Thursday, December 29, 2005

Join The Challenge

I came across and interesting an idea here:
It's a challenge for us Sex Bloggers in 2006.
I'll join it, and I'm sure you will too. You know me, I'll try anything once and most things twice.
Seriously though, I think the idea of making more of our blogs and sharing different ideas can only be positive.

On The Road Again-HTN #5

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I'm looking forward to hearing about any new toys that naughty boys and girls got.
I have a little time here to post for HTN, but we are on the road again to spend our daughter's birthday and the New Year out of town.
This is from Christmas morning.....
I'm also currently on muscle relaxents because of back spasms and that is making me slow down my blogging, not to mention other things.
Hopefully the New Year will bring us all happiness, good health, and fresh starts.
CJ and I will see you in 2006.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finally-The Tag As Promised

Recently The Assman snuck in the back door and tagged me.
As promised I'm returning the favor before Christmas.

So here it goes, my 5 Weird Habits.
This was interesting because I had to keep separating habits from secrets, but I think I got it straight.

1. I'm so orally fixated that when I go to bed at night I sometimes suck my thumb.

2. I write 99% of my stories at work, causing me to either jerk off there or attack CJ when I come home.

3. I'm an avid list maker-digital and written and about all sorts of things, especially ideas for stories, questions, layout, etc about this blog.

4. Unless we have plans to go out, I get undressed as soon as I get home from work.

5. I almost always participate in these tags.

Now for the Quid Pro Quo:

Anyone's Girl

Orchid and Aragon

Crazy Ass Thoughts

Late Starter

Busty Gal

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And To All A Good Night

CJ and I had a wonderful night last night, before all the stuff for the holidays hits.
Without going into too much detail, there are family dynamics that are causing more stress than usual this holiday season. Because of those dynamics we will celebrate Christmas, then the child's birthday (the big 2-1), then Christmas again with my mother at her place, finally CJ's birthday.

Last night I didn't get home until about 8:30. The tension from my job was playing havoc on my body - tension everywhere I took a hot shower (little did I know that CJ was waiting for me and we had a short photo session)The next step on the road to relaxation was some eggnog and settling in for the night.
Finally I ended up on the couch with CJ. We were watching Animal Planet and I guess it helped to bring out the animal in me. I started rubbing his cock through his trousers, smiling innocently as I worked on him. But his cock isn't innocent and it responded to my touch, growing and throbbing under my hand. It's a nice feeling - hard cock trapped inside a nice pair of pants.
I moved up towards him, kissed him, and lovingly unbuttoned his shirt (he was wearing one of my favorites last night). I let my mouth partake of every part of him from his earlobes, to his mouth, to his neck, and down his torso. I just savored the feeling of his skin-the feel of him.
In the middle of all this his hands moved under my tee-shirt to tease my bare nipples. He can tweak them just right way to get the juices flowing in my pussy. It's absolutely delicious.
He unbuckled and unzipped his pants. So many things around me can turn me on during a good love-making session. This is an example-the tinkle and clacking of a belt buckle. Last night was no exception.
I easily pulled off my tee-shirt and we kissed again. This time my bare breasts were pushing against his chest. CJ's a great kisser and nibbler.
Then just to be super yummy he pulled his cockhead out of his shorts. The elastic band held his dick against his stomach, but I still managed to draw that tasty cockhead into my mouth.
After some time kissing, nibbling, tit play, cock stroking, and sucking I yearned for the comfort of our king-size bed rather than the living room couch. I asked CJ to take me to bed. He gave me his sweet smile and obeyed. We walked up our spiral staircase together and continued our loving play in bed.
This isn't one of those entries where I go into great detail of CJ's and my techniques.
Rather, I want to express how beautiful the love-making was. CJ and I can fall into each other at times and it happened last night. It was wonderful how I feel him all over.
How I gave myself up to him, near the end saying, "Take me, just take me!"
Because of the way he teased me, with his hands, his mouth, and his cock, he made me cum over and over again.
He made scream in passion and pleasure, vowing to soak his balls with my juices.
His cock teased me with short and long strokes, and 'stirring' my soaking pussy.
It drove me to fuck him harder.
Once he was sure I had gone through waves of orgasm he exploded inside me. I swear I could feel his hot cum.
When we eventually got up to turn off the lights downstairs and feed the cat for the night, I saw evidence of my passion on him like I hadn't seen since we were in our 20's.
Observe the scratches of a happy lioness:

