Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vindication !

Usually I would wait until Sunday to present any sex news that I had run across for the week.

I just couldn't hold this information back. Being a woman that does a lot of her clothes shopping at Lane Bryant I like the data from this study. I doubt that it will change the preconceived notions men have about women, including my dear CJ, but there is still a feeling of vindication.

I have included excerpts about "The Curious Correlation Between Weight and Sex" below. Click on the link to get the whole story.

....According to research published in the September issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, overweight women are more likely than their skinny sisters to report that they've had sex with a man -- 92% of overweight women reported having had sexual intercourse with a man vs. 87% of women of normal weight.
"It's totally unexpected," says Marie Harvey, the Oregon State University professor who co-authored the study with Dr. Bliss Kaneshiro, assistant professor at the school of medicine at the University of Hawaii....

The study's objective was to look at the impact of body mass index on sexual behaviour, and all other measures -- such as age of first intercourse, number of partners, frequency of intercourse and sexual orientation -- showed no difference between normal weight women and overweight women....

Prior to the release of the study's results, many hypothesized that overweight and obese women would be less sexually active than their normal-weight counterparts.
"It's our stereotype that men are attracted to slender women," says Harvey, who adds that thin women are often perceived as more sexually empowered....

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