Thursday, November 10, 2011

Debbie Does You #11 - Ride 'Em Cowgirl

I think it's so much fun how often people ask for me to write about threesome fantasies.  I think it's the most common fantasy out there.  It's also fun because many of them ask for me to one of the partners.  Today's DDU is no exception.

Dale and I had been living in Wyoming for over ten years now and I getting more lonely than I had expected.  You would think it would be fun being surrounded by men, but that isn't the case.  Our sheep ranch was large and much of the time was spent alone.  I missed having another woman to talk with.  Ever since our cook, Kim, got pregnant and left I've not only been burdened with more work, but I'm isolated again, wishing I could at least see more of my husband.
 Today, I got tired of it and put an ad on our website:

 Wanted: Experienced ranch cook
Looking for a female cook that is a self-starter.  Cook MUST have good food management skills and is required to buy, prepare, and cook three meals every day for the crew.
 Ranch provides housing and boarding.

Nothing really out of the ordinary in the ad, other than the specific request for a female.  Since this was my responsibility I could post the ad, interview possible candidates, and hire without input from my husband, Dale.
The days and then weeks went by.  I had forgotten how tedious it was to interview people for a job.  I had been through 15 applicants within a month and still haven't found a cook with not only the experience for a ranch our size, but that with which I felt comfortable.  I know that I wasn't advertising for a friend or companion, but with so few people around it's important that an employer and employee get along.

After six weeks I was starting to lose hope and I only had a couple of applicants left to interview.  Later that afternoon I started appointments with the last three applicants I had.  The first one that came in was Bonnie.  She had a lot of experience considering her age; she was about 5 years younger than I was.  The last ranch she worked on was in Arizona, so the change in climate was striking.  Her former ranch was smaller, but I gave her a chance and listened to her plans.
That evening I went through the last applications I had received and the notes I had taken.  I kept coming back to Bonnie.  She was young, enthusiastic, and smart.  I called her the next morning and offered her the job.  She accepted and plans were made for her to come and complete paperwork and move into her quarters.
Not long after that, I found out that Dale and the rest of the crew would be back. Bonnie and I started planning our menu for the great return and the upcoming 4 weeks the whole crew would be around.

It was wonderful seeing Dale come home again.  He was all tan and strong looking and I had ached for him for two months.  I needed to be with him almost immediately.  Without any shame, I ran out to meet him and fell into his arms, kissing him passionately, right there for the world to see.  I think I felt him harden against me right away.  I took his hand and ran into the house with him.

"Let's take a shower together, I'll clean your back", I said coyly.
All Dale did was smile, that intoxicating smile I feel in love with, and nodded.
The shower was warm and invigorating for the both of us.  The feel of a man's skin when it's slippery with soap is a tactile pleasure for me.  The site of Dale's semi-hard cock didn't hurt either and I took hold of it and started stroking.

"Oh baby I've missed you so much", Dale moaned.
I turned off the water and gently lead Dale by the cock to our bed.  We were all warm and wet and slippery, especially me, because it was a fair description of my pussy.
One great thing about Dale being gone for extended lengths of time was the hot sex we had when he returned.  Tonight was no exception.  We just needed to fuck!  Not a sweet long session of lovemaking, that would come later.  His strong thick cock was at full attention now.  He forcefully spread my legs wide; I tilted my hips upward and begged for him.  His cock stretched open my cunt and slammed deep inside me, balls deep.  I moaned out in the ecstasy of taking in my lover inside me.  He felt like hot metal inside me and my pussy hugged his cock to draw him into me and then unclenched to ease him up again.  The strokes were deep and fast and I fucked him back just as hard.

It was a wonderful four weeks, being able to work with Dale again.  Almost every night seemed like a re-exploration of each other.  His rock hard cock always showing me how much he missed me.  He approved of Bonnie and we planned some things together for the upcoming holidays.  That was the next time I would see him, in about 5 weeks.  When the day came that he and his crew had to leave, it felt as though he had just come back.  We waved good-bye to each other and Bonnie and I got back to running the household.

Days passed, and there was a big chore that Bonnie and I had to tackle before the men got back, a full cleaning of the kitchen, this included sweeping out the fireplace and restocking the pantry.  We had been working on it for two days, and time was running out.  I wanted to finish up so we got going first thing in the morning.  Over breakfast, we spoke of how lonely it gets without the men around.  Bonnie admitted that she had heard Dale and I making love when he was home last time.  I wasn't really embarrassed by it.  I revel in the wonder of making love with my husband and I told her so,
"It's a celebration of love you heard, all I can say is I hope you enjoyed it."