Well, that's my side of the story...maybe CJ sees it all a different way.
So this is our sign off for a while for the holidays. We can't guarantee regular posts after this evening.
Although I have been tagged and will fulfill that obligation soon.

The child is staying with us for the next week, and then we will be out of town for a few days.
CJ and I hope that all you all have a wonderful and happy holiday.

Monday, December 19, 2005

CJ's Around My Neck

I'm not a morning person at all so I plan my wardrobe for the next day before I go to bed.
As we were falling asleep in bed last night I decided I wanted to add something to the day's outfit.
I asked CJ for a black tie and he said 'sure'. This morning I put this on and headed out the door.
I like doing that every so often. It's like I have CJ with me all day. I wish I had thought to put a tiny dab of his cologne (either Gray Flannel or Polo Blue) on me.
Maybe next I should ask for a pair of his shorts...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Helpful hints

Tonight Deb and I decided to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies about the exploits of one of my favorite writers: the late immortal Hunter S. Thompson.

Now I know that some did not find his prose profound, but I have always appreciated the utter genius of the brilliantly insane, and Fear is a wonderful example of the hallucinatory bloodlust of the late '60s and early 70's - a true paean to excess!

Anyway, I like to play a little game when I watch the movie, and Deb decided that she wanted to play along. It goes like this: every time you see Dr. Gonzo take a hit of something illegal, you have to drink a shot of tequila.
Now tequila and I are good friends, and as I have a profound respect for Las Mescallito, I only drink good tequila like Patron or in this case one of my favorites, a little number called Cazadores so I usually have not hangover the next day the way you would with cheaper varieties (say, like, anything made by Sauza)

Anyway, Deb dropped out about half-way through the movie with the excuse that she had to go to work tomorrow, and since Mescalito and I are such good friends, I trundled onward.

After the movie and much to my chagrin, she decided to change the code on her blog page, and within quick order had completely fucked it all to hell and back.
"I don't know what I did!! I copied the code back from a save, and the links to Clit Tickles are still fucked up!!!"
"It's a syntax error Deb", I said calmly
"No! It looks fine. There's nothing wrong with the syntax!! Oh shit! Now what????"
Now, she's the HTML and CSS queen and far be it for me to suggest the little I know, but it made sense that if Dreamweaver says (as well) that the syntax is bad, that the syntax is fucking bad!

That's the problem with Deb and tequila - she doesn't know she's druck untic shee sturts durring thins lick edtitititing brogs. ;)
Bet you thought that this was going to end up in a fuck session of massive proportions, didn't you? Nope. We both know better: alcohol dulls the senses.

So let that be a lesson to you kiddies: don't drink and blog!
(Me? My lesson is "don't drink and dial" - heh heh heh.)

So for us, if you went to the site last night and things were a bit helter skelter, don't blame it on Deb - blame it on good 'ol Doc Gonzo, me, and my friend Mescalito.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

CJ's Favorite - HNT #4

CJ loves chokers. He finds them sexy, so when I found this one I had to buy it. Whenever I wear it he remarks on how much he likes it...I like that.
Tonight we went to a Christmas party for our apartment complex and wore it.
I thought my neck would be appropriate for HNT.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CJ's Blue Balls - CBW #6

I'd hate to think that something is lacking is CJ's life.
It seems as though he has blue balls!
Clever guy isn't he? It was especially fun because he sent this to me and I picked it up at work.
Yep, it's getting quite jolly in our household as we hope it is in all of yours.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

For The Love Of Cock!

