Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Are You Wearing?

I was lying on a bed in another strange hotel, missing CJ.Business had again torn us apart for several days and I can never fall asleep without that feeling of CJ next to me. I have even arranged pillows next to me so I could have the feeling of a body next to me. It never really helped.

So I began my nightly routine to help me sleep when I’m away from CJ.
First, I get out of my stuffy business casual dress. I never feel comfortable in all that; I am much happier dressed in what’s comfortable.
Then I slip into an aromatherapy bubble bath.
Luckily, most of the hotels I stay at when I travel have some sort of bath additives and I do carry a small bottle in my kit, just in case they don’t. This time the hotel had supplied me with a wonderfully exotic scent: Sandlewood. Soon the warm water and scent envelop me and I feel my muscles relax.
It feels good, I think to myself, but not as good as the warm hands and musk of my lover. By spreading my knees apart I create my own very small wave, the bubbles and sandalwood lap between my thighs, up over my mound, to my navel and draw back again. It’s a warm, almost satisfying feeling.
I close my eyes and think of all my fluids ebbing and flowing. It makes me think of CJ again and of all the different ways he makes my personal tides move. Then my thoughts turn from the bubble bath lapping against me to CJ, his tongue creating the wetness inside me and outside his warm skin making my temperature rise.
As you can imagine it wasn’t too long until my hands moved between my thighs. I took the small round soap I was washing with and lightly ran it inside my thighs. My thighs quickly become slippery slopes and my fingers soap up my pussy lips.
I only teased myself. I didn’t want to get ‘all worked up’; it was bad enough CJ wasn’t here in the first place. I took several big sighs, moved my fingers away from my pussy, and just soaked, relaxing.
Next, I tune into some of my relaxation techniques while soaking, breathing deeply, removing the thoughts and stress of the day.
After some time I noticed that my fingertips were hitting the prune level so I stepped out of the tub, dried of, put on some moisturizer, and brush out my hair.
I still need to be hugged by something since my favorite hugger isn’t here to do it. My flannel nightshirt, the one CJ likes so much, does the job nicely, and falls over me quickly.
I walk over to the bed, more relaxed now, but nothing seems to get the thoughts of CJ out of my head. I start wishing he’d call. His voice is so deep and so sexy. He could read me the instructions to our coffee maker and I’d be turned on. I lie down, not ready for sleep yet. I figure some mind numbing show on TV might help and turn on the set. I go through the usual menu: video check out; hotel info; pay movies; adult movies, mmmm….should I?
I packed in a hurry and forgot to bring any toys with me on this trip. No! I want CJ! One of those movies would probably make me feel worse. I wish again that he’d call. I finally settle on the tried and true Tonight Show.
I have to admit that I am relaxed now. My eyes now open and shut, as I know that sleep will come. I think that after the seminars tomorrow I’ll be headed back home.
Goddess, I miss CJ!
Then, it happens: the phone rang!
My heart literally skipped a beat and I sat up straight in bed.
I quickly reach over and pick up the receiver, saying ‘hello’ expectantly.
And there it was, that soothing, deep, sexy voice saying to me: “What are you wearing?”
I giggle softly and fall right into the game. CJ had never been much into cybering or phone sex, but he knew I was, and was determined to fine-tune this technique for my sake.
So the fun begins….
“My black silk embroidered robe.. you know the one”
“Only too well” he answered.
“And you babe, and where are you?”
He went ahead and told me that he had a hard day at work and was relaxing on the bed. He was wearing his sweatpants and a t-shirt.
“I miss you so badly it aches babe,” I tell him
“Really and where exactly do you ache Deb?” he says, beginning the tease.
I explain the routine I had to go through to get relaxed enough to try to sleep without him in the bed. Then I answer his question quite directly,
“I’ve been thinking about you most of the night, my pussy aches.”
“mmm….I bet it does,” he replied, continuing the tease.
I didn’t want to wait for him. I didn’t want to waste time teasing each other here, so I got more aggressive:
“Damn, I need you to fuck me!”
“It’s not that easy bitch, I want to hear you beg, really beg for it”, he replied sternly.
I thought this would be easy, and things had taken a bit of an unexpected turn.
We had been apart for several days now and I figured that he would just do a quickie over the phone with me, we’d get off, and it would hold us over until tomorrow night.
Obviously, this wasn’t going to be the case.
CJ was worth it. I’ve begged for his cock before and I’d do it again, when it comes to him and Mr. Happy ‑ I’m not proud. I squirmed on the bed and loosened the belt of my robe.
“Please honey, please, the only thing that I need right now is you. I miss you in the worst way.”, I begged, knowing that it would be only the beginning.
CJ sort of laughed and told me I wasn’t telling him anything he hadn’t heard already and he wasn’t sure I wanted his cock and his cock only.
I squirmed a little again and moved my hand down to my warm mound, cupping my sex in my hand. I moaned, no whimpered just a little prompting CJ to speak again:
“No bitch. I know what you’re doing, but you keep your hands off yourself until I’ve been convinced you want me!”
I obeyed and told him so.
Tomorrow: Convergence at the conference.


ArtfulDodger said...

Oh yeah! That does the trick every time! Hate being on the road like that, so far away and lonely. But it sounds like you guys have it worked out between you. That is a great thing. :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I've been a road warrior before and hope never again. It gets old in a hurry. You and CJ seem to have found a way to connect while you're still separated. But I still wish you a wonderful homecoming.

Aragorn said...

Forgetting your toys when you travel ... Hmm, unforgivable ... ;-) And, what a yummy picture with this post ! Yummy, yummy ... Can't wait for the next part of the story ... - A

Dee's Husband said...

You know... I hit the blogs intending to satisfy my pseudo-intellectual need for literary stimulation... And then there's one humble picture of a wet vulva that derails my entire brain and any pretense of providing myself with cerebral enrichment goes right out the window. Am I complaining? Not on your life. All I want right now is to eat that pictured pussy for a month of Sundays.


Mrs.piggles said...

i like reading your blog, i feel happy for you as my boyfriend and i dont have sex that often and its always looked at as a chore.