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The Overlook - A Reader's Guest Post Continues

I have a new regular reader that did me the honor of writing a story a while ago, this is a continuation of the characters created in that story.If you're interested in being a guest poster in this blog see the details at the end of the story. 
Now on with our couple...

Tyler Anderson had finally had his dream fulfilled when his neighbor Ken had come to him offering his wife Debbie to the 24 year old.  As a 50th birthday present for Debbie, Ken had talked their neighbors son into fucking her with his big cock to fulfill a fantasy of hers.  Unbeknown to him, the boy had fantasized about Ken’s big-breasted wife since hitting puberty 10 years before.
That fateful morning Ken had not only given a boy whose masturbation fantasy of choice was his pretty wife Debbie, a fix by letting him screw her silly on his kitchen table, Ken had shown Tyler her weakness and how to get this sexy wife again.

Once having sampled Debbie’s charms, Tyler was driven by the experience to have her again.  Debbie, being friends with his parents, had given him the chance he needed to get her alone rather easily.  He knew every Thursday night her husband Ken dropped her off at the English class she taught on his way to work.  Tyler’s mother was her ride home an hour and a half later.  This Thursday Tyler told his mother since he would be downtown shopping, he would have no problem bringing Debbie home for her.  Tyler’s mom readily agreed and he set his plan in motion.

That evening waiting in the parking lot, Tyler’s hand stroked his long thick length to life.  He had decided to start with visual stimulation on the sexy 50 year old.  He wanted to trigger her memory of what had filled her tight cunt several weeks before.  When she stepped from the building after class his thick 9 inches were obscenely displayed across the front of his tight sweats.

Debbie came out of her class looking around for her ride as Tyler pulled up and rolled down the window, “Mom asked if I would get you tonight Deb.”, he told her with a smile.

Not having seen Tyler since that fateful morning several weeks before, Debbie flushed at seeing the cute 24 year old.  Climbing into the car, her gaze dropped to his crotch looking at the large outline stretching the fabric.

“I’m taking the overlook route back, there is a wreck on I-7.” he told her matter-of-factly as her eyes came back up to his.

She swallowed before replying, “That’s fine Tyler.”

Her pulse raced as she tried not to look at her young companion.
The look on her face and the fact that her large nipples were now pushing out the fabric in the front of her dress spoke volumes.
As they drove in the darkness very little was said until Tyler pulled off the road on one of the hills into a wooded area.

“Tyler where are you going?”  Debbie asked her young chauffeur looking around.

“I haven’t driven up here in years, I just wanted to take a quick look at the city.” he replied as they emerged from the trees to a gravel clearing with a view overlooking the city lights.
Debbie had not been up here in years either, but knew this place was more for young kids to come look at the naked sights in their cars more than city lights.  Looking around she saw several other cars parked here.

“Tyler I can't be seen up here.  Can you imagine the gossip if someone saw me here?” she whispered sliding down in the seat.

As she looked over at him she saw he had pulled his throbbing manhood from his sweats.  His 9-inch cock lay splayed across his thigh as his palm ran up and down its length.
Her mouth went dry looking at his beautiful cock finally up close. 

“Tyler we can’t be doing this.  I’m married baby and I know … “ Loosing her thought and finally asking, “Can we just go now before someone see’s me?”

Just then, headlights raked across the windows of the car as another pulled up behind them.
Looking in the rear view mirror Tyler hissed, “Shit it’s a cop”.
Debbie slipped lower in the seat.
Panicky Debbie looked at him wide-eyed as Tyler reached over the seat pulling out a blanket from the back.
Spreading the blanket over his lap, he told her, “Get under the blanket like your giving me a blow-job”.
Her eyes wide she looked at him in disbelief.  “The last thing I want is a cop catching me sucking you off.  Are you crazy?” as she heard the door open and close to the cruiser behind them.

“Trust me Debbie, this has worked for me before, he won’t look under the blanket and will never know who you are, now hurry.”  He lifted the blanket from his lap.
Out of options, she groaned, “I can’t believe I’m doing this”.
Diving forward, she pressed her face into the hot flesh of his cock as he dropped the blanket over her head.
Just then a knock at the driver side window had Tyler rolling it down.  He looked up into a familiar face,  “Officer Raines how are you tonight sir?”  Tyler asked the Deputy Sheriff he had known since he was a young boy.

Under the blanket, Debbie’s gasp at the identity of the officer blew her hot breath across the swollen head of Tyler’s sensitive cock causing the boys eyes to half shut as he sucked in a deep breath.
Roger Raines had watched Tyler grow up and now stood over him watching the scene unfold on the boys lap.  Messing with him a bit would be something he could tell Tyler’s father the next time they met so he smiled as he started questioning the boy.
“Your eyes are looking kind of funny Tyler, have you been doing drugs out here”, Roger asked Tyler in a serious tone.

