Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another Tag You're It

The ever wonderful Venting Housewife has tagged me with something I really have think about:

I'm supposed to name 8 things that I would have in a perfect partner. CJ is about as perfect it gets so I'll probably describe him mostly....

1. He must understand my philosophy about sex...basically that a bed is an adult's playground.

2. As crazy as it may sound, but a 'you and me against the world' attitude.

3. Someone who respects the idea of the family and protects it.

4. Facial hair is a must!

5. He must be well read, worldly, enjoy the arts, and always quest for more knowledge.

6. He must be able to look into my eyes and look 'in to' me.

7. He must make me feel beautiful and unique even though I'm in that long list of average women.

8. And last, but never least...he has to make me laugh and keep enjoying life!

I'll tag eight others as instructed, but believe me I'll understand if you choose not to do it:

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Aragorn said...

Pleasant read sweetie ! Nobody is average, nobody ! - A

Midwestern City boy said...

Thanks for the tag. My answers are posted. I just happened to have some time today so this is probably the quickest I have ever done a meme.

And to second Aragorn, you are by no means average.

Pavlos said...

About your eight attributes -- well-chosen and articulated. Keep your eyes on the prize. I have been that man to my wife (pretty much, and right down to the facial hair), and we have been married for more than 25 years. As the days pass, I find myself loving her more.

Oh, one more thing. It has helped me to see our bond as strong and durable, but also fragile. I know that I can shatter it on any given day.

Great blog!
"Remain flexible until rigidity counts."