Saturday, February 28, 2009

BBF #2 Ze-bra

Sorry folks I'm a day late with Beautiful Bras Friday, but I think it's worth the wait.

Our first independent BBF was anonymously through a Blackberry. What a beautiful silk demi.
I don't know who you are, but thanks for the kick off!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Unlocked Door-Part 2

Please read Part One (The Unlocked Door) before enjoying this story.

So there I sat, the cop sitting across from me continuing the script from my Talk Dirty To Me chat room. I didn’t mind being reminded….
These words became a lot more real that I ever thought they would. My cop started doing his part, almost immediately. It was his hands that I felt running into my wet pussy. It was his teeth that bit down on my nipples. He was firmly telling me what a slut I was as he kept reading the chat. It was perfection, my pussy being played with at the same my tits are being nibbled, and I’m being told what a damn slut I am.

[Dirty Debbie note: for easier reading of Debbie's chat click on the pictures of the screen]

He got about this far when he stopped to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. I could easily see his stiff bulging dick. He kicked his shoes off and took off his pants. His cock was a lot more comfortable, at attention and his one eye starring at my pussy. He put the laptop on the table as he moved close enough tease my wet slit with his cockhead. He kept reading from the script I had seemed to have written for him.

I may not to have been able to move much, but I sure could feel his slippery, hot, rock hardness filling up my tight cunt and stirring me up from the inside. He got it all back from me too, my velvety wet pussy hugged him with each thrust.
I didn’t need the script to tell me when to moan, I knew exactly when to.
He would thrust a few times, teasing me by stopping to read some more to me, then he’d shove his hot rock hard cock into me again. A few more thrusts and then a few more lines from the script. It was becoming fucking agonizing.

At that point neither of us could take the fact I was firmly fastened to a dining room chair. The cop positioned me to his liking and so he could follow the script:

I heard the door open again. This time it was different, the sound of a key turning in a lock prefaced the steps walking down the hall.
I knew who it was, and I knew how he would find me, my ass in the air moaning as a complete stranger, a cop no less, fucks my slut brains out.

As before, that’s another story.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CBW #103 Memories

This week's CBW was donated by Mr. W. He is a past contributor who's email just read:
Remember me?

I never forget a face Mr W.

Friday, February 20, 2009

BBBF #1 The Beginning

I'm kicking off BBBF with a picture of myself and a classic one at that.
Regular readers for years may remember that I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago.
This picture is me in one of my beautiful 40DD bras after surgery. If you look closely you can see the scar in the middle, just below the underwire.

I now look forward to my readers sharing their beauty.

There is a vast number of breasts and beautiful lingerie to adorn them with.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CBW #102 A Garden of Eden

It's fun when I have more that one picture to choose from. Such was the case in this week's submission....

I enjoy the passion of your blogs. I hope you enjoy these.

Adam, with the way you're pointing at me I'm sure all of our fine female readers would like to be your Eve and bring you to her garden.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vindication !

Usually I would wait until Sunday to present any sex news that I had run across for the week.

I just couldn't hold this information back. Being a woman that does a lot of her clothes shopping at Lane Bryant I like the data from this study. I doubt that it will change the preconceived notions men have about women, including my dear CJ, but there is still a feeling of vindication.

I have included excerpts about "The Curious Correlation Between Weight and Sex" below. Click on the link to get the whole story.

....According to research published in the September issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, overweight women are more likely than their skinny sisters to report that they've had sex with a man -- 92% of overweight women reported having had sexual intercourse with a man vs. 87% of women of normal weight.
"It's totally unexpected," says Marie Harvey, the Oregon State University professor who co-authored the study with Dr. Bliss Kaneshiro, assistant professor at the school of medicine at the University of Hawaii....

The study's objective was to look at the impact of body mass index on sexual behaviour, and all other measures -- such as age of first intercourse, number of partners, frequency of intercourse and sexual orientation -- showed no difference between normal weight women and overweight women....

Prior to the release of the study's results, many hypothesized that overweight and obese women would be less sexually active than their normal-weight counterparts.
"It's our stereotype that men are attracted to slender women," says Harvey, who adds that thin women are often perceived as more sexually empowered....