I have been relaxing today and came across a few articles about the love of cock, one from Desireous , one from Bedroom Dancer , and one from Regular Chick

They are different, yet inspiring. So not wanting to miss out on any inspiration I thought I would throw my two cents in, perhaps even prompting someone else to do their own take on the subject.

I too love and adore cock. If I didn't I couldn't expose and fantasize about it the way I do here.
One thing that has always stuck in my mind was how girls who liked were treated and thought of when I was in Junior and Senior High school, and to some extent even college. You know the old double standard: guys who fuck around are studs, girls who do it are sluts or whores.
I like to fuck.
I like cock.
It gets me extremely horny to be on my knees sucking off CJ's dick.
I like the taste of his cum and I like the smell of his balls.
I like seeing him naked and how my eyes immediately drop to his package and it makes me smile.
I like what I can do to a cock. I enjoy making them hard. I enjoy feeling that hardness and heat on just about any part of my body....against my face, in my mouth, between my tits, between thighs, inside me...anywhere.
I love the look of cock escaping from a man's shorts or pants, at attention...for me...anticipating what he will feel like.
I enjoy and have no problem begging for cock.
They're good.
They make me feel good.
And I plan to never stop enjoying that pleasure.

Big Balls

Yep, 'tis the season.
This is our first Christmas together in 19 years. We went shopping for ornaments today and I
guess we couldn't help ourselves and got frisky in the aisles.
Good thing CJ has a camera phone.

Friday, December 9, 2005

The Disciplinary Action - Part Two

A blindfold always afford a strange feeling, any touch seems to come from the air. The next thing I felt were Mr. C.’s hands throwing my skirt up, then cool air rushing across my thighs and ass. He nimbly tore my pantyhose down to my ankles, taking my panties along for the ride. I stepped out of them once I was instructed to spread my legs.
I think partially because this scenario was so unexpected and so weird, I could step away from myself. I could visualize myself in regards to what I must look like to Mr. C.: bent over his desk, my bare ass showing, legs spread, and finally a smooth pink pussy peaking out at him.
Nothing happened after I was unceremoniously stripped of my undergarments for a couple of minutes. I held my position, not moving, not wanting to jeopardize my job. Then I heard a familiar sound, the slapping of man meat.
All that went through my mind was ‘why is he jerking off?’, but at the same time I was almost grateful, maybe all he would do is cum on my ass.
The next sensation to come out of the sexy air around me was a warm, very wet, tongue on my asshole. He stopped momentarily to announce that, “Dirty Debbie needed her ass lubed up a bit first.”
He then returned to his job - probing my asshole with his tongue and fingering my pussy with one hand while the other kneaded an ass cheek. I couldn’t help but moan out; the blackness I was in intensified the pleasure my cunt and ass were feeling.

After some time and more moaning, I started pushing my ass backwards towards him. He stopped tonguing me and said, “Oh Dirty Deb you are a fucking slut, I knew you’d want it.”
Lubrication continued, this time with my own warm juices. His fingers painted those juices across my tight ring, then he dipped in hot wet cunt for more and inserted his now wet fingers into my asshole. I cried out as he fucked and spread open my asshole with his thumb and forefinger.
“Ready for your discipline Dirty Deb?”, he asked rhetorically as he stopped playing with me.

The next feeling really drove home how weird all this was. I felt and heard his belt land across my one ass cheek, then the other. I cried out again. He strapped the belt right under my navel and pulled up on it on either side of my hips, pulling me against his stiff cock as he drove it into my ass.
With each of his groans he pulled up on the strap and drilled seemingly deeper into me. I relaxed as best I could, but this was not lovemaking or even good casual sex, it was duty and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.
Another groan.
Another drill.
Another groan.
Then I felt a slap across my ass with his open hand.
“Learning you lesson Dirty Debbie?”, he grunted.
I didn’t answer quickly enough, provoking a deeper rip into my ass and another slap.