Debbie’s breathing on his cock was driving him crazy as the Deputy questioned him.  Finally, he slipped both hands under the blanket.  One grabbed the back of her head and the other his swollen penis.  He started rubbing his wet tip across her lips as his other held her head fast.
The moment her mouth opened in protest he fed his swollen knob into her mouth.  A long sigh and a whispered “Fuck yea” left his lips.
His eyes went back to the Deputy and he knew lying would get him nowhere.
“I mean nooo sir! I’m not doing drugs.  I’m...I’m getting my cock sucked sir and enjoying every second of it.”
Smiling inside Deputy Rains still in a stern tone asked Tyler, “Who might this little cock sucker be Tyler?”

“I promised to keep her identity a secret Rodger, can we just leave it at that?”  Tyler asked, his eyes pleading with the Deputy.

Wanting to push the boy’s buttons just a few more times, he thought for a moment and said, “Well, I dunno.  She could be a minor out here sucking your cock, and if it was found out later that I did nothing I would be in big trouble Tyler.”

“She is no minor Rodger, you have my word”, Tyler exclaimed through heavy breaths as his tool pressed deeper into her hot mouth.

“I’m sorry Tyler but I just cant take your word for that without some verification.” he said in his sternest tone yet, watching the young man squirm.
Debbie in her frustration with Tyler filling her mouth with his cock began to suck on it in earnest.  He felt her tongue running up and down the hardening hot flesh filling her mouth.
After a groan from Debbie’s oral ministrations on his cock, he turned to the Officer and out of breath exclaimed, “She has a small butterfly tattoo on her ass Deputy Raines.  You know she had to be at least 18 to have gotten that.  Get on your knees baby and let the deputy check.” ,Tyler said between a few more deep breaths as his heart raced from her mouth now sucking his large knob.

Debbie couldn’t believe that Tyler was asking her to put her ass up to be examined by a friend of her husband no less.  Unable to find any other solution to her predicament though she slowly crawled up onto the front seat raising her ass to the passenger window.
She listened to the crunch of gravel as the Deputy walked around the car.

“Have the little lady move back some Tyler so I can see better”, the deputy said smiling at the girls predicament and the fun he was having with them.
Tyler began to slide over holding the blanket over her head and shoulders as Debbie crawled backwards until her ass and legs were up against the door and window.
She heard Deputy Raines open the car door behind her and felt a cool breeze on her skin as her dress was lifted over her ass-cheeks.  Her face burned with embarrassment knowing her ass was bare to one of her husband’s friends.  She started to pull her mouth off Tyler’s hard cock when his hand pressed her back down filling her mouth with his hard flesh and holding her tight.
His fat cock sank to the back of her wet hot mouth making him groan out his next words.  “It’s back there... just...check.”

“Not too many under age girls wear panty hose Tyler, I’ll give you that”, he replied as his fingers hooked underneath the waistbands of her pantyhose and panties.

She tried again to pull off Tyler’s cock to tell them her tattoo was on her lower back and not her ass to try to stop the hands from exposing her now moist sex to her husband’s friends eyes.  Lifting up in alarm her head was again pressed down onto Tyler’s hard young cock as he groaned yet again as his sensitive head pushed down her throat.

The Deputy’s fingers peeled her panties and hose down over her ass to the middle of her thighs exposing her round soft ass and shaved pussy.
“My, my Tyler.  You have got you one fine piece of ass tonight.”

The lips of her cunt began to get wet at being exposed to a man who was at her house almost weekly with her husband to watch football.  Debbie and Alisha Raines, Rodgers wife, were good friends and here her husband had her bare ass and pussy in his hands.
Debbie felt the rough leather of the Deputy’s gloved finger slide down between the cheeks of her ass over her brown little bud.  An involuntary moan slipped past the cock filling her mouth as the finger continued to part the lips of her sex running the length of her wet slit.  The rough tip of the glove rubbed her swollen clit eliciting a moan with each pass.  It was exciting to feel the sensation of leather playing with her clit, it seemed as though her entire pussy became more sensitive to it.

“Tyler we have a problem my young friend.  I don’t see any tattoo on this beautiful ass and this girl does not have a lick of hair between her legs.  I am really thinking I had better I.D. her I’m afraid, I’m almost positive she is under age now.” he said with a chuckle as his gloved finger moved into a slow rhythm of rubbing her hard swollen clit.

Her ass rising higher into the air under the onslaught of the rough wet leather on her sensitive bud, Debbie blurted out around the cock in her mouth, “Lllook Hhggigger.” as a long low groan followed her outburst.
Her mouth was now sucking her young neighbor as his hips rose and fell from the seat pumping her mouth.
Roger Raine’s pushed the dress higher onto her back as his eyes widened at the small heart shaped tattoo above her hip.  Below the tattoo was the word “Pet” and the officer from years of putting pieces of evidence together immediately connected an assortment of facts from his own life.
It had been months earlier on a bowling night with Debbie’s husband that they had talked about tattoos.  Ken had mentioned Debbie’s heart tattoo to him and how he had just gotten her to put the word “Pet” beneath it.  The fact that his good friends wife was out here in the woods sucking off her neighbors son, and having her pussy played with by him, had his cock instantly straining under his uniform.
Roger made the decision then that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He unzipped his trousers pulling out his stiffening cock as he continued started talking, “I’m thinking I know the difference between a real and fake tattoo Tyler, I think there is only one way to see if she is under age now.”
Tyler was hardly listening anymore, his eyes half closed and breathing ragged as his cock pumped his hot little cheating housewife’s mouth.  His hands full of her hair, his hips fucked her mouth with abandon as his head rolled back on the seat.
Debbie at first thought it was the officer’s finger pressing into her raised cunt when her eyes went wide with the realization that her husband’s friend was filling her cunt with his hard cock.  A moan left her lips as the large caliber gun between his legs pushed to the bottom of her wet holster.