© Copyright (c) Canwest News Service

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Unlocked Door-Part I

It was another lonely Saturday afternoon. I thought I’d at least have some fun. I got comfortable in my chair, and opened up my little lavender mesh bag that holds my pocket rocket, it’s the perfect vibrator for afternoon playtime with Debbie. Next to be opened was two websites that join me at playtime. First, the site that helps to keep the erotic writer in me going, and Redtube. It is a wonderful mixture of erotica of the mind and the pornography of the body.
Through my words I was enjoying heightening the sensual sides of the men and women I was chatting with. Of course, they were doing the same for me. Soon my scooped neck t-shirt was up and my tits were out of my bra, draping over the underwire.

I had pulled and twisted on my nipples in between chats and they were now at attention and hard as pink erasers. The chat room had gone quite, but I was aching and soaking and needed to make my pussy explode in waves of pleasure. Now, I would take what I consider the cruder and quicker way to get there, my favorite porn. As I watched a blonde bitch suck and fuck a very lucky man I almost mindlessly pulled my pants down. No worries about panties, on weekends I don’t normally wear them unless I’m going out. My pocket rocket was humming along as the small bumps on the tip tickled my swollen clit and inner lips perfectly. Soon I was on the edge and cumming. Being alone I could be totally uninhibited, so I moaned out and screamed obscenities as I came.

Not too long after that I heard the familiar sound of the door opening. I hadn’t realized that it was getting close to the time that CJ would be coming home. I didn’t hear CJ’s normal greeting, rather I heard heavy steps coming towards the living and a man’s voice saying “Are you all right ma’am?”
My answer consisted on a small “um-huh”.
As he turned into the room he started to say,
“The neighbors are….worried”.
I was there in my chair, pants at my knees, my tits hanging out, and a vibrator in my hand. I looked at him and just smiled. As many women will tell you, there is something about a man in uniform. I just sort of melted and waited. He stood and stared.
I finally got up enough courage and said,
“I guess they thought I was being hurt in here, I was only cumming…hard”.

I smiled again, making no attempt to cover myself. He didn’t look like he thought this was all fun, he seemed more upset. I worked at pulling up my pants and as I did he grabbed my laptop from me. Part of my last chat was still on the screen. He read the screen for a couple moments then took out his handcuffs. He told me to move over to one of the dining room chairs. As I started to sit down he moved to the door quickly and locked it. As he came back he insisted that I totally strip before sitting down. I always love a surprise, but this was a little weird. I wondered if I had to scream whether anyone would do anything, especially since a cop car was outside my condo. Once I was in the chair he handcuffed my arms behind me and set another chair right across from me. What he did next was almost torture.
He started to read to me the most recent session I had in my favorite chat room.
My readers know that I believe the brain is the largest sex organ and what happened next proved my theory.
Read about what I heard and saw in Part Two.

Why is it that there is never a cop around when you need one?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day




Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CBW #101 Adornment

A new reader sent me a note with his CBW submission:

Hey there!! just found your site and would love to see my cock adorning it! See attached. kisses!
Thank you W.
I especially like the picture of your cock typing the address to Dirty Debbie's Diary ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing Solitaire

We all do it, but it's not talked about much.
There are special shops, not only online, but everywhere where you can buy "toys" specifically for that purpose.

I've used masturbation to help me sleep, to relieve stress, and as the final ending after I've written one of my stories for The Diary.

The last couple of times that I indulged in my pocket rocket I thought about what a lonely experience it actually is. Skin to skin contact is so much better. I can't deny that it feels good.
The irony has become a bit of a dilemma for me.

Anybody out there agree with me or have they had the same experiences?
I'll look forward to your insights.

To see Dirty Debbie enjoying one of her toys, check out Debbie's Bath Time
A no nonsense guide to masturbation can be found at WebMD
The myths about masturbation are busted here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Snacks

CJ and I had another day off together the other day. We went out to breakfast in the morning and did a few little errands after that. Once we got home we just relaxed. I had some paperwork and phone calls I had to make for work, but it didn't take much time. We were both happy to stay in our comfy-wear and stay warm inside.

