Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Snacks

CJ and I had another day off together the other day. We went out to breakfast in the morning and did a few little errands after that. Once we got home we just relaxed. I had some paperwork and phone calls I had to make for work, but it didn't take much time. We were both happy to stay in our comfy-wear and stay warm inside.

All of sudden it seemed it was snack time. CJ came into the living room, sat on the couch and seemed to just watch me work at the computer as I sat in my chair. From the corner of my eye I could see movement and when I turned to look at him his cock was out of his pants and he was stroking Mr. Happy with a smile on his face. I don’t know whether it was because I was working or that I just plain didn’t expect it, but I actually did a double take. Only CJ can describe what I looked like.

The conversation that followed was short, but very sweet.
In the brief time I was dazed I automatically said, “What are you doing?”
His answer was self-evident I guess, “Stroking”, was all he said.
"Why", I said half teasing and half innocent.
The next thing CJ said is what started to turn me on, “Because I’m going to fuck you.”
My answer was based on something I think women delineate more than men. Although fucking is fun, even between committed lovers, what I said told CJ I didn’t want to be fucked, "I'd rather be made love to."

He smiled and gave me instructions from the living room to the bedroom.
At first we stood at the foot of the bed, standing as we kissed, nibbled, and licked each other’s necks, lips, and ears. My hands moved inside the elastic of pants to squeeze the buns of his cute ass. I guided my hand to his cock. CJ’s cock is wonderfully familiar to me. I grasped the warm, smooth, hard flesh that was my physical connection to his soul and his way to explore mine. I started our enjoyable physical conversation by stroking that hot hard cock.
I felt his hands beginning to play with me; he tickled my asshole with one finger as he probed my dampening pussy. I put one leg up on the bed so I could easily spread myself for him. Still wearing my lounge pants the access was easy.
He took his cock and introduced the knob to my hot slit, rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips.

By this point he needed me to get my clothes off and I was only too willing to oblige. He did the same. Once we were our unguarded and unprotected selves we moved to the side of the bed. CJ pushed me down on my back and easily spilt my cunt, forcing it to open and take him in. Again there was a gratifying familiarity, that of his meat stuffing me and filling me up.
He let me know that I felt just as good to him when he said, “Your so wet and hot!”
“I can’t help it, it’s your cock.", I said with a big smile on my face.

My clit was aching and so swollen now. I moved my fingers down to just slightly play with her. I moved my clit between my fingers and spread my inner lips to show her off to CJ. I always want him to not only feel how excited I am, but to see it too. Whether it’s rock hard erect nipples, a flushed face, or my love bud in full flower.

With each his thrusts inward I pushed against him and on the upstroke I pulled back, clinging to his dick as I did. CJ may have been making love to me, but I sure was being fucked hard at the same time. He pushed my legs up towards my shoulders and had me bend them at the knees. He knelt close to me, pushing my legs down and continued his fucking…harder, faster, and with loving joy.
As his breaths got faster and deeper, as were mine, he moaned out,
“Do you want me to cum inside you?”
I took a deep breath just to be able to speak and replied with,
“I don’t care, you can paint my tits”
“I'm gonna cum deep inside you”, he said as he shoved his thick cock into my wet cunt. Only moments after that he moaned as his balls drained into me.

When he pulled out of me he spread my legs even wider and dove into my pussy like a hungry dog. I think I actually screamed out as he lapped at my cream pie and I reveled in the feel of his cookie duster (my name for CJ’s mustache) devouring . With each lick over my clit I built to higher more intense orgasm. Right before I came I cried out, “Oh god, what did I do to deserve this?”
After he finished my pie I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. I enjoy that perfect taste of “us” was on his lips and tongue.
His body bade me a temporary good-bye by sucking on my nipples before he lay on the bed and we held each other. We hugged, smiled, and gave each other small kisses

One nice thing about quickies is the intensity. Sometimes it's because of time restraints. Sometimes because of fear of being caught, other times it's just a need for the intimacy. Although I wouldn't want all my love making to be quickies, the "snacks" are always fun.


Alfie said...

That was some snack!

Anonymous said...

It was very yummy!

And FYI everyone: CJ is my greatest fan and muse. therefore, it really meant something when I got home this evening, asking if had read my story and what he thought, he told me that it got him hard all over again!

Debbie always likes to know that she is doing her job. ;)