Soon the pace picked up, his breathing quickened, he pulled hard on the belt and screamed, “Fuck bitch!”
His cock was like a shotgun emptying hot cum in my ass.
He let go of the belt, pulled out of me, and removed my blindfold.
We got cleaned up and dressed without exchanging a word.
As I moved toward the door Mr. C. just said, “OK Debbie you can keep your job…for now. And don’t forget I expect to see this account in the blog…soon”
I nodded and left his office. When I got back to my desk I started writing this.
But please don’t tell Mr. C. - I did it on company time.

Finally I guess it just proves that sometimes you have to bend over and take one for the company.

The Disciplinary Action

I’ve been in the workforce, off and on, for a good 25 years now. One thing
I’ve learned about the people that are my co-workers along the way is that they are not really as they seem, but is who is right?
I often think that I would cause a bit of a ruckus if my blogland identity were to be found out.
I recently found out exactly the shape and form that ruckus would take.

I arrived at work on Monday on time and sat down at my desk ready to start my morning routine. The day didn’t seem that special to me, at least not yet. I’m not a morning person and the hot mug of French roast was helping to bring me to life only to be insulted by the glare off office fluorescent lights.
Since it was Monday, the Director of our division was in our office for his weekly visit. Usually he came in about an hour after me, but this morning he was early; apparently in a closed-door meeting with my immediate boss, not an unusual circumstance. About 20 minutes later the door opened. I looked up, smiled, and said “Good morning” in my daily receptionist style.
They did not return my smile or my greeting. I knew I was in trouble, bad-ass trouble.

I was called down the hall to the Director’s office. As I walked down the hall, I felt as though there were a hundred eyes on me. Once through the door my stomach started churning as he shut the door and locked it. He calmly and firmly told me to take a seat. He sat down across from me and dropped a bombshell by saying, “I know who you are.”
I was stunned and confused at the same time and answered with the stock reply of “What do you mean?”
All he had for me was a two-word reply, “Dirty Debbie”

It was almost surreal to hear my alter identity spoken at the office. My stomach did another turn, my heart started to pound, and I could feel my hands were becoming cold and damp. I crossed my legs, opened my mouth to speak, although thinking back to the moment I don’t know what I said. Mr. C. interrupted my attempt at speech with “Don’t lie, it’ll just make things
I shut up with that comment. Now my nervousness turned to anger. I have thought in the past about my family, friends, or co-workers finding out about Dirty Debbie and what I would do. I always figured that if they were aware of my blog then they were surfing, reading, and looking at porn on the web and that meant we weren’t so different. I wanted to say this to Mr. C, but I figured I wouldn’t make a bad situation worse.
“We have rules in the company Debbie,” he said sternly.

Again, anger mixed with my uneasiness. My company isn’t mentioned anywhere in
my blog, and I’m doing this on my own time (well mostly). Isn’t this my private life?
“I’m afraid this is something we can’t tolerate, I’m going to have to let you go,” he said with no emotion.
My anger turned to heartbreak. I loved my job, I would do anything to keep it, and I told this to Mr. C. He looked straight at me, almost leering and said, “Let me think about this.”
I left his office and went to my desk to wait for his decision. I mulled over in my dirty little mind exactly what I would do to keep my job. I didn’t rule out much. Soon my phone rang and brought me out of my dirty considerations and back to reality. It was Mr. C. calling me back into his office. This time no one in the office seemed to be watching. I assumed that another, juicier piece of gossip had replaced my current predicament.
So I again entered the office and again the door was closed and locked.
There were a couple of things that had changed this time: the first thing that caught my attention is that Mr. C.’s computer was up and running and my blog was on the screen. The second thing I noticed was that Mr. C. was standing in front of me looking unforgiving, but with an obvious bulge in his pants.

I was terrified and excited at the same time. Actually, I was stumped, not knowing what to do or say, and I decided just to let nature take its course. Finally, he began speaking to me, but as though I was my blog persona.
“So Dirty Debbie can you guess what you have to do to save your job?”
I stupidly just shook my head ‘no’.
“Really, so you’re not all you say you are on your blog?”, he asked sarcastically.
Of course I am and I know this, but this whole situation was unexpected and unreal that I was thrown off my confident, assertive sexual self.