All of sudden it seemed it was snack time. CJ came into the living room, sat on the couch and seemed to just watch me work at the computer as I sat in my chair. From the corner of my eye I could see movement and when I turned to look at him his cock was out of his pants and he was stroking Mr. Happy with a smile on his face. I don’t know whether it was because I was working or that I just plain didn’t expect it, but I actually did a double take. Only CJ can describe what I looked like.

The conversation that followed was short, but very sweet.
In the brief time I was dazed I automatically said, “What are you doing?”
His answer was self-evident I guess, “Stroking”, was all he said.
"Why", I said half teasing and half innocent.
The next thing CJ said is what started to turn me on, “Because I’m going to fuck you.”
My answer was based on something I think women delineate more than men. Although fucking is fun, even between committed lovers, what I said told CJ I didn’t want to be fucked, "I'd rather be made love to."

He smiled and gave me instructions from the living room to the bedroom.
At first we stood at the foot of the bed, standing as we kissed, nibbled, and licked each other’s necks, lips, and ears. My hands moved inside the elastic of pants to squeeze the buns of his cute ass. I guided my hand to his cock. CJ’s cock is wonderfully familiar to me. I grasped the warm, smooth, hard flesh that was my physical connection to his soul and his way to explore mine. I started our enjoyable physical conversation by stroking that hot hard cock.
I felt his hands beginning to play with me; he tickled my asshole with one finger as he probed my dampening pussy. I put one leg up on the bed so I could easily spread myself for him. Still wearing my lounge pants the access was easy.
He took his cock and introduced the knob to my hot slit, rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips.

By this point he needed me to get my clothes off and I was only too willing to oblige. He did the same. Once we were our unguarded and unprotected selves we moved to the side of the bed. CJ pushed me down on my back and easily spilt my cunt, forcing it to open and take him in. Again there was a gratifying familiarity, that of his meat stuffing me and filling me up.
He let me know that I felt just as good to him when he said, “Your so wet and hot!”
“I can’t help it, it’s your cock.", I said with a big smile on my face.

My clit was aching and so swollen now. I moved my fingers down to just slightly play with her. I moved my clit between my fingers and spread my inner lips to show her off to CJ. I always want him to not only feel how excited I am, but to see it too. Whether it’s rock hard erect nipples, a flushed face, or my love bud in full flower.

With each his thrusts inward I pushed against him and on the upstroke I pulled back, clinging to his dick as I did. CJ may have been making love to me, but I sure was being fucked hard at the same time. He pushed my legs up towards my shoulders and had me bend them at the knees. He knelt close to me, pushing my legs down and continued his fucking…harder, faster, and with loving joy.
As his breaths got faster and deeper, as were mine, he moaned out,
“Do you want me to cum inside you?”
I took a deep breath just to be able to speak and replied with,
“I don’t care, you can paint my tits”
“I'm gonna cum deep inside you”, he said as he shoved his thick cock into my wet cunt. Only moments after that he moaned as his balls drained into me.

When he pulled out of me he spread my legs even wider and dove into my pussy like a hungry dog. I think I actually screamed out as he lapped at my cream pie and I reveled in the feel of his cookie duster (my name for CJ’s mustache) devouring . With each lick over my clit I built to higher more intense orgasm. Right before I came I cried out, “Oh god, what did I do to deserve this?”
After he finished my pie I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. I enjoy that perfect taste of “us” was on his lips and tongue.
His body bade me a temporary good-bye by sucking on my nipples before he lay on the bed and we held each other. We hugged, smiled, and gave each other small kisses

One nice thing about quickies is the intensity. Sometimes it's because of time restraints. Sometimes because of fear of being caught, other times it's just a need for the intimacy. Although I wouldn't want all my love making to be quickies, the "snacks" are always fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CBW #100 A Benchmark

This contributor has the honor of being the 100th cock to be blogged on Debbie's Diary.

Notice his brief note:
It ain't the biggest, but I like it!

I'm sure the women like it too, but it gives me a chance to make a commentary on size.
Listening guys?
This is just my point of view, but size doesn't matter as long as you know what you're doing with it.
Remember this, you're about 3 feet away from your "Mr Happy". I'm sure many women would agree with me when I say there's a big (excuse the pun) difference when you're up close and personal with that same Mr. Happy. For example, when you are taking all that meat into your mouth.

Visit our contributor at : Dirty Little Mommas Boy
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