A sting ran across her ass as his leather glove came down hard on her upraised ass-cheeks getting her attention.
“Time for you to show me your not some little under age school girl.  You have 5 minutes to use that pussy like a woman and make me cum or I drag you out from underneath that blanket and take you down to the station.” he barked.

A shiver of fear ran up her spine as she started moving her ass back and forth along his hard length.  Her hips rocked and slapped back against his police utility belt, driving his long cock deep into her pussy.  Flexing every muscle between her legs, she milked his cock with every pass hearing him draw long breaths.

“My god you know how to fuck baby.” he groaned as she brought him closer and closer to release.  His hands slid across the top of the car pressing down holding himself still as her hips and cunt worked his cock like a velvet glove.

Almost instantaneously Debbie felt her young lovers cock jerk in her mouth, filling it with his hot thick love.  Her ass was a blur as she rode the Deputy’s cock closer and closer to release.
Feeling Roger’s hips press tight to her ass, his weapon of sex fired deep in her cunt.
He emptied all his cylinders firing round after round of hot seed deep in his friend’s wife.  His head slumping on the top of the car holding tight after firing his last shot.  With a wet plop, his softening gun slipped from her leaking cunt.
He pushed his wet tool back into his police trousers and ran his hand over her beautiful bare ass.  “You made me a believer baby, you’re definitely a woman.
“Later Tyler.  Stay out of trouble”, he said as he staggered back into his cruiser and with a crunch of gravel slowly drove off.

Debbie pulled the blanket from her head and sat up on the seat.  “Oh my god Tyler.  One of my husband’s best friends just fucked me.  He is at our house every Sunday and Monday night for football”, her eyes looking into his with fear.

He slipped across the seat soothing her with his voice and holding her.  “He had no idea who you were.  Don’t you worry your beautiful little head baby, I’m sure the next time you see Officer Raines the only thing he will ask you for is another beer.”

His mouth moved to hers and opened taking her tongue in a deep kiss as he wrapped his arms around her.  The heavy kissing slowly led to his hands slipping under her dress and bra as each hand wrapped around a soft hanging globe.
Through his kisses she told him, “Tyler you really need to get me home baby”.
The fire between her legs was burning hot.  Not having gotten off on Rogers cock she was torn between getting home to her husband and the now again stiffening cock of her young neighbor in her hand.
Tyler had no such compunction.  If Debbie’s husband had made one mistake in having Tyler fuck her on her birthday, it was in telling his young neighbor how easily his wife was dominated.  Tyler had fantasized about this older woman for years growing up next door.  With the body of a curvy sports car, Debbie’s husband had inadvertently given his young neighbor a set of keys to take her out whenever he chose.

Right now he turned that key.  “Get your fucking sloppy cunt on my cock.”  He growled at her as he twisted her fat nipples in his strong fingers.

Her mouth opening in a wide O as she groaned from the pain shooting from her nipples.  All thought of getting home to her husband disappearing as a need to obey burned bright in her mind along with a desire to quench the fire between her legs.
Peeled off her hose and underwear she climbed across his lap and straddled him.  Her hand pushed the fat head of his cock between the lips of her wet cunt and she eased herself down onto his thick 9 inches of hot flesh.  A moan rang out into the cool dark night air as her ass came to rest on his upper thighs.  “Oh god baby your big cock feels so good.”

Nothing could stop the passion that was building with each quickening rise of her hips.  Finally, two softly whispered words broke the silence.  “Fuck me,” she hissed.
Looking into her eyes he asked her with a steel tone in his voice and hard eyes, “You ready to please your man again Debbie?”

A shiver ran down her back as her arms wrapping around his neck.  Sliding up and down the long fat shaft stretching her cunt she slowly replied in deepening breaths,  “So, you like fucking other men’s wives?  Is that it, Tyler?” she murmured into his ear.

Tyler’s hands remained on her tits, squeezing and kneading them.  Pushing them together his thumb and forefinger on each hand found her nipples, and gently squeezed, causing her to gasp in pleasure.  “Absolutely”, he breathed.  “There’s nothing sexier than a cheating little housewife.”

Tyler smiled into her lusty eyes knowing she was going to have a lot of explaining to do tonight when she arrived home late because he was going to keep this little wife very busy pleasing him for hours to come.

 This could be the beginning of a brand new adventure in Dirty Debbie's Diary.  Would you like to write a story of you doing me?  Put your fantasy down on digital paper and send it to me.  Share it with all the like minded people here.  If I see there is interest I'll promote the feature because you know how I feel - The more the merrier! 
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