the site using IE was Friday and everything was fine.
I can't figure out what's wrong. I have emailed Blogger help, but I am not holding out much hope. My apologies if this is screwing up your experience here.
If I don't get satisfaction from Blogger soon I may have to start from scratch and that would take a long time considering the customizations that are on my page.

If anyone has any ideas I'd sure appreciate it.

Meanwhile I am still typing up me newest story, and you may want to double think the browser you use.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Proud To Be A Marylander

I found the following tidbit about the state where I live in the Clean Sheets Newsletter:

In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines with one exception: prophylactics may be dispensed from a vending machine only
"in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises."
(Is this a great country or what?)

And not to worry friends, I have been inspired and I'm currently working on my next story.
It feels great to be back in the swing again.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Why Struggle?

I recently read the following article Orlando Swinger Party Upsets Soccer Parents online and it immediately got me thinking about the Puritant/Victorian society we still live in.

It was the following quote I want to comment on:
"We're not prudes by any means," said Rob Young of Greenville, S.C., who said his two daughters, Leah, 13 and Lauren, 11, asked questions he struggled to answer. "

Why did he have to struggle? And against what?
One of the worst things we do to our youth is to help keep the mystery of sex intact. When things like sex are demystified then the fears are dissipated and ignorance is replaced with facts. Even better that knowledge is learned without having to have unsafe, promiscuous sex.

Another thing is the wonderful opportunity to let your children that not everyone in the world has the same values or beliefs as your family perhaps has. That those sexual preferences, for example, may not be ours, but they have the right to them and they are only different, not bad or wrong.

I just had to rant.
I feel so much better now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

And The Answer Is

CJ brought home this nice little wooden tool from the store where he worked (he actually quit yesterday to save his sanity) before the holidays.
After a lot of grinning and innuendo he made me guess what it was.
I couldn't figure it out.
Actually it's from India and is used for relaxation by rolling it between the palms of the hands.
I started doing it and walked around without even thinking about it. I think it really works.
We are still kind of curious of other things it could be rolled over for 'relaxation.
CJ says that our pal The Venting Housewife came the closest and is the winner.
Cheers to Beth !

Below are some pictures of the relaxation stick in use...

It's A Special Day

Let's not forget:



C J !!

I love you

and btw everyone, I'll post the answer to the tool question when I get home from work this evening....

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Deb's First Quiz

Below is a picture of a special little something that CJ brought home for me.
Can you guess what it is and/or what it's used for?
I'll give it 24 hours, then I'll post the answer.
Since I'm just a poor blogger all I can offer the winner is my undying

Monday, January 2, 2006

A Christmas Present

CJ really got me too much this Christmas. I got everything from some of my favorite perfume to a book I asked for (in my family it just isn't a holiday without giving or getting a book) to a train set (yes, another thing about me...I'm an avid model railroader, as is CJ).

But below is one of the best presents I wanted to share with you.
I think it will go in the bedroom, I'll put up a pic of it once it's hung.

I also created a button from the shot and I figure it will come in handy somewhere down the line in my posts, etc.

A Reaffirmation For The New Year

With the beginning of the New Year I would like to reaffirm something I told CJ back in July of 2004. It was at the height of our reconciliation and means no less now that we have had our first year living together since 1986.

Until my ashes are scattered in San Francisco Bay to be reborn, join your spirit again, and love you anew. I want you to know that:
I will nurture your health I will encourage you on your path I will keep you young I will remind you who you are and who we are.
In sadness, I will help you remember
In happiness, I'll be there to make memories with you
When you need someone to encourage you, I want it to be me.
When you need a helping hand, I want it to be mine.
When you long for someone to smile at, turn to me.
When you have something to share, share it with me.

We have already been through a lot together, I believe the universe has been preparing us for this moment and for what the future will bring us, together.

I will keep the good memories alive and let the bad ones die.
I will not let the sun go down on our anger.
I will treat each morning as a new day to love the gift I've been
I will look forward to more hopes and dreams and accomplishing them with the greater
force of 'us'.

I will not forsake you, I will keep the fire burning and will always hold your spark dear.

This is the pledge I make before the universe.

Catch Up - #1

It almost seems silly to be writing catch up post so early in the year, but because of events beyond my control that's what I have to do.
I had the week between Christmas and New Year's off, but was plagued with all sorts of problems, both physical and emotional.
I'm just on a run of bad luck and I asked all my loved ones to bare with me. Things in life ebb and flow, and I most assuredly will be on the upswing again. Because of all these problems, not to mention the stress of the holidays my sex life has been at nil lately. One reason is that I saw a new doctor for pain in my back. He prescribed muscle relaxents and Celebrex without asking me some important questions like 'Are you allergic to sulfa?' I am and therefore shouldn't take Celebrex. I broke out in a horrible rash all over. I was prescribed steroids, which now after 5 days are making me sick to my stomach. I haven't been able to shave anywhere because of the rash. It doesn't make you feel very sexy or attractive.

I want to wish everyone a happy, prosperous, and love filled New Year. Thank you again to all the bloggers out there that sent out personal regards to CJ and I.
I'm looking forward to my first full year in blogland and can't even imagine what the year will bring, but I say 'Bring it on!'

Onto my next post.....