“Well Dirty Deb I’ve noticed something sorely lacking from your blog and I’ll be the one to help you fix the problem.” he said.
I asked him what that was. His answer wasn’t direct, but I understood it.
“You need some sex from my homeland”
His name ended in k-o-s so I knew he meant Greek. His looks were typical of his family, he was about 5 foot 10 inches, muscular build, olive skinned, wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Actually, he wasn't a bad looking man at all. In the past, I had always got along with him and it
was strange to think about how I ended up where I was now.

“I think it’ll be your ass that will be the recipient of the disciplinary action and the permanent record of it will be on your blog.”
With that, he pushed me over the top of his desk. I turned around to see what was happening. His stiff cock was already pulled out of his pants and he was taking off his belt. He snapped at me to turn around and not to watch him.
I know that drill and I obeyed. All I wanted was my job, but now I going to get cock too. Everything now was only sensation, mostly touch and sound.
“In fact Dirty Deb I’m going to make sure you don’t try to look again,” Mr. C. said as I felt his expensive silk tie being tied across my eyes as a blindfold.

Next: Does Dirty Debbie get to keep her job?

Thursday, December 8, 2005

A Must See

I just finished watching a movie that was so I good that I had to tell others about it:
It's a must see, below is the description from Netflix:

Recently released from a mental hospital after treatment for self-mutilating tendencies, a young woman (Maggie Gyllenhaal) gets a job as a secretary for a successful attorney (James Spader) with a tendency toward angry disapproval. The mix of self-loathing (her) and egomania (him) leads them into a unique relationship charged with sadomasochism. This twisted, humorous tale of repressed passion marks Gyllenhaal's first starring role.

It's not only the sex, it's the whole look at love and finding the right person.
If you've already seen it, let me know what you thought, if it!

Now I can finish typing up my next story, I had to stop to fully enjoy the movie.

Trimming The Tree - HNT #3

This is one way to trim 'the tree' huh?
Just getting into the season.

Isn't it funny how things like this can so easily get 'out of hand'? The bulge under that shirt tail attracted me and I began massaging CJ. Soon his partially limp cock was my mouth.
This was all happening in the Dining Room...of course I had to eat him. I slurped and sucked on him, savoring CJ as I always do. I pulled up my shirt so he could squeeze my nipples, making my head bob faster on his shaft. Soon I had my hand down my pants, spreading my lips and teasing my own clit.
Although I love to have him in my mouth soon I was begging for him to fuck me. CJ always obliges my appetite and pulled my pants off quickly.
I rolled onto my stomach, presented my aching pussy to him and told him to just fuck me hard.
When I really need to get off, it's the best....doggie style, hard and fast.
I had been working on my next story for most of this afternoon and had gotten myself all worked up.
Rug burns are just a part of my
Now CJ is cooking dinner, it already smells great and I am feeling a lot more relaxed writing in my blog.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

CJ Gets Creative - CBW #5

This was very amusing.
CJ sent this to me this afternoon. He actually took the pic while he was at work!
I think it's great to see Mr. Happy smiling like that.
Think he'll let me lick the pen off?

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Well, for some unknown reason I was unable to get to my site for about a day and I wasn't able to comment on any of fellow bloggers sites.
It seems as though my life has been full of technical difficulties in more ways than one for a week or so now.
Hopefully there should be some good shots to post for CBW and HNT this week.
Hold on....I'm cumming !

Thursday, December 1, 2005

An Early Christmas

CJ and I got one of the most interesting and clever Christmas gifts today. It's our first Christmas in blog land. It came in the nick of time.

Thank you again Married In Ohio

Check out what they gave us at:
Blogger Christmas

So even though I have missed CBW and HTN this week, I think I'll have a story going again at the beginning of next week.