"I did, in many ways, you know it gets lonely here for me too.", she said wistfully.

I felt sorry for her especially since she such a caring and pretty young woman.  We commiserated with each other over coffee before we began the day's chores.
We had saved the worst to last, don't ask me why, a sweeping out of the fireplace and a restocking of inventory in the pantry.  I felt it best if we split up the work.  I took on the fireplace; Bonnie did the pantry.  All of a sudden a heard a loud 'thud' and Bonnie yelling "Oh Shit!"
I ran to her and two 20 pound bags of flour had fallen off the shelves and burst as they hit the ground.  Bonnie was covered in a light covering of flour.  It was almost laughable, but I saw that she seemed overwhelmed all of a sudden and began to cry.  I was practically her opposite, I was covered with soot.  I went to Bonnie and held her, rocking her, telling her everything was all right, it wasn't worth getting this upset over.

"We need to clean up", I was great at stating the obvious.

I didn't want to track flour and soot through the house to get upstairs, so we went to the shower outside the kitchen.  I started the water running, and told Bonnie to get her clothes off and wash up.  There was only a two-side screen to give a small amount of privacy, but Bonnie didn't care.  I turned my back to her as she got under the stream and I threw her clothes back into the kitchen.

"Debbie, there's no soap", Bonnie shouted out.
I grabbed the bar from the sink and brought it out to her.  She came out from behind the screen and into full view for me.  What a beautiful woman!  I realized I was staring and apologized.
"Join me Debbie, please", she asked

I didn't even think about it, I took off my clothes and got under the shower with her.  Bonnie handed me the soap and I began to lather her up.  It was sort of funny to think that I had been in a similar situation with Dale about 3 weeks prior.
I ran the suds over her breasts, her nipples were rock hard.  I thought maybe that the water wasn't warm enough, except I felt mine getting just as erect.  I was gentle with her; we didn't say a word to each other.  My hands, rubbed the soap to get more lather, then rubbed her shoulders, her back, breasts, and thighs.  The flour was off her no time, but I continued.  I was rinsing the water off her thighs when she spoke to me again,
"Go ahead Debbie, it's all right".

I knew what she wanted and I used the soap bar to run up and down her slit, sliding quickly over her swollen love nib.  She put her hands on my shoulders and told me how good that felt.  I stood back up and she took the soap from my hand, and did the honor of giving the same kind of washing.  The soot was off me quickly too, but she continued, finally kissing my ear.  She pushed her breasts again me as she kissed my neck.  I hadn't been with another woman since I was in college and truthfully, it was nice to have the feeling of a warm soft female pleasing me again.
I turned the water off, grabbed nearby towels for us and headed back inside.  Bonnie seemed apprehensive, as though she had done something wrong.  Once we were back inside, Bonnie started to apologize,
"I'm sorry Debbie, I don't know what came over me.  Are you going to fire me?''
I laughed, assured her that she still had her job, and took her by the hand and told her to be quiet.  Then I lead her to my bedroom.

I got on the bed and took my towel off.  When Bonnie saw me, she did the same.  She slid on top of me and started to kiss me, deeply and moaned into my mouth.  I gasped as she moved to neck, nibbling on it.  Her hands moved up to squeezed my tits, pushing them together; she treated each nipple with equal pleasure, sucking on one, letting it pop out of her mouth, then the other.  My hands moved down to her ass checks and I pulled her closer to me, beginning to finger her little puckered asshole.  She pulled herself up and wiggled her ass around my finger.

"So you like that Bonnie?", I asked.

She let me know just by nodding her head and moaning that she did.  I told her to open the nightstand drawer.  I jumped off the bed and went through my toy drawer, finding the perfect treasure, my strap-on. 
"Now Bonnie, get on your hands and knees for your boss".
She did as she was asking, looking back at me as I adjusted the strap-on.  I spread her ass cheeks and licked at her tight red hole, rimming her as my hand gave short slaps to her clit.  I gently bit her ass cheeks, and then licked at her asshole all the way down her slit to her pussy and back again.  Pleasure was washing over the both of us, delighted once again on the wonder of womanhood.  I leaned over her and tugged on her nipples.

