Wednesday, December 7, 2005

CJ Gets Creative - CBW #5

This was very amusing.
CJ sent this to me this afternoon. He actually took the pic while he was at work!
I think it's great to see Mr. Happy smiling like that.
Think he'll let me lick the pen off?


Desireous said...

Oh that is just too funny! You know if you video taped it you could have him sing Christmas carols or something. LOL


Suze said...

Now that's funny. Debbie I hope they don't have security cameras where he works. LOL.

CJ said...

Singing Penis

bedroomdancer said...

Oh my word!! Both hilarious, cj. The smiley face (though I had to look close to assure myself you weren't aflicted with bad spots when I first looked at it. Glad it's pen.) and the clip. So funny!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I think this should be the picture for your holiday cards this year.

How about it, guys?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! AAG that's great !
Let's see...he could be singing Jingle Balls right?