Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another 'Must See'

Since I seem to be getting sicker rather than better not much goes on at night here than watching movies.
CJ and I enjoyed this one this evening:More info on Inside Deep Throat here

There were many facets covered and I thought they were all interesting. From the discussion of censorship and social morality to the sexual revolution to the lives of Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems after the movie. There is a plethora of extras on the DVD that talk about things from the trials to Harry Reems Athletic Club. Because of my background in psychology I enjoyed the ideas that we all have such problems with sex and shame an immorality. All these are addressed the film also. One thing that fellow sexbloggers may find interesting is the discussion of the detereration of the porn industry due to first, VHS, then DVD, and finally the internet.

So clearly this is two thumbs up from CJ and Debbie. So get your popcorn and your honey and enjoy!

Too bad, if I could breathe through my nose, and my lips weren't chapped from the cold I might have been able to give CJ a decent blowjob...but I promise I'll make it worth his while later.

Tomorrow is a trip to the doctor...hopefully I'll some good stuff from him.


Midwestern City Boy said...

You have been sick for a while. I hope that you feel better soon.

I have seen most but not all of the "classics". Deep Throat is one that I have not seen. What I find most interesting is the notoriety of the film despite the prevalence of blow jobs in couple's sex lives. Of course there are also a great number of people for whom a BJ is something that you only read/hear about. That's the interesting think about our society; how different and widespread our viewpoints about sexuality are.

The internet has certainly transformed the porn industry. I expect there will be a push for high-definition porn soon so that "professional" porn can more easily be distinguished from amateur porn.

SalsaTantra said...

I remember seeing DT my first years in Amnsterdam. It was actually my first X-rated movie I saw in a cinema then. Talking about a proper sex-baptism. And the music plus lyrics ... it kept soudning in my head for a few months. I am getting it back again 'Deap Throath ... deeper than ...'

Do you rent the movie through netflix.com? Is it wort renting it that way?

SalsaTantra said...

Oops! Forgot ...
I hope you get well soon. Take care!

Aragorn said...

Great suggestion for a movie indeed. Deep throat is a classic ! Get well soon sweetie ! - A

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good wishes guys.
CJ took me to the doctor today and
I'm now on antibiotics and sinus meds. I'm sure I'll be back in no time. One good sign was that while I was in the waiting room I came up with an idea for a new story...it's going to take several posts to tell and it's still being formed, but I look forward to getting underway.

Salsa: yes I rented the documentary Inside Deep Throat through netflix.com (I can't get Deep Throat because they don't rent 'that kind' of movie)
and yes it's definetly worth it for someone like me who was always paying late fees or getting disgusted at the lousy choices at the local Blockbuster.
CJ and I love it, there's always a movie on hand if we feel like amovie instead of the same old same old.

DSMars said...

get well soon

The Mrs said...

Feel Better~

Our Dirty Secret has moved...New addy-

The Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Hi all...definetly on the orad to recovery now with the help of Amoxicillin. I'm even back to work now, although not for whole days yet.

the mrs: thanks for the head's up, I'll change the address on my blogroll and stop by and visit soon.

Cyber Erotic said...

Deb we announced our erotic writing contest last night and I couldn't get "Convergence at the Conference" out of my head .......... you so need to enter hun.

xxx Grumps xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow cyber...I'm glad you liked the story so much. I haven't been surfing much in the evenings lately so I haven't stopped by your place. I'll have to soon and check out the contest....thanks