It must have been our moans that caused the interruption of the female delight we were experiencing.  Dale was home and I didn't realize it right away.  I thought I heard a ruckus downstairs and turned around; there was Dale in the doorway!  When I stopped playing with Bonnie, she turned around and saw him too.  I immediately felt awful.  I suppose technically I was cheating on him.
"Dale, please understand", I said timidly.

He didn't say anything, he was looking past me.  I thought his anger was building, until I realized he was looking at Bonnie who was motioning him to join us.  Dale started moving towards us.
"Don't worry Debbie", he assured me
"Please continue"

I was so glad he said that, the smell of Bonnie's wet pussy was making me wetter and wetter and I wanted to fuck her.  Dale got in front of her and asked her, "Do you like men too?''
Bonnie assured him that she liked cock just as much as pussy.  Dale said it had been too long since he had seen a woman and now that there were two available to him, he wasn't going to hold back.  Dale was out of his dusty jeans and shirt in no time.

"Dale, Bonnie likes getting her ass played with, so I'm gonna fuck her up the ass", I announced.
I told Bonnie to move around and suck my cock to lube it up.  She stayed on her hands and knees and pulled my strap-on into her mouth.  She sucked on my special cock like a pro as I grabbed her hair and brought her face farther into my crotch.  Dale decided to help lube her up by licking at her cunt and drooling onto her asshole.
"She's ready Deb", he told me

Almost instinctively Bonnie turned around, tilted her ass up and wiggled it a bit, I eased my strap on into her tight hole, spreading it wide.  I rocked in and out of her, she moaned with each thrust, and then got louder as I fingered her dripping cunt.  Dale stayed standing facing us by the bed with a shit-eating grin on his face.  I don't know which he liked better, watching me with another woman or the idea of two women servicing his cock.  He first joined in my tugging on Bonnie's nipples.  I think her tits were actually bigger than mine were and she had darker areolas and big hard nipples, just the kind Dale liked.  He moved under her and bit on them just as I was shoving my thick rubber cock inside her.  Her moans of pleasure sent shock waves from my gut to my pussy.

I figured by now Dale's cock must have an indescribable hunger for pussy.
"I'm going to fuck the hell right out of you Bonnie", he said.
He sat on the edge of the bed and told me get my cock out of her ass because he was going to put a real one in there, hot and hard.  Bonnie sat on Dale's lap and leaned her back against his chest as I watched his cock disappear into her rosebud hole.
Kneeling in front of them I spread Bonnie's legs wide and Dale made her bounce on his dick.  This gave me a chance to lick and suck at Dale's nuts.  They were big and shaved; I loved how they felt in my mouth and the smell of them in my nose.  Now it was his turn to add his voice to moans and groans of pleasure in our bedroom.
After using my tongue as a platter for his heavy balls, I moved to the base of his rock hard cock, then to Bonnie's slit.  Her pretty pussy was exposed, but it wasn't getting any attention.  I decided I would give it the love it richly deserved.

Bonnie's slit was warm and silky, her juices were like a nectar, and when the tip of my tongue found her clit, it was swollen and not only peeking out from the inner folds of lips that usually hid it, it was purple and crying to be noticed.  The tears that wept from her clit were some of the most tasty pussy nectar I had ever had.  I cupped Dale's balls as I flicked and licked and sucked on it.  My hands were free to feel the majesty of her breasts and I explored them at the same time.  It wasn't too long until the room was pierced with her scream and she came, squirting into my mouth and over my lips.
Dale was the next to feed me.  I know he had been holding back a while.  I could tell by how heavy and tight his balls had gotten.  The familiar gasp and groan he uttered meant he was cumming, so I began to milk his balls by gently tugging on them.  His load shot into Bonnie's ass, it was intense and it was massive.  His warm jizz dribbled out of her and I gobbled it up as soon as I could.

We all got loose of each other and landed on the bed, laughing and catching our breaths.
I still needed to be serviced.  I still wanted to welcome Dale home.  I figured we would have our time together later that night.
We all seemed to get along so well.  The time that Bonnie had alone here was starting to get to her and I think she had left a bad situation or relationship before she got to our place.  I could feel it, the way women do.  We asked her if she would be staying on after this, especially because of the holidays.

Bonnie wanted to stay at least until the Spring.  I liked that.  I wanted to be with her again.  I wanted to work out a new living arrangement.  I thought we might have more to learn from each other.  All three of us had more to explore.  We had a few more months to do it.

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