Friday, February 27, 2009

The Unlocked Door-Part 2

Please read Part One (The Unlocked Door) before enjoying this story.

So there I sat, the cop sitting across from me continuing the script from my Talk Dirty To Me chat room. I didn’t mind being reminded….
These words became a lot more real that I ever thought they would. My cop started doing his part, almost immediately. It was his hands that I felt running into my wet pussy. It was his teeth that bit down on my nipples. He was firmly telling me what a slut I was as he kept reading the chat. It was perfection, my pussy being played with at the same my tits are being nibbled, and I’m being told what a damn slut I am.

[Dirty Debbie note: for easier reading of Debbie's chat click on the pictures of the screen]

He got about this far when he stopped to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. I could easily see his stiff bulging dick. He kicked his shoes off and took off his pants. His cock was a lot more comfortable, at attention and his one eye starring at my pussy. He put the laptop on the table as he moved close enough tease my wet slit with his cockhead. He kept reading from the script I had seemed to have written for him.

I may not to have been able to move much, but I sure could feel his slippery, hot, rock hardness filling up my tight cunt and stirring me up from the inside. He got it all back from me too, my velvety wet pussy hugged him with each thrust.
I didn’t need the script to tell me when to moan, I knew exactly when to.
He would thrust a few times, teasing me by stopping to read some more to me, then he’d shove his hot rock hard cock into me again. A few more thrusts and then a few more lines from the script. It was becoming fucking agonizing.

At that point neither of us could take the fact I was firmly fastened to a dining room chair. The cop positioned me to his liking and so he could follow the script:

I heard the door open again. This time it was different, the sound of a key turning in a lock prefaced the steps walking down the hall.
I knew who it was, and I knew how he would find me, my ass in the air moaning as a complete stranger, a cop no less, fucks my slut brains out.

As before, that’s another story.

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