Monday, January 9, 2006


I've just discovered that my site is basically unreadable if you are using IE6 as your browser.
I use Firefox, but the last time I looked at the site using IE was Friday and everything was fine.
I can't figure out what's wrong. I have emailed Blogger help, but I am not holding out much hope. My apologies if this is screwing up your experience here.
If I don't get satisfaction from Blogger soon I may have to start from scratch and that would take a long time considering the customizations that are on my page.

If anyone has any ideas I'd sure appreciate it.

Meanwhile I am still typing up me newest story, and you may want to double think the browser you use.


Desireous said...

Well that's a bummer, eh? I know with firefox I have trouble with a few blogs and have to resort to IE. It helps to have both browswers I think. Good luck!


SalsaTantra said...

Go to your Blogger template and look for the following lines:


< !--if I decide to do an image backgroud this is how it's done in CSS
background: url(;
background-attachment: fixed;
-- >

… AND …

< !--below taken out when poll added to remove extra ---- line -- >
< !-- border-bottom:1px dotted #444; -- >


The problem is that you are using a HTML comments tag < !-- -- > in a CSS stylesheet. In IE it does not recognize this as a comment tag. The correct way to comment lines in CSS is using /* text */

Firefox understands that you meant to comment the line, but IE is more ‘arrogant’.

If you delete the lines or change the tags it should work for IE.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It works!
It works!
Many thanks to salsatantra.
We'll have to think of a way to repay you. ;)
I'll also be checking out your site later this evening.
And can you beleive that I used to be programmer? I should have known

Aragorn said...

LOL, this is when you discover who all reads your blog (and speaks HTML gibberish). Glad it worked ... welcome back to the world of the seers ... Hugs - A

Tommy said...

Don't change it up, just post a link to Mozilla and encourage them to improve their browser. But I guess that you have it all fixed up now, I just hit you with IE6 and it looked fine.

Tommy said...

Wow, I should scroll up and read before I comment. I suck!

Suze said...

Nice to see you back Debbie. :)

hellas41 said...

Debbie....Great to have you back...

SalsaTantra said...

Hhhhmmmm .... repay me? .... I have a few ideas ....

Hahaha ... no problem dear Debbie .... you are welcome. I am glad I was of any help.

Take care. xxx

Midwestern City Boy said...

I have had the same problem in reverse. I usually use Internet Explorer. if I make a "major" change I make sure to check it in Firefox. But if its just something "small" I just make sure hate IE can render it. Anyway, I'm glad that everything is working now.