Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spontaneity and Inspiration

Everything was so spontaneous today it's almost hard to figure out how to start here. This morning was a reminder that it is not only the mere solitude of an erotica writer from which stories spring, but actions. For actions will always speak louder than words.
CJ and I have spent most of this morning trying to get the failed PC to boot up one last time. There .qif (Quicken) files I still needed to transfer. I was not holding out much hope, there were problems even booting from the CD or reinstalling Windows. CJ geek magic finally got it going, but to no avail...a fond farewell to the PC-The_Matrix and a happy hello to the new Mac-Debbie Delicious. (can you tell I'm a geek? I name my cars and computers).
So next it was onto other Sunday chores, like grocery shopping. We headed upstairs to take showers and get dressed. Everything that happened next just sort of happened. I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow account here (if you'll excuse the pun), but rather a description.
As you can see here we didn't past the top of the stairs.

We just started playful kissing and caressing and I followed my instincts. Soon I was on my knees gobbling up his semi-hard cock, getting the thrill of feeling it grow in my mouth and his corresponding moans. With my latest maladies, I hadn't really been in the mood so it had been a while. The smell of his balls and taste of his cock drove me wild instantly. Once his cock had become stiffer and he had stripped me of my pajamas, I stood up and was pushed backwards onto our bed. Soon I felt that splendid feeling of when CJ's cock first parts my pussy and enters me. It is almost mystical in it's pleasure. A beautiful lovemaking session ensued. I came repeatedly on his stiff dick. I get drunk when we make love, I am taken somewhere else where our love is totally understood.
Once we had caught or breaths, hugged, and smiled some more the idea of the camera hit me. I originally wanted take a picture of how my pillow looked after being fucked hard by CJ.
Of course, other pictures followed.
Including another picture of what I can do to CJ's back when it just gets too good (if that's possible).

Finally, the inspiration:
Sex Bed Sunday.
CJ took pictures of our bed after our loving making. This what it looked like this morning.

So we figured it would even better if our fellow bloggers would join in. The more the merrier, right? The look of a bed after lovemaking can be even more erotic than any picture that includes bare skin.
So this is an invitation to join us in Sex Bed Sunday. Help celebrate Sunday mornings like CJ and I enjoyed. You can include this icon with a link back to this post if you'd like too.


Aragorn said...

Hmm, Sunday mornings are indeed the best. Yummy story !

Anonymous said...

I also judge the sex by the condition of my hair when it we're done.

luv the pic, girl

Anonymous said...

Yes, hair...I've been there.
That's another good one.
Perhaps a Godd Sex-Bad Hair pic?

Shay said...

Nice nice !!

I actually once had a lover who hated it when I scratched him ... it took me a while to re-learn how to do it.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Lazy weekend mornings are the best. And I like the photograph of the "scene of the crime". We will definitely participate in SBS next Sunday.

Aragorn said...

On a closer look, what's that drwaing on the wall next to CJ ? One of your other hobbies ;-) ? - A

CJ said...

No, sorry - that's a pencil drawing by Gustav